Wed.Jun 26, 2019

Steam Summer Sale Brings Big Savings to Top VR Titles

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Summer isn’t the best time to strap a black video box to your face, but it’s a great time to buy up all the top VR titles at a deep discount. Starting today and continuing to July 9th, the Steam Summer Sale is slashing prices on practically all of the top VR titles on the platform.

Facebook VP Says The Oculus Quest Is Seeing ‘Console-Like Usage’


The company claims content sales topped $5 million in the first two weeks. Facebook’s Oculus Quest seems to be hitting a mark with VR fans all over the globe. Since the 6DOF headsets release back in May, major sites such as Amazon and Newegg are seeing shipping dates backed up to 2 to 3 weeks.

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VR Stealth Game République Is Coming To Quest Next Month


Oculus Quest already has plenty of Rift ports, but now it’s time for a sort-of Go port. Camouflaj’s mobile stealth game, Republique , is coming to the headset next month. The game recently appeared for pre-order on the Quest store. It costs $14.99 and is coming on July 25.

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Games For Change’s XR Summit Was An Unmitigated Success


Expert researchers and veteran developers collide at XR For Change. Having just completed its sixteenth annual run, Games For Change brought artists, creators, advocates, researchers, policymakers, techies and designers together to talk shop and fantasize about the future of the games industry.

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Oculus Exclusive Games Finally Feel Truly Playable with Index Controllers & Revive

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While it’s long been technically possible to play Oculus exclusive games on Vive and other SteamVR headsets thanks to an unofficial mod called ‘Revive’, the actual experience has always been decidedly clunky due to the significant differences between controller inputs.

Spider-Man: Far From Home VR Is Crusty But The Best Place To Web-Swing In VR


Call it a swing in the right direction; the tie-in VR experience for Spider-Man: Far From Home is far from perfect, but it’s easily the best Spidey VR title to date.

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Medusa and Her Lover Puts a Unique Spin on Cooperative VR


The adventure game Medusa and Her Lover is now available on PlayStation VR , and it features one of the most unique versions of cooperative play we’ve seen in a VR title to date.

Couch Co-op Adventure ‘Medusa and Her Lover’ Lands on PSVR

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Medusa and Her Lover (2019) is a unique VR title that’s been floating around Japan since April, and the game, which delivers both a solo and couch co-op mode, is now available in the West.

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Manus VR Introduces New Prime Series With Haptic Feedback


I originally tried out the Manus VR gloves almost three years ago. In VR years that’s basically an entire lifetime ago. Back then it was rudimentary at best and we’ve seen several other solutioins from companies like Contact CI , Tactical Haptics , and HaptX.

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Apple iPhone Owners Can Now Try Out Gucci's Ace Sneakers via Augmented Reality

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While Gucci is among the most recognizable brands in fashion, you would be excused for not realizing that the company makes sneakers as well.

Nreal Denies ‘False And Anticompetitive’ Magic Leap Lawsuit Claims


Last week we reported that high-profile augmented reality company Magic Leap had filed a lawsuit against Chinese competitor, Nreal. The company claimed that Nreal founder and former Magic Leap software engineer Chi Xu had “wrongfully used and disclosed to Nreal and its collaborators the confidential and proprietary information to which he obtained access as a former Magic Leap employee.” ” Today, Nreal denied the accusation. Nreal’s Statement.

Mercedes and Magic Leap Debut Immersive Roadshow in the UK


UK fans of immersive technology are in for a treat: Mercedes has created a roadshow like no other. It features virtual, augmented and mixed reality. Also, it utilizes proprietary Magic Leap technology – an innovative leader on the XR market.

Valve Index Pre-Launch Livestream: Aperture Hand Labs, H3VR And More


We’re livestreaming with the Valve Index PC VR headset today! Now that E3 is behind us we can look at the VR gaming landscape as it exists today instead of being pre-occupied with what isn’t out yet.

Everything You Need To Know About VR


Virtual Reality (VR) gives you the power to accomplish impossible tasks in the ease of your home. Imagine flying a spaceship or being the main character in a scary movie, all of these things are possible and can be done right now.

First In-Game Glimpse Of Beat Saber-Inspired VR MMO Zenith Arrives


Earlier this week we reported on the reveal of a new VR MMO named Zenith. Developer Ramen VR promised a curious mix of anime inspiration and Beat Saber-style gameplay that’s tough to picture. It didn’t help that the announcement only offered concept art. Well now we’ve got out first in-game glimpse of the title, though blink and you might miss it. Ramen VR recently posted a super-quick look at Zenith on Reddit.

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Google Cardboard Comparison


$15 dollars for a piece of Cardboard can seem a bit suspicious, even when Google is selling it. Is Google Cardboard worth the purchase? Let’s go through the list of who should buy this and a Google Cardboard comparison. For only $15, anyone can try this.