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AR contact lenses are far away, but a new research is paving their way

The Ghost Howls

Some days ago, I found an article on Futurism talking about a university in France able to create the “first smart contact lens” The article also talked about Augmented Reality and the interest of the DARPA for using this product.

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Healthcare & Medical Training On The Oculus Quest


Standalone VR could be a game-changing technology for the medical industry. The Oculus Quest is a near-perfect combination of the Oculus Rift’s powerful 6DoF tracking and the Oculus Go’s comfort and portability.

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‘Star Wars Vader Immortal’ Review on Quest – Come for the Story, Stay for the Lightsabers

Road to VR

Though Oculus Quest still doesn’t launch until the 21st, Oculus has seen fit to give us full access to one of its biggest launch titles: Star Wars Vader Immortal – Episode 1.

Hands-On: Battlewake’s Arcade Action Is Full Of Epic Sea Battles


Battlewake is not the kind of game I expected to see from Survios. When you look at every other proper game the studio has developed ( Raw Data , Sprint Vector , and Creed: Rise to Glory ) they all have one thing in common: visceral, kinetic movement.

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HTC Invests in 17 AR/VR Startups in Latest Vive X Accelerator Program

Road to VR

HTC is now on its fourth batch in its $100 million accelerator program, which offers education, investment and mentorship to startups doing unique and and interesting things around VR and AR.

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Tribeca Immersive 2019: A VR Arcade In Review


Award-winning mixed-reality pushes boundaries, but needs more viewers.

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Nike Begins Using Augmented Reality for Sneaker Fitting in Mobile App & in Retail Stores

Next Reality AR

After applying augmented reality as a solution for the sale and marketing of sneakers, Nike is taking the next step in its adoption of AR to improve the customer experience.

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VR Needs A Hero: Why Battlefield And Rovio Developers Are Betting On Headsets


With such a dedicated, enthusiastic audience, VR doesn’t get many unexpected surprises. Our most anticipated games enjoy regular spotlights at the top of various subreddits and on our front page.

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Nike Tries on Augmented Reality for Sneaker Fitting in Mobile App & Retail Stores

Next Reality AR

After applying augmented reality as a solution for the sale and marketing of sneakers, Nike is taking the next step in its adoption of AR to improve the customer experience.

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Star Wars: Vader Immortal Episode 1 Review: The One You’ve Been Searching For


Darth Vader was never scary to me. That is, I suppose, a product of growing up at a time where the original Star Wars’ special effects were starting to creak, and not long before we were introduced to the crookedly-toothed horned devil that is Darth Maul.

Nike Begins Using Augmented Reality for Sneaker Fitting in Updated Mobile App & in Retail Stores

Next Reality AR

After applying augmented reality as a solution for the sale and marketing of sneakers, Nike is taking the next step in its adoption of AR to improve the customer experience.

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Oculus Rift S And Valve Index Won’t Work On Laptops With Only HDMI


The original Oculus Rift used HDMI but its replacement, Oculus Rift S , uses DisplayPort instead. It also includes a Mini DisplayPort adapter in the box. Valve’s Index VR headset also uses DisplayPort, and while it doesn’t include a Mini DisplayPort adapter, you can find them on Amazon for around $10 if needed. If you have a desktop PC this shouldn’t be a problem as most graphics cards have multiple DisplayPort outputs.

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Coming To A Theater Near You: The Greatest Startup You Never Heard Of

Charlie Fink

General Magic, a new documentary feature about the company of the same name, arrives in select theaters Friday, May 10. Its co-founder and CEO, Marc Porat, shares his reflections on the journey - and the movie


Detective Pikachu Event Invades Mobile AR Game Pokemon Go


Detective Pikachu, starring Ryan Reynolds as the voice of the iconic electric mouse, hits theaters this weekend. Niantic Labs, developers of location-based mobile AR sensation Pokemon Go, are naturally launching a promotion in-game to coincide with the film’s release.

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Facebook AR/VR product head Hugo Barra is being replaced

TechCrunch VR

Facebook’s VP of AR/VR product Hugo Barra is out after some leadership changes at the top of the Oculus organization.

Spaceteam VR Coming From Cooperative Innovations


Get ready to scream your head off at your virtual friends; Spaceteam VR is on the way. Cooperative Innovations today announced that it has licensed the award-winning mobile game from Sleeping Beast Games and is developing a VR version of it. The game will be coming to both home-based headsets and VR arcades later this year. Living up to the developer’s name, Spaceteam is all about cooperating with friends to pilot a spacecraft.

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ZapWorks X Sipsmith - AR creators competition


Zappar and London gin crafters Sipsmith have teamed up to give AR creatives the chance to win a huge £10,000 prize which will see their work featured on a national campaign.


Vader Immortal Oculus Quest Livestream: Lightsaber Combat In VR!


Curious about how we livestream the way we do? Then look no further than this handy guide! Greetings, padawan! The moment has finally arrived and today the embargo is lifted on Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series – Episode I! You can read our full review of the experience on the site now and I’m excited to let you all know that I will be livestreaming it from the Oculus Quest later today.

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Telford Celebrates ‘Mindblowing’ VR AR Learning Suite Success

EON Reality

The UK Team at EON Reality continues to be pivotal in helping create, support, and deliver the brand new state-of-the-art VR & AR Learning Suite at Telford College. The chief executive of the Education & Training Foundation said he was ‘blown away’ by the new Augmented and Virtual Reality (AVR) facilities at Telford College, which is a fantastic accolade for Telford College and their 7th form concept.

Boxing-Focused VR Exercise Game BoxVR Now On PSVR


BoxVR by FitXR has been around for nearly two years in the PC VR scene offering a dedicated VR exercise experience that’s focused on emulating the cardio benefits of boxing.

Manchester Team Aligns AVR Technology Focus With UK Industrial Strategy

EON Reality

Augmented and Virtual Reality (AVR) is being used extensively in business and across a variety of industries. For a number of years, EON Reality has specialized in immersive solutions for the manufacturing, aerospace, aviation, and engineering industries.

Sheffield Doc/Fest 2019 Reveals The Latest In VR Documentaries


In an increasingly busy VR festival circuit, the annual Sheffield Doc/Fest has long stood out for its focused look at immersive documentary making. In fact, last year’s showing topped even E3. The 2019 edition looks to be no different. Sheffield Doc/Fest returns to the UK city on June 6 with a slate of immersive projects. The show’s Alternate Realities section continues to integrate non-VR projects this year, but there’s plenty for headset fans to look forward to.

'Be the Cockroach' The Boost VC perspective: With Maddie Callander

Boost VC

"Teams have to love learning and be resilient, creative, resourceful, and focused… like a cockroach!” ” Continue reading on Boost VC ». technology investing startup tech entrepreneurship

#763: Analyzing Microsoft’s Enterprise AR Strategy with XR Journalist Julien Bergounhoux

Voices of VR

French journalist Julien Bergounhoux has been covering the business applications for spatial computing for L’Usine Digitale over the past 6-7 years, and I had a. Podcast Archive