Sun.May 24, 2020

Facebook’s Head Of AR & VR Shows Off Futuristic Mixed Reality Workspace


Check out this next-gen office powered by Oculus’ Passthrough technology. Earlier this week Facebook’s head of AR & VR Andrew “Boz” Bosworth showed off an experimental mixed reality workspace powered via prototype Oculus hardware.

University Project Shows Hot And Cold Temperature Change VR Research


A recent project by college students demonstrates a new method of emulating hot and cold sensations while in VR, using a thermal display emitting specific scents that trigger the feeling of a change in temperature.

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Forget Zombies: It’s Humans That Make The Walking Dead VR Truly Memorable


“We are the walking dead,” Rick Grimes somewhat insanely proclaims at one of the lower points in what can be best described as a difficult life. Note: This post contains spoilers for The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners.

Nreal Light Gets Multi-User Shared AR And WebXR Support


As excitement builds for the consumer release of Nreal’s Light augmented reality glasses this fall, the company is continuing to entice developers to support the affordable, Android-based wearable.