Fri.Jan 18, 2019

The Weather Channel Continues Its Embrace Of Mixed Reality Technology


TWC releases another educational MR demonstration ahead of Storm Harper. When The Weather Channel debuted its IMR technology back in June of 2018, the organization introduced the industry to a brand new form of educational broadcasting.

Scape Raises $8M for Visual Positioning System Which Could be a Key Component of the AR Metaverse

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Scape Technologies announced last week that it has raised an $8 million seed investment for a visual positioning system that it says can provide centimeter-accurate location data at city-scale.

Report: Facebook’s Upcoming AR Glasses Much Less Bulky Than Hololens Or Magic Leap


Business Insider is reporting that a source has tried on a prototype of the AR glasses under development at Facebook. The source claims the prototype “resembled traditional glasses much more closely than the bulky AR headsets offered by Microsoft (the HoloLens) or Magic Leap.”

Insider Secrets to Adopting Wearables


Watch this throwback 2016 expert panel led by Upskill’s Brian Ballard, in which enterprise end users from Jacobs Engineering, Powerstream Inc., the AES Corporation, and Intel share their secrets to adopting wearables. Some key insights include referring to the people closest to the problem (i.e.

Soul Scathe Offers Dark Souls-Esque VR Dungeon Crawling


We’re getting a little spoiled in the fantasy genre right now. Shadow Legend and SoulKeeper 2.0 both look like great VR RPGs. But the newly-announced Soul Scathe is a decidedly darker take on the genre. Developed by Blueberry Bandit, Soul Scathe is coming soon to Rift and Vive.

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Meta Company’s Meron Gribetz Recounts Path From TED Talk To Bank Sale


I spoke by phone this week with Meron Gribetz, the founder of Meta Company and its AR ambitions, and heard his explanation of what happened to the startup as it ran out of money over the last nine months. In case you are unfamiliar, Meta raised around $75 million, according to Crunchbase, with its largest $50 million Series B round announced a few months after Gribetz appeared in a TED talk in 2016 promoting the company’s Meta 2 AR headset and his concepts around human-computer interfaces.

Ace Combat 7’s VR Missions May Come To PC Headsets In 2020


Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown is officially out, as of today. You can read our full review of the VR content right here and check out what we thought of playing the game with a Thrustmaster flight stick (spoiler: it’s awesome). However, the VR content is exclusive to the PS4 with PSVR and is not available in the Xbox or PC versions of the game. At least, not yet.

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The Biggest VR Releases Of The Week 13/01/19


Quality always trumps quantity, and that’s very much the theme of this week. There’s not a lot of new releases, but what’s there is worth checking out. And, going a step further, Ace Combat 7 shows that even short VR experiences can still be must-plays! Last week’s releases are here but don’t miss what’s to come with our January 2019 list , either. Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, from Project Aces. Price: $59.99 (PSVR).

Ace Combat 7 VR Livestream: Playing PSVR Exclusive Missions


Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown is finally out on PS4, Xbox One, and PC this week! However, if you want to play the VR content, that’s exclusive to the PSVR-supported PS4 version of the game ( for now ). We reviewed the VR content and even though we loved it , it’s worth noting there are only three very short missions — which is a major bummer. The VR content is so excellent it had us hungry for more. Especially if you try playing it with a flight stick.