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‘Ready Player One’ Movie Gets First Full Trailer, Book Sequel in the Works

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Ready Player One , the 2011 novel by Ernest Cline, is getting turned into a movie by none other than Steven Spielberg. As the movie’s March 2018 release date approaches, the first full trailer debuted today. Cline has also confirmed work on a sequel to the novel.

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Legendary Disney Animator Draws ‘The Little Mermaid’ Live In VR On The Late Late Show


I’m not crying. There’s just something in my eye. Late night television appears to be developing a fondness for Tilt Brush.

‘Golem’ Gets March Release Date and Fresh Gameplay Footage at PSX

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Golem , a forthcoming PSVR title that’s been in the works since 2015, has resurfaced this weekend at Sony’s PSX event.

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PSX 2017: Dreams Will Get Only Limited PSVR Support After Launch


Dreams is the next user-generated content obsession from the creators of the runaway-success franchise LittleBigPlanet. And although Dreams wasn’t playable at PSX this weekend in Anaheim, CA, select members of the press were invited to see a private, behind-closed-doors hands-off demonstration of the game.

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New PSVR Game Announcements from PSX 2017

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With several new game reveals, trailers and release date announcements for PlayStation VR, Sony’s annual PlayStation event (December 9-10) did not disappoint and proved once again how dedicated the platform is to its virtual reality player base.

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Where Thoughts Go Is An Anonymous VR Social Space On An Alien Planet


Where Thoughts Go is a social network that takes the form of an ethereal virtual reality world. Visitors leave anonymous voice logs that appear in the dreamy environment as little creatures that flit around in the air. It’s the latest VR project from indie developer Lucas Rizzotto , who plans to release an early version sometime in 2018 on platforms to be announced. He will also be showcasing it at festivals and events. “I

Drink Your Tequila From AI Interactive Bottle


Last week Astral Tequila (‘Astral’) introduced smart bottles of its award-winning spirit to engage with consumers in-store and deliver customized digital experiences with the tap of a smartphone.

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Boeing Wants To Beat Elon Musk on the Way to Mars


It is obvious now that the race to Mars is on, and Boeing’s CEO seems to believe that the megarocket his company is helping to build for NASA will deliver astronauts to the Red Planet before billionaire Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

New Ready Player One Trailer Explains The Egg


Half a trillion dollars. That’s what the winner gets by finding the easter egg hidden inside the OASIS. The new trailer just debuted for Steven Spielberg and Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One, which hits theaters March 30. Check it out below. From director Steven Spielberg comes #ReadyPlayerOne – in theaters March 30. Watch the new trailer! Ready Player One (@readyplayerone) December 10, 2017. Tagged with: ready player one Facebook Twitter Reddit More.

VR, MR and AI features to play prominent role at Sundance Film Festival


Next year’s Sundance Film Festival will see a very prominent role for VR, MR and AI-centric productions, based on a media release by the Sundance Institute. More than twenty films, experiences and installations variously utilizing AI, MR, and VR technologies will be part of the upcoming festival, which runs from January 18 to 28, 2018, in Park City, Utah. The productions have been fostered as part of Sundance’s New Frontier initiative.

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New Year New Gear


You’ve just downed that roasted turkey with delicious homemade stuffing, and shelled out a huge spending on the Black Friday sale, yet…ho, ho, ho!

VR pen project’s developer and development status short on details


A seemingly impressive VR development that came out of “stealth mode” this week remains short on details. Drawboard , which according to its Twitter account is based in San Francisco, appeared rather suddenly on the web last week. Its website is seeking pre-orders for a pen to be used in VR, offering features such as six degree-of-freedom, sub-millimeter tracking; 512 levels of pressure sensitivity; USB charging; and tactile feedback.

6 Ways Top Winemakers and Merchants Are Utilizing Virtual Reality


VR has long been viewed as a powerful marketing and engagement tool. The wine industry is also awakening to this fact, with multiple winery virtual reality solutions and studios on the market.

Oculus files patent application for curved display in VR headsets


According to multiple sources, Oculus has filed a patent application for a VR headset that uses curved displays. The application was filed in August, but was published by the WIPO at the end of November. Although it is unclear whether the patent will be granted, and additionally unclear as to when a curved-display Oculus headset may be manufactured, the technology would help resolve a number of issues with VR headsets using conventional flat displays.

Top 5 VR 360° Music Videos You Haven’t Seen!


Is VR/360° music video going to totally revolutionize the way we engage music? We don't know. At least at the current stage of technology, we can't objectively see it as a complete replacement to traditional medium. The way I see it is that the two are fundamentally different mediums in nature.

Delphi Automotive Creates New Company – Aptiv


Delphi Automotive decided to transform itself from a traditional automotive parts supplier into a tech company focused on autonomous driving. The company is spinning off its powertrain division into a s eparate entity called Delphi Technologies, and rebranding everything else under a new corporate name — Aptiv. Delphi Technologies enjoys a balanced revenue mix, robust cost structure and veteran leadership.

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