Wed.Jul 11, 2018

Magic Leap Reveals Developer Demo, Confirms NVIDIA TX2 Hardware

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Today during Magic Leap’s developer livestream the company offered the first details on the compute hardware that’s built into the device, confirming that an NVIDIA CPU/GPU module, and also showed a brief developer sample demonstrating world meshing and gesture input.

Sony London Dev: VR Will Invent ‘One New Genre Of Game’ In Next 5 Years


Today’s VR games are fantastic, immersive experiences, but they’re largely built upon the foundations of traditional gaming. We have tons of shooters, puzzle games and platformers for example, but not much that feels truly unique to VR. A developer at Blood And Truth creator, Sony London Studio, thinks that will change soon.

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RAF Launches Free AR App To Mark The Royal Air Force’s Centenary.


Experience the historic London RAF flypast from the comfort of your garden. Today marks the Royal Air Force (RAF) centenary, and to celebrate the momentous occasion a historic flypast was conducted directly over Buckingham Palace.

AT&T Joins Forces with Magic Leap as Exclusive Launch Partner

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Another massive piece of the mysterious augmented reality puzzle known as Magic Leap fell into place on Wednesday as AT&T announced that it will be the exclusive launch carrier for the device.

Echoing Apple’s iPhone Launch, Magic Leap Taps AT&T for Exclusive US Distribution

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Magic Leap today announced that AT&T, one of the leading cellular carriers in the US, has invested in the company and solidified a partnership making AT&T the “exclusive wireless distributor of Magic Leap products for consumers in the U.S.”

Magic Leap Shows Off New Software Demo, Teases Release This Summer

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After weeks of teasing what many hoped might be a live, on-device demo of Magic Leap software to go along with the hardware glimpse we got last month, it turns out that all we got was a bit of new demonstration video footage.

Seeking Dawn Review: Tedious Design Overshadows Gorgeous Setting


Seeking Dawn is, without a doubt, one of the most visually impressive VR games I’ve ever played. Each and every environment is bursting with not only color, but also imaginative alien life that moves with grace and subtly.

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Facebook Begins Testing AR Ads In The News Feed


Facebook wants to prepare you for the upcoming holiday shopping by introducing AR advertisements into your news feed. Facebook is rolling out a brand-new feature that will let you to try on new clothes, check out a new accessories, or place furniture in your home, all through the power of AR.

The Exorcist VR’s Final Chapter Gets A Teaser Trailer


It’s all been building to this; the final chapter of Wolf & Wood’s VR horror game, The Exorcist: Legion VR, is coming soon, and the first teaser trailer just dropped.

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Review: ‘Seeking Dawn’ Is a Beautiful Sci-Fi Shooter Marred by Too Many Dull Chores

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Seeking Dawn (2018) is a sci-fi first-person shooter which puts you in the boots of a space marine who’s assigned to carry out a search and rescue mission on a mysterious alien planet.

Magic Leap One Will Ship This Summer With Nvidia Tegra X2 Processor


Following four years of development, Magic Leap announced today that it will begin shipping the Magic Leap One Creator Edition to developers this summer — a window that began on June 21, 2018 and will end on September 22, 2018. The company also confirmed that it is using an Nvidia Tegra X2 multi-core processor inside the unit’s wearable puck-shaped computer housing, LightPack.

Content is King Especially in a VR


We are very familiar with the term, “content is king” and most of us associate that expression with Bill Gates’ 1996 article named as such.

HTC SteamVR 2.0 Video Shows Vive Pro User Navigating Three Rooms


It looks like Valve is preparing for the rollout of some big new SteamVR 2.0 features, and HTC has provided us with a glimpse of what to expect. Vive China President Alvin Wang Graylin took to Twitter yesterday to share an image of seven new SteamVR 2.0 base stations hooked up to a single Steam account after a SteamVR beta update.

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Magic Leap One To Be Sold Through AT&T, In-Store Demos Coming


We’ll finally (finally!) have a chance to try out the much-anticipated Magic Leap One for ourselves via in-store demos in the future. The augmented reality headset will be getting demo stations at AT&T stores in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco once it’s been launched for consumers, the company announced today.

Mario Kart VR Heads To London’s O2 Arena This Summer


You know that Mario Kart VR experience that’s only available in Japan and is making every non-Japanese VR fan jealous? It’s finally heading elsewhere. Namco Bandai will bring Mario Kart Arcade GP to its VR Zone installation inside London’s O2 Arena next month, it’s been revealed. The experience will be available on August 3rd. The VR Zone is located inside the Hollywood Bowl and already features experiences like Argyle Shift and Hospital Escape Terror.

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Facebook Now Allows AR Ads Inside Your News Feed


Snap did it with Snapchat already, Facebook talked about doing it with its Messenger app shortly after that, so it should come as no surprise that now the dominant social network is pushing AR ads to appear directly inside of a users’ news feed. The feature is being rolled out slowly and selectively with a select group of advertisers such as Michael Kors, Sephora, Pottery Barn, Wayfair, and King’s Candy Crush.

Asgard, Knowhere And More Invade Marvel: Powers United VR


Thor’s homeworld and the Guardians of the Galaxy’s local watering hole are two of the new levels announced for Marvel: Powers United VR today. Asgard, the mythical realm of Norse gods, Knowhere, found inside the head of a dead celestial and the frozen lands of Jotunheim are all going to be in the game when it launches on July 26th.

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