Wed.Aug 01, 2018

YouTube VR Creator Lab is Coming to London


YouTube’s 3-month workshop heads to Europe for the first time. Since launching the VR Creator Lab alongside YouTube last year, we’ve seen some of the brightest up-and-coming content creators come together to push the boundaries of immersive filmmaking.

An amazing day at HTC Vive, trying SteamVR multiroom, Vive Wireless Adapter and Vive Focus gesture tracking

The Ghost Howls

Two days ago, I’ve been at HTC Vive Chinese headquarters in Beijing. It has been a really amazing day, where I have been able to try some amazing HTC tech demos (more on this later on! Don’t miss it!) and especially to talk with some special people.

HTC 267

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Snapchat Adds Speech-Activated Lenses to Its Augmented Reality Capabilities

Next Reality AR

Snapchat users are used to raising their eyebrows or opening their mouths to activate augmented reality face effects. Now, they get to use their voices as well. On Wednesday, the speech-activated Lenses will begin appearing in the carousel and will continue to show up occasionally from here on out.

Creators Of Arizona Sunshine Launch Location-Based VR Company


Vertigo Games announces their new publishing company, Vertigo Arcades, alongside a location-based release of Arizona Sunshine. As location-based (LB) immersive experiences continue to grow in popularity, developers have begun seeing the potential benefits in bringing their own VR games to 4D arcades.

Modders Are Bringing Wolfenstein 3D, Doom And Heretic To VR With Motion Controls


Both id Software’s Wolfenstein 3D and Doom were landmark achievements in 3D videogame design, truly putting players in the body of their virtual protagonist for the first time.

Pico Raises $24M Series A Funding, Goblin 2 Standalone Headset Announced

Road to VR

Pico Interactive, the Beijing-based standalone VR headset manufacturer, successfully completed a ¥167.5 million RMB (~$24.7 million) Series A funding round. To accompany the news, Pico also announced their second iteration of their Goblin standalone headset, dubbed G2.

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‘Killing Floor: Incursion’ Gets Windows VR Support & New Holdout Mode Level

Road to VR

Killing Floor: Incursion (2017), Tripwire Interactive’s co-op zombie shooting adventure, has added a new badge to its Steam page, indicating the game now supports Windows “Mixed Reality” VR headsets.

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Become The Stath And Fight A Giant Shark In The Meg VR Experience


Next week sees Jason Statham star in the most Jason Statham movie ever. The Meg will see the British action icon go head-to-head with a giant shark.

‘Seeking Dawn’ Devs Release Post-launch Road Map, PSVR Version Slated for December

Road to VR

Seeking Dawn (2018) , the sci-fi VR shooter adventure from Multiverse Entertainment , didn’t exactly hit the intended mark when it released last month on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, but now the developers have released a road map to improving the game and eventually releasing it on PSVR.

Here They Lie On PSVR Will Be Free To All PS Plus Subscribers Until October


Starting on August 7th and lasting until October 2nd, PSVR-exclusive horror title Here They Lie will be free for all PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Mixed Reality Means Business

Tech Trends VR

A survey by the Harvard Business Review and Microsoft shows that most companies are embracing immersive tech as a key part of their strategy.

Survey 193

Pixel Ripped 1989 Review: Highly-Concentrated Nostalgia Meets VR


I’m a sucker for clever subversion gimmicks. One of my all-time favorite video games is Spec Ops: The Line, a war game that makes you feel like a horrible person for killing people you were led to believe were the bad guys.

Daydream View just went on fire sale: Pixel 3 incoming


This afternoon Verizon put the Google Daydream View VR headset on super-sale. Instead of around $100 USD, the headset was sent on down to a cool $30. At prices that low, we must assume there’s a good reason for moving stock.

Google 104

Seeking Dawn’s PSVR Version Coming In December, Free DLC Next Month


Multiverse isn’t ready to throw in the towel on its ambitious VR sci-fi shooter, Seeking Dawn, just yet. Today the studio revealed a detailed development roadmap for the recently-released role-playing game (RPG), which lists some important points.

VR, AR, AI, LBVR Summer Sizzles

Charlie Fink

Pay no attention to the dead robot in the doorway


Watch New Zero Caliber Co-Op Gameplay, Alpha Signups Now Live


Zero Caliber is one of the most promising VR shooters on the horizon. After we were mostly let down by Seeking Dawn recently and Firewall: Zero Hour only coming to PSVR, we set our sights on X-Real’s upcoming mixture of intense action and military realism to scratch that new shooter itch.

Gaming 173

Over 20 Use Cases of Smart Glasses, VR Headsets, and Smartwatches at Airports


If going through airport security is a flyer’s biggest pain, then capacity is the airport manager’s living nightmare: Airports around the world today are hard-pressed to process more passengers and cargo than their terminals were originally designed to manage, and projected air traffic growth indicates no coming relief. Most American airports were built between the 1950s and 1970s.

More VR Devs Are Looking To Rift For Next Project Instead Of Vive


Every year XRDC (formerly known as VRDC) releases survey results from an “Innovation Report” that’s compiled with responses from over 600 professionals across the VR/AR/MR community. This year most of the survey results are about what you’d expect if you have even a passing interest in the VR/AR market, but there were a couple points that stood out as surprising or significant.

Survey 160

Dr. Splorchy Presents: Space Heroes Review – I’m A Field Of Grass Bro!


The older Accounting gets, the better I’m convinced it is. As VR gaming has doubled down on shooters and RPGs, Squanch Games’ eccentric debut (built in partnership with Crows Crows Crows) remains one of the few experiences to explore the truly weird and unpredictable side of the tech.

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Firewall: Zero Hour’s Physical And Aim Controller Edition Look Like This


It’s just a few weeks now until you’ll be able to shoot your friends in the middle of their faces with the highly-anticipated Firewall: Zero Hour. If you’re looking to pick up the physical version of the multiplayer VR shooter, here’s what you should look out for. Developer First Contact’s Adam Orth revealed two images of both the physical edition of the game and its Aim Controller bundle over on Twitter this week.

Furious Seas Livestream: Watch Us Play This VR Pirate Battle Simulator


Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me! Today we’re playing Furious Seas, a VR pirate battle game that’s in Steam Early Access. Stylistically the visuals are bright and inviting with a style similar to Skull & Bones, an upcoming non-VR pirate battle game from Ubisoft. While you could draw comparisons to Sea of Thieves since you’re the captain of a ship fighting against other pirates, this is actually a single player only affair right now.