Sat.Sep 14, 2019

Mixed Reality fitness game HitMotion: Reloaded slated for October release

The Ghost Howls

“HitMotion: Reloaded”, the first mixed reality fitness game , whose demo has been one of the 20 launch titles for the Vive Focus Plus , has finally an estimated release date! This is the game that all worldwide gaming communities are waiting for.

Gaming 315

‘No Man’s Sky’ Update to Bring “significantly improved” Graphics to PSVR Version

Road to VR

The ‘Beyond’ update to No Man’s Sky (2016), which brought VR support to the game alongside a host of improvements, is admittedly far from perfect.

Gaming 235

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Gamescom 2019 Interview: Working up a Sweat With Viro Move

Peter Graham

When it comes to staying fit and healthy whilst combining that with a passion for videogames, virtual reality (VR) technology has got you covered, offering a wealth of options to rid a few calories.

The Bugatti Built in VR - XR For Business Podcast News, September 13, 2019

XR for Business Podcast

LEARNING. Developing Communication Skills And Improvement of Literacy. Enlarging Real-Life Experience. Supporting Specific Needs of the Disabled Students. Developing and Improving Empathy. Receiving Workplace Experience. Read more: [link]. Mixed Reality Classroom. link]. Microsoft has created an ‘Immersive Classroom’ that teaches students about all sorts of emerging and exponential technologies such as VR/AR, AI and 3D Printing.

Releases Recap: Sept. 7-13


This week, we released several titles and updates across the Oculus Platform. Here’s a rundown of the highlights