Wed.Jun 05, 2019

Ellen Degeneres Is Leveraging the Power of Augmented Reality Gaming to Help Save an Endangered Species

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Many tech insiders are waiting for augmented reality to go mainstream, but if you look around hard enough, you'll find that it's already gone as mainstream as possible, thanks to talk show host Ellen Degeneres.

Oculus Quest Content Library ‘On Target To Hit 100+ Games’ This Year


In a blog post this week , Facebook’s Oculus division announced that the Oculus Quest store library is “on target to hit 100+ games by the end of the year” Oculus Quest is a recently released $399 all-in-one standalone VR headset. That means it doesn’t require or use a computer.

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My Taiwanese XR Chronicles part 3: Vive Pro Eye hands on, meeting with iStaging, Lyra VR and Women in XR!

The Ghost Howls

In this third and last article about my trip to Taiwan (here you are the links to my first and second one , if you missed them), I want to tell you about some other amazing XR stuff that I did there. Do you know for instance that I have tried the Vive Pro Eye ? iStaging.

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Rec Room’s ‘Golden Trophy’ Is A Cornerstone Oculus Quest Adventure


Over the weekend I received early access to Rec Room’s first major update since the launch of Oculus Quest on May 21.

Magic Leap Adds Sketchfab Support to Its Native Helio Web Browser

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New York-based virtual content startup Sketchfab is usually at the forefront of the latest developments in augmented reality, so it's no surprise that the company has locked in yet another major platform.

Top Oculus Quest App Passes 1000 Ratings After Just Two Weeks


Oculus Quest exclusive experience Vader Immortal: Episode I has surpassed 1000 user ratings after just two weeks of the device’s release. Oculus Quest is a $399 all-in-one standalone VR headset. That means it doesn’t require or use a computer.

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Daft Punk-Style VR DJ Game Electronauts Coming To Oculus Quest June 6


It looks like Electronauts, the VR DJ game from Raw Data and Creed: Rise to Glory developer Survios, is coming to the Oculus Quest standalone VR headset tomorrow on June 6.

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Snapchat Mutates X-Men Fans via Augmented Reality to Sell Tickets for 'Dark Phoenix' Movie

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Augmented reality is often likened to granting superpowers to mere mortals, but what about mutant powers? Based on the new Snapchat augmented reality experience promoting X-Men: Dark Phoenix, which debuts in theaters on June 7, the answer is a resounding "yup."

‘Primitive’ Visualizes Complex Code for Collaborative Analysis in VR

Road to VR

Primitive represents one of the most interesting use-cases I’ve seen for VR so far—it creates 3D visualizations of source code that can be collaboratively explored and analyzed in VR.

Here's What You Need to Run ARKit 3 on Your iPhone or iPad

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If you've been putting off upgrading your iPhone or iPad, you might want to start shopping for a current-generation device to take advantage of the latest capabilities in ARKit 3.

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PlayStation Boss: ‘One In 20’ PS4 Buyers Also Bought PSVR


PlayStation VR has found a large on audience on PlayStation 4, selling more than and delivering fans a diverse library of games. The peripheral launched well into the console’s lifespan near the end of 2016, but that hasn’t stopped it from surpassing Sony’s expectations. ahead of E3 2019, new PlayStation head Jim Ryan revealed that the current PlayStation VR headset has sold better than Sony had anticipated. About 5 percent of PS4 owners have also invested in PlayStation VR.

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Upcoming Angry Birds PSVR Game Will Include Couch Co-Op


Team up with friends in this frantic local multiplayer experience based on the upcoming film.

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Angry Birds’ Second Movie Is Getting A PSVR Game, First Look At E3 VR Showcase


Angry Birds is getting a VR game. Okay, actually, a second VR game, not to be mistaken with the recently-released Isle of Pigs or that Magic Leap title. As the name suggests, The Angry Birds Movie 2 VR: Under Pressure instead ties into the new movie. The game is being developed by XR Games in collaboration with Sony Pictures Virtual Reality and Rovio Entertainment. Again, it’s not released to the VR game Resolution Games released earlier this year. In fact, it sounds quite different.

Trover Saves The Universe Is A Great VR Game When It’s Not Talking Your Ear Off


Astrobot meets Rick and Morty in this wild, profanity-fueled joyride. Trover Saves the Universe , a new VR game from the co-creator of Rick and Morty, is clearly a passion project.

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Microsoft Mt. Rogers has you wearing VR headsets in public for productivity


We seem to be a screen-obsessed society these days, be it on phones or on computers. Truth be told, if we could have more screens, we would jump on them without a second thought. Unfortunately or perhaps fortunately, there are only so many screens you can afford and squeeze in a physical location.

China grants first 5G licenses amid Huawei global setback

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It’s official. After much anticipation , China named the first companies to receive 5G licenses for commercial use on Thursday.

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How Virtual Reality Can Close the Gender Pay Gap


Even in the age of technologies like virtual reality , women all around the world only earn a small portion of what men make. According to Equal Pay Today, the average woman loses around $430,480 in income throughout her life. Women don’t always enjoy the same privileges as their male counterparts.