Thu.Jan 24, 2019

Frooxius talks us about the development of amazing VR metaverse Neos

The Ghost Howls

I had the great opportunity to interview Tomáš Marian?ík, ík, better known in the VR communities as Frooxius.

Leap Motion Reveals Updated Project North Star AR Prototype Design

Road to VR

Last year Leap Motion, makers of hand-tracking technology, revealed Project North Star , an open-source AR headset prototype design meant to be a test bed for the kind of specs and features that more compact AR headsets will hopefully one day provide.

PSVR Exclusive Shooter Kill X Renamed Immortal Legacy, Coming Soon


A few years ago now we played a Chinese demo for a PSVR exclusive shooter named Kill X. The game was born out of a Sony-led initiative and developed by Viva Games. It was a little scrappy, but it had potential.

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Sansar Bringing New Comedy Shows To Its VR Platform In 2019


After the success of its debut last year, the VR social platform looks to tap deeper into the live events market. Linden Lab has just announced a host of new collaborations designed to attract paying punters to its live events platform which launched last year.

Whispers In The Night Is A Groundbreaking AI Experience From Fable


Fable is a content creation studio founded by Edward Saatchi and other alumni from Oculus Story Studio.

AR Glasses You’d Be Happy To Be Caught Dead In


Are we finally getting closer to affordable, good-looking AR wearables? Let’s face it, humans can be, at times, vain and fickle creatures, so the fact that most HMDs tend to make their users look dorky as heck doesn’t really help when it comes to mass market adoption.

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Zero Latency Partners With Microsoft And HP On New Platform


Australia-based startup Zero Latency is teaming up with Microsoft, HP and Intel “to help create the next generation of the Zero Latency platform,” according to the company. Zero Latency arenas offer large-scale free-roam multiplayer virtual environments available in 13 countries. They offer five games with another player-vs-player title on the way.

PSVR Horror Shooter ‘Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cypher’ Gets March Launch Date, Trailer Here

Road to VR

China-based Viva Games today announced that their upcoming action-adventure horror title Kill X has now been renamed Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cypher. The shooter, which is exclusive to the PSVR platform, is slated to arrive March 20th.

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Intel’s New RealSense Camera Adds Positional Tracking To Any Headset For $199


Intel today announced a stereo camera module which performs positional tracking. The RealSense Tracking Camera T265 can be preordered today for $199. It’s intended for robotics, drones, and head mounted displays. Unlike all other RealSense products, the T265 is not a depth sensor. It contains two cameras with fisheye lenses and global shutter sensors. It also features an IMU containing an accelerometer and gyroscope.

All GeForce RTX Laptops Are VR Capable, But Optional VirtualLink Branding Could Breed Confusion

Road to VR

Earlier this month NVIDIA announced that slew of hardware partners will be launching GeForce RTX gaming laptops which will include the company’s newest Turing-based RTX graphics.

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GDC 2019 Survey: 33% Of VR Devs Working On Vive, 21% On Quest


GDC’s annual State of the Game Industry survey of developers is out ahead of the 2019 Game Developers Conference in March and it offers some some new data about developer sentiment relative to the VR/AR market. You can check out last year’s report here showing Vive continues to drive the most interest among developers. On this year’s survey, the question “ Which platform(s) are you *currently developing* games for?”

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Visualix's Epic AR Demo At CES 2019

Charlie Fink

A chance meeting led to an amazing demo


Astro Bot Dev Photos May Hint At Cut Multiplayer Support


We can all agree that Astro Bot: Rescue Mission is pretty special. If you’ve spent any amount of time with the game then you likely recognize how expertly crafted it is as not only a great VR experience, but an excellent platformer in its own right.

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#728: AI-Guided Dance to Express Collective Sentiment with Frankenstein AI

Voices of VR

Frankenstein AI from the Columbia Digital Storytelling Lab debuted at Sundance 2018. It was a cross-displinary collaboration that used machine learning, immersive theater, dance, and. Podcast Archive

Vicious VR Escape Room Last Labyrinth Launches Kickstarter Campaign


Another VR escape room launched a crowd-funding campaign this week. This one looks a little more conventional than The Goodbye Room , though. Last Labyrinth is a new game from AMATA K.K. We first wrote about the game back in September 2018.

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End Users Share Real Challenges of Wearable Tech Software


Finger Food Studios’ Graham Cunliffe leads a panel discussing the current state of the enterprise wearable market and the challenges of deploying business-ready wearable applications. Graham is joined by Caterpillar’s Jeff Lind, Southwest Airlines’ Chris Grubbs, Walmart’s Steven Lewis and United Technologies’ Peggy Wu. They discuss the considerations that help an organization determine appropriate software solutions.

Creed: Rise to Glory Update To Add Iconic Rocky Character


Survios’ excellent VR boxing game, Creed: Rise to Glory , is teasing a big update, adding at least one familiar face. Yesterday the developer dropped a teaser tweet for the game. It teases a Rocky Legends update, which is ‘coming soon’ A picture of a virtualized Rocky rival Apollo Creed is included. Apollo is, of course, the father of Adonis Creed, who you play as in the main game. Creed vs Creed, anyone? Coming soon.

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HaptX Gloves make virtual training feel real


We’re traveling to IMSH , the leading healthcare simulation conference, to share our first medical training experience created in partnership with Engineering & Computer Simulations, ( ECS ), an award-winning global services and solutions company, headquartered in Central Florida.

#730: Immersive Theater Acting Tips for Responsive Interactive Narratives

Voices of VR

Immersive theater is on a collision course with virtual reality. There are so many best practices for interactive storytelling that are easily translatable into VR. Podcast Archive

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#727: Innerspace VR on Immersive Storytelling with “Firebird – La Peri”

Voices of VR

I interviewed the co-founders of Innerspace VR Hadrien Lanvin and Balthazar Auxietre about Firebird – La Peri at the inaugural VR on the Lot in. Podcast Archive

#729: AI Voice Commands Enable Diplomacy as a Gameplay Mechanic with “Starship Commander”

Voices of VR

Human Interact’s Starship Commander uses AI-enabled, voice-activated commands in order to participate within an interactive story. It was recently was released as a location-based entertainment. Podcast Archive