Thu.Feb 21, 2019

HTC announces full 6 DOF standalone headset Vive Focus Plus (+ thorough review on its 6 DOF controllers)

The Ghost Howls

With much surprise for us all, HTC has just announced the Vive Focus Plus , its first full 6 DOF standalone headset! Do you want to know more? Well, you are in the right place.

5 Upcoming Oculus Exclusives That Could Carry ‘Rift S’ This Year


Facebook is rumored to launch a refresh of the Oculus Rift this year dubbed the Rift S. Every Oculus VR headset launch so far has been accompanied with an impressive collection of new games. These five major Oculus exclusives launching this year could be Rift S ‘s big hitters.

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HP Wants to Enhance Traditional CAD Workflows with “VR Snacking”

Road to VR

HP is exploring what they’re calling the “VR snacking” concept: a simple way to enhance traditional CAD workflows with the benefits of VR visualization.

HTC Reveals Vive Focus Plus, Coming Q2 2019


The enterprise-only standalone headset features dual 6DoF controllers and improved Fresnel lenses. Continuing their push towards enterprise VR technology, HTC has unveiled a new version of their HTC Vive Focus headset designed specifically for use by businesses and corporations.

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HTC Unveils Vive Focus Plus with 6DOF Controllers, Built for Enterprise

Road to VR

HTC today announced its planning to release a new version of Vive Focus targeted at enterprise users, this time including integrated hardware support for two ultrasonically-tracked 6DOF controllers. Enter Vive Focus Plus, a truly standalone 6DOF VR headset.

This VR Demo Uses Mid-Air Haptics To Make Affected More Immersive


UK-based Ultrahaptics thinks it has the key to haptic feedback in VR. This week you can try it out for yourself. The company partnered with Fallen Planet Studios to integrate its mid-air haptics technology into VR horror title, Affected: The Visit.

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The AR Drone That Can Help Save Lives

Tech Trends VR

First responders will be able to use drones equipped with Augmented Reality technology to better deal with emergency situations.

Microsoft Expands Its Augmented Reality App Portfolio from HoloLens to Android & iOS

Next Reality AR

Although all signs points to Microsoft releasing a new HoloLens in the coming days, the company is nevertheless looking to distribute its augmented reality apps to other operating systems.

Researchers Discover Security Flaws In Bigscreen VR App


The issues have since been addressed in a patch released by Bigscreen, Inc. According to researchers based out of the University of New Haven in West Haven, Connecticut (go Chargers!),

ChromaGun PSVR Review: A Passable Imitation Of Portal In VR


ChromaGun VR is so transparent about being a parody of Valve’s Portal that its creator, Pixel Maniacs, went out of its way to highlight direct references to Portal’s iconic Aperture Science corporation in the original game’s console launch trailer.

HTC Vive Cosmos controllers briefly detailed in new video


Last month at CES, HTC announced the VIVE Cosmos, a new headset for its virtual reality line up. Though we had the chance to see the headset up close, there’s still a lot we don’t know about the VIVE Cosmos.

HTC Vive Focus Plus Is A New Standalone Headset With 6DOF Controls And Improved Comfort


It’s time to meet yet another new member of the HTC Vive family. Say hello to the Vive Focus Plus. Announced today ahead of next week’s Mobile World Congress, Vive Focus Plus is the next entry in HTC’s enterprise-level standalone headset series. It’s got everything you need to jump straight into VR, just like the original Vive Focus. You don’t need a phone, PC or even external sensors thanks to inside-out six degrees of freedom (6DOF) tracking.

HTC VIVE Focus Plus revealed with upgraded controllers


While many of us are probably interested in learning more about the VIVE Cosmos, HTC has announced another headset in its VIVE Focus line.

Book Reveals Canceled Oculus Rift Successors Tuzi and Venice


Blake Harris’ new book The History Of The Future reveals two canceled Oculus Rift successor projects codenamed ‘Tuzi’ and ‘Venice’ In October of last year, TechCrunch reported the cancellation of a Rift 2 project codenamed ‘Caspar’ This means that a total of three reportedly canceled Rift successor projects are now public knowledge. The first Oculus Rift was revealed in mid-2015.

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On the Move with Eminem: ‘Marshall from Detroit’ from Felix & Paul Studios Now Available


Hop in a limo with legendary journalist and rapper Sway Calloway and Eminem for an immersive tour of Motor City. Following its debut at the

HTC Highlights Vive Cosmos Controllers In New Video


We still have much to learn about the HTC Vive Cosmos. But this new video gives us another look at its promising controllers. The Vive Cosmos controllers are designed to be used with the headset’s onboard cameras. This enables full 6DOF inside-out tracking without the need for external sensors as seen with the original Vive. The cameras follow the illuminated lights that sprawl around the tracking ring, which circles around the top of the device.

Content Evaluation Process


How SpringboardVR evaluates content for a curated VR content distribution platform Right now is an exciting time for the LBVR industry. We’re seeing rapid growth and more and more studios are finding success in the out-of-home market.

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Eminem Arrives On Oculus Headsets In Marshall From Detroit


Felix & Paul Studios’ Eminem project is now available on Oculus headsets. Marshall From Detroit is a 21-minute look into Marshall Mathers aka Eminem and his origins in Detroit. You can grab the 8 GB download for free on Oculus Go , Rift and Gear VR.

Raiders of Erda Dev Reveals Investment, Ikabod For Accurate VR Avatars


It’s been a while since we’ve heard from UK-based Cooperative Innovations. Today, though, it’s got plenty of news to share. First up, it’s raised some cash. The team today revealed it had raised £500,000 (about $653,000) in a round of seed funding. Investors include Craig Fletcher, Ascension Ventures and Trend Investment Group. Cooperative Innovations says it will use this money to expand its team ( it’s now hiring ), but also launch something a little different.