Mon.Dec 03, 2018

3D Printing In AR Using A Robotic Assistant


The interactive fabrication system combines AR CAD editing with precise robotic control.

The 25 Best HTC Vive Games: Day #1


From the stunning precision of SteamVR tracking to the frankly ludicrous amount of games to play, the HTC Vive and its bigger brother, the Vive Pro, are arguably the best place to experience high-end VR gaming today.

HTC 267

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Complementarity Between Avatars & Environments In Social VR


This is the first installment in a series about what makes avatars useful in Social VR environments. Author’s note: Many of the anecdotes about avatars that get recounted are about unfettered self-expression.

To the ‘VR is Dying’ Crowd: There’s More VR Users on Steam Than Ever Before

Road to VR

A Road to VR analysis of the latest data from Valve’s Steam Hardware & Software shows that VR users on Steam have not only been growing, but are at their highest point in history.

Survey 257

Hands-On: War Dust Mostly Delivers On Its Ambitious ‘Battlefield In VR’ FPS Promise


The best VR experiences are always the ones that really make you take a step back, pick your jaw up off the floor, and think about what you just experienced.

Caltech Researchers Use HoloLens to Give Directions & Object Identification to the Visually Impaired

Next Reality AR

When computers have vision but people don't, why not have the former help the latter? That's the gist behind the Cognitive Augmented Reality Assistant (CARA), a new HoloLens app developed by the California Institute of Technology.

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Oculus Referral program issues: Rift codes are temporarily suspended

The Ghost Howls

Close to Black Friday, Oculus has launched a cool referral program , that lets you give a special code to a friend of yours so that both you and he/she will get discounts and store credit.

Oculus 223

Hands-On with Magic Leap's Avatar Chat, Remote Virtual Meetings in AR Have Arrived

Next Reality AR

Unlike the realm of virtual reality, augmented reality is less about losing yourself in some fantasy environment, and more about getting things done in the real world.

Nvidia Reveals Titan RTX GPU With VirtualLink Port


Nvidia today announced its most powerful GPU yet, the beastly (literally) Titan RTX or, as it likes to call it, the T-Rex. The Titan range of Nvidia cards has traditionally eschewed cost concerns in favor of raw power, surpassing its line of GeForce GPUs. The same is true of this latest addition, which arrives following the launch of the RTX 2000 line earlier this year.

Lemnis Demonstrates Latest Varifocal Lens Tech in New VR Headset Prototype

Road to VR

Eye-tracking is an important technology that many would consider a ‘must have’ for the next generation of VR headsets, although that’s just one step towards resolving a long-standing issue in VR that prevents users from seeing the virtual world like they would naturally in the physical world.

New VR Experience Simulates What It’s Like To Have Poor Color Vision


In 2016, Czech VR developer Jan Horský set out with his company iNFINITE Production to use VR as a tool for empathy — to let people see how it would feel to be in the shoes of someone else. Given that one of VR’s strengths is as a visual tool, he decided to focus on vision-related differences in how people see the world. They considered conditions like nearsightedness, but the limited resolution of current VR made that impractical.

NVIDIA Announces Flagship GPU ‘Titan RTX’ with VirtuaLink Connector

Road to VR

NVIDIA today unveiled their most powerful GPU yet, the TITAN RTX (nicknamed T-Rex). While it’s priced clear out of the regular consumer market at $2,500, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to use next-gen VR headsets thanks to its VirtuaLink connector port.

StarVR Creator Starbreeze Loses CEO, Files For Reconstruction


It’s not looking good for StarVR creator and VR publisher/developer, Starbreeze. The Sweden-based company today announced that it had filed for ‘reconstruction’ with the Stockholm District Court. That’s basically Sweden’s way of filing for administration. In a press release, the company stated this was due to “a shortage of liquidity”, also confirming that CEO Bo Andersson was resigning from his post and the Board of Directors.

Sweden 187

PSVR Winners At Sony’s PlayStation Awards Are Not What We Expected


Sony has just announced the winners of the 2018 PlayStation Awards in Japan, and the list of VR titles raises an eyebrow. Bethesda’s Skyrim VR , Aquire’s No Heroes Allowed VR! and Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo Sport all took home prizes in this category. Before you start asking where Astro Bot is, take note that these aren’t selected on quality but instead simply recognize the best-selling PSVR games in Asia region in the past year.

Sony 178

Tvori’s Christmas Competition Lets You Use VR To Win Amazon Vouchers


Dreading the inevitable assault on your wallet this Christmas? Want to save some cash for yourself instead of spending it all on *ugh* other people? We couldn’t agree more but fortunately there’s a way out of all of it. You just need a little practice with Tvori. The VR animation app is running a Christmas competition with Amazon vouchers up for grabs.

Amazon 156

VR Anime Spice And Wolf Smashes Kickstarter Funding Goal


Reaction to SpicyTales’ Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for its new VR anime, Spice and Wolf, has been incredibly strong. The experience, which comes from the developers of Project LUX , has already surpassed its $70,487 goal, currently sitting at $91,566 at the time of writing. The campaign started back on November 25th and still has 40 days to go having already reached early stretch goals. Spice and Wolf is based upon a light novel series originally published back in 2006.

Oculus 145