Thu.Mar 07, 2019

Zero Latency Reveals Second Gen Of Their Free-Roam VR Platform


One of the best location-based VR entertainment platforms just got even better.

Shadow Legend Review: An Immersive VR RPG Overflowing With Interactivity


There are a few great VR RPGs available out there from the fantastically immersive The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR to the wonderfully puzzle-filled dungeon crawling of The Mage’s Tale and more.

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Nintendo Announces Labo VR Kit With Shareable Gaming Experiences


Nintendo enters the VR industry in the most Nintendo way possible. To be perfectly honest, I don’t quite know how to start this article. I’m still a little shocked by the announcement myself.

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Microsoft HoloLens 2 Team Interview — Inside the Specs, Design, & Future of Enterprise Augmented Reality

Next Reality AR

As I've mentioned in recent days, it was refreshing to discover that Microsoft's HoloLens 2 stage production was every bit as accurate as presented (check out my hands-on test of the device for more on that).

Oculus Rift is Out of Stock All Over the Web, Suggesting ‘Rift S’ is Near

Road to VR

It seems one of two things is happening at the moment: either Oculus Rift has been selling like hotcakes and going out of stock simultaneously all over the Internet, or the company is tuning down production for some unknown reason.

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Interview: Microsoft HoloLens 2 Team Speaks — Inside the Specs, Design, & Future of Enterprise Augmented Reality

Next Reality AR

As I've mentioned in recent days, it was refreshing to discover that Microsoft's HoloLens 2 stage production was every bit as accurate as presented (check out my hands-on test of the device for more on that).

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Microsoft to Debut HoloLens 2 Livestream Video Series with Demos, Updates, & Developer Info

Next Reality AR

To build hype for the HoloLens 2 among developers, Microsoft is borrowing a page out of Magic Leap's playbook. Starting on March 12, Microsoft will livestream a six-part series of talk shows, dubbed The Realities Show, that will examine various aspects of the next-generation HoloLens.

Immortal Legacy Looks Like A Promising PSVR FPS In New Gameplay


Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cipher , previously known as Kill X , is coming to PSVR very soon. Judging by this new gameplay clip, it looks half decent. Sony revealed new footage of the game as part of its recent China Hero Project update.

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Nintendo throwing its cappy into the VR game with its newest Labo sets

Cats and VR

Nintendo has a cardboard VR headset and accessories for Nintendo Switch coming in April with a new official Nintendo Labo kit. According to Nintendo : With the new Nintendo Labo VR Kit, there’s more to Make, Play, and Discover together than ever before.

Borderlands 2 VR Patch Officially Adds PS Aim Controller Support


Ask and ye shall receive — sometimes. Gearbox Software have officially added PS Aim controller support to Borderlands 2 VR! When the FPS launched late last year as a PSVR exclusive the omission of the headset’s best peripheral, which is designed specifically for shooters, was glaring and strange. Thankfully that’s been remedied now. Too bad they probably won’t ever add co-op support.

PSVR MOBA ‘Megalith’ Free Demo Lets You Migrate Progress to Full Version

Road to VR

Megalith (2018) , the first-person PSVR battle arena from Disruptive Games , now boasts a free demo that gives you a good chance to try out all of the game’s Titans before plonking down the cash for the full game. In Megalith you play as a powerful Titan protecting your team’s base.

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7 Nintendo Switch VR Games We’re Dreaming Of For Labo


Well, it’s happening. Nintendo is getting into VR. Sort of. Labo VR might not be a fully fledged headset, but it does open the floodgates a tiny bit. When Labo VR launches next month it will let players morph their Switch into a makeshift headset using cardboard. It’ll probably only play a handful of family-friendly mini-games as opposed to full Zelda-style VR adventures. We have wish lists for those types of games here and here already. But allow us to dream a little.

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Vive Studios & Vertigo Games Announce VR Card Battle Game ‘Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl’

Road to VR

Vertigo Games, the studio behind Arizona Sunshine (2016) and Skyworld (2017), have teamed up with Vive Studios to create a new VR card-battler dubbed Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl.

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Oculus Quest Sideloading “Same Process” As Oculus Go


Eager to sideload apps not available from the Oculus Store when you get your Oculus Quest? CTO John Carmack confirmed on Twitter that the sideloading process will be the same as the Oculus Go. Last week Facebook announced Quest’s store would have a different content policy than previous headsets — a more console-like policy with stricter standards. On Rift and Go developers submit near-finished games.

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The Secrets Of Magic Leap, Part Three

Charlie Fink

In November 2018, we were invited to visit Magic Leap headquarters in south Florida. There we spoke to the company's colorful CEO, Rony Abovitz, and top executives about the origins of the company, and its expansive views about the future of spatial computing. Part three of three in a series

Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl Is A Cross-Platform PvP Card Battle VR Game


Today, Vertigo Games announced Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl , a brand-new VR game in the same universe as their RTS/MOBA hybrid, Skyworld, that’s due out on April 2nd for HTC Vive, Vive Focus, Rift, and Windows VR headsets.

How to optimize AR for better UX


Our latest blog explores how AR creatives can optimize their experiences to work effectively for a wide audience - taking into account a diverse range of devices and audience contexts

Lawnmower Man Director Brett Leonard To Screen 360 Series At SXSW


When people talk about the cultural touchstones that paved the way for VR, Brett Leonard’s Lawnmower Man is never far from thought. The 1992 movie envisioned a bold and terrifying future for the technology. Some would hold it in the same regard as Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One.

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Bullseye! Harmonix Rhythm Shooter 'Audica' Available Now on Rift


Harmonix has made a name for itself through rhythm games like Rock Band VR, Amplitude, and Dance Central. It’s trying something fresh with Audica, a

We’re hiring a Community & Events Manager in San Mateo

Boost VC

Apply now by going here. Boost VC is a pre-seed venture capital fund actively investing in Sci-Fi technology. We are a small team cultivating a smart, driven founder community?—?a a family of founders making Sci-Fi a reality. Tribe 12 started on Feb 11, 2019! Why now?

Medieval Magic Meets Combat in ‘Shadow Legend VR,’ a New Action-RPG on Rift


Brace yourself for a narrative-driven action-adventure RPG set during the medieval Crusades. Shadow Legend VR from VitruviusVR is now available on Rift