Tue.Nov 06, 2018

Magic Leap One first impressions review: it’s not a leap, but a step

The Ghost Howls

I thought it would have taken me a lot before I would be able to try the Magic Leap One , but luckily this has not been the case. Thanks to a friend and a bit of luck, I’ve been able to test it and so I will be able to give you my impressions on the device … are you interested?

Riot Games Debuts Virtual K-Pop Group With Live MR Performance


The 2018 League of Legends World Championship had one hell of an opening ceremony thanks to a live performance that blended AR characters with real performers.

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Transpose Review: A VR Puzzle Game That Bends Reality


It’s refreshing when, two and a half years into the life cycle of consumer VR, I can still come across games that catch me by surprise. Transpose is the type of VR game that can’t really be explained or shown very well, as it needs to be experienced to really be experienced.

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Non-Profit ‘Athar’ Is Developing VR Employment Education For Jordan Youth


Nada Ibrahim Hassan Hussen and her team are creating VR simulators to help young people visualize a better future.

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‘Transpose’ Review – Spatial Puzzles Perfect for an Army of One

Road to VR

Even though Transpose (2018) is a single-player puzzle game, you’ll have to master the art of cooperation to solve a staggering number of its four-dimensional head-scratchers.

Sci-Fi Tech: Love The Hater.

Boost VC

“Anything that gets me closer to an Iron Man suit.” My first thesis at Boost VC was, “Anything that get’s us closer to an Iron Man suit.” Now if you are not familiar with Iron Man, he is a comic book hero (no extraordinary abilities) who builds exoskeletons that fly and helps other super heroes take down villains. There was a movie, where Iron man was played by Robert Downey Junior, and it led to mass awareness of the beloved character. And yes, all of this is integral to my point.