Sat.Jul 21, 2018

How to Install (and fix) ‘Beat Saber’ Custom Songs

Road to VR

If you’re a serious Beat Saber player, you probably installed the unofficial mod allowing for custom songs, and also probably realized that the v0.11.0 update this week made your custom songs disappear. If you didn’t already custom songs installed, you’ll definitely want to!

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Taking a Journey to Mars


Two weeks ago I returned to GESS Dubai for my seventh year and delivered a set of presentations on the theme of VR in education. In the lead up to the event I heard that a local company called Alef Education would be showcasing a virtual reality Journey to Mars experience.

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Veative at India Skills East Bhubaneswar 2018


Veative presented an exclusive 360 VR video at a workshop organized by NSDC on the construction of Twin Pit toilets in rural areas. The localized content and animation of the video, was greatly appreciated by the masons, for whom the workshop was conducted.

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