Thu.Feb 20, 2020

Vive Cosmos becomes four! New faceplates add mixed reality and much more

The Ghost Howls

Today HTC has finally detailed how it intends to expand the features of the Vive Cosmos in the upcoming months. The Taiwanese company had already showcased at the launch of the device that it was a very versatile one , thanks to a series of dedicated accessories (e.g.

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HTC Reveals Vive Proton, a Compact Standalone VR Headset Prototype

Road to VR

As if announcing three new Cosmos headsets wasn’t enough, HTC today also revealed Vive Proton.

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New Witcher VR Mod Lets You Walk Around Kaer Morhen


A new mod for the original Witcher game allows you to walk around Kaer Morhen in VR. Sound like a fantasy dream come true? Well, it kind of is — the only problem is there’s nothing else to do in the mod except walk around. And shoo some pigeons.

HTC Unveils Three New Vive Cosmos Headsets: Elite, Play, and XR

Road to VR

Buckle up, this one’s a doozy. HTC today introduced three new variants of its Vive Cosmos VR headset. Joining the original Cosmos is Cosmos Elite, Cosmos Play, and Cosmos XR. The four variants of the headset aim to cover a diverse set of customer interests.

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Snapchat Evolves the Foundation of Its AR Capabilities with Ground Transformation Lenses

Next Reality AR

The sky is the limit when it comes to augmented reality, but Snapchat's latest innovation is keeping its AR platform grounded. On Thursday, the company published a pair of new Lenses that highlight its new ground transformation technology.

HTC Teases Compact VR Headset, But It’s Just A Concept (For Now)


HTC is teasing a concept VR headset with a much smaller size than current offerings. Most current VR headsets are not comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. For some, they are even uncomfortable after a matter of minutes.

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Coronavirus: Valve Index Production Impacted, Fewer Units Coming Soon


Valve will have “far fewer” units of the Index VR hardware to sell during the coming months due to the impact of the Coronavirus.

Facebook/Oculus & Sony Are Pulling Out of GDC Over Coronavirus Concerns

Road to VR

Facebook and Sony today announced they won’t be attending the annual GDC conference in San Francisco next month other Coronavirus concerns.

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HTC Plans Cheaper Vive Cosmos Model, $900 SteamVR Tracking Model


There’s a de facto Vive Cosmos price cut on the way, though by how much we’re not sure. HTC is introducing two new models of the Cosmos to sell alongside the original $699 model. The first is called Cosmos Play. Vive Cosmos Price Cut (Sort Of).

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‘Pistol Whip’ VR Tournament Kicking Off in March with $10,000 Prize Pool

Road to VR

SpringboardVR, the content distribution platform for VR arcades, has partnered with Cloudhead Games and eSports organizers The Virtual Athletics League (VAL) to bring a Pistol Whip (2019) tournament next month to more than 500 arcade locations as well as at-home players.

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HTC Reveals Passthrough AR Faceplate For Vive Cosmos


A new faceplate for HTC’s modular Vive Cosmos headset will introduce AR capabilities to the device — at least for developers. The Cosmos XR Faceplate (as it’s called) is a developer product planned for launch in Q2 2020.

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First-Ever Pistol Whip Tournament Offering $10K Prize Pool


VAL and Oculus are offering cash money to the world’s best Pistol Whippers. Since the launch of Cloudhead Games highly anticipated VR shooter Pistol Whip , gamers have been hard at work mowing down waves of low poly bad guys to the beat of a thumping EDM soundtrack.

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Boneworks Is Now Available In The Oculus Store For Rift


Stress Level Zero’s Boneworks is now available to purchase on the Oculus Store for the Rift platform. The PC VR game was previously only available through Steam. Boneworks is a physics-driven puzzle and FPS game that released in December last year.

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HTC Unveils New Vive Cosmos Headsets And Faceplate Upgrades


A handful of new headsets and swappable faceplates breathes new life into HTC’s lineup of modular VR hardware.

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Unity Gets Controller-Free Hand Tracking Via Oculus Link For Faster Testing


The latest update to the Oculus Integration for Unity adds the ability to use Quest’s controller-free hand tracking in the editor. Facebook added experimental controller-free hand tracking for Quest in December.

‘No Man’s Sky’ February Update Lets You Grow & Fly Living Ships

Road to VR

No Man’s Sky (2016) has been on a roll lately with its continuous updates ever since its big ‘Beyond’ refresh in Summer 2019, which brought along with it VR support for PS4 and PC versions of the game.

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Facebook And Sony Withdraw From The Game Developers Conference


Facebook and Sony are withdrawing from participation in GDC due to concerns surrounding the Coronavirus. “We’re removing Facebook Gaming and Oculus booth footprints and advising all employees to refrain from travel during the show, ” a statement from the company reads.

Index Will Return to Stock Ahead of ‘Half-Life: Alyx’, but “far fewer units” Due to Coronavirus

Road to VR

Valve today confirmed that the Coronavirus outbreak has impacted production of the Index VR headset and other hardware.

Join Us On YouTube Today To Discuss The Week’s VR News & HTC’s Potential Comeback!


UploadVR’s weekly podcast, The VR Download, is LIVE on YouTube today at 10:30am PST (18:30 UTC) ! Unlike regular video podcasts, The VR Download is broadcast from virtual reality!

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HTC unveils Vive Cosmos Play and Cosmos Elite VR headsets


HTC has taken the wraps off its expanded Vive Cosmos VR headset product family, introducing new models to compete with the Oculus Rift S and its relatively low price tag.

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Downpour Provides An Update On Onward Quest, Full PC Release


Don’t worry, Downpour Interactive hasn’t forgotten about the Onward Oculus Quest port it promised nearly a year ago. Onward was confirmed to be coming to Facebook’s standalone VR headset in mid-2019, just after the kit’s launch.

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HTC Vive Project Proton Concept Devices Offer Potential Future High-End & Mobile AR Wearable Options

Next Reality VR

Part of the fallout from the canceled Mobile World Congress is that a range of products, ideas, and designs slated for reveal in Barcelona are now being showcased without the framing and context of the massive tech gathering.

HTC’s Vive Cosmos Family Grows Adding Three Modular Faceplates and Headset Options

Peter Graham

When HTC announced its Vive Cosmos headset at CES 2019 one of the main features touted was the modular front faceplate, the idea behind it being future versatility depending on customers needs.

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HTC Project Proton: VIVE XR glasses-style devices with Matrix aesthetic


The future is slightly cooler than the present, according to a pair of prototype devices revealed today by HTC. This is HTC Project Proton, a prototype (a pair of prototypes) for “XR glasses-style” devices “from HTC Vive.”

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Review: Scraper: Gauntlet

Peter Graham

Shooting galleries at funfairs were one of the best reasons to go no matter what the weather was like. Pitting those aiming skills against stationary objects just waiting to be knocked over, hopefully winning a prize in the process.

Should Augmented Reality Technology Be Democratized?


Since Pokémon Go had the whole world catching monsters in 2016, no other augmented reality app has reached the same global scale. Some may be wondering why the development of AR technology seems to have stalled. However, most of us are actually already using some form of AR in our daily lives.

HTC Unveils ‘Project Proton’ Concept Headset Designs

Peter Graham

When HTC makes virtual reality (VR) announcements it certainly doesn’t do thing by half. Last year the company revealed the HTC Vive Pro Eye and Vive Cosmos in one day and it’s done something similar today.

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EON Reality and the Community of Canary Islands Inaugurate the First Classroom 3.0 Campus in Spain

EON Reality

The new augmented and virtual reality center will serve as an academic technological hub in Spain. EON Reality and the Community of Canary Islands celebrated the inauguration of the first Augmented and Virtual Reality Center in Spain today.

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5G Could be the Future of AR Collaboration

Peter Graham

During CES 2020 last month VRFocus saw the potential of augmented reality (AR) collaboration demoing Spatial’s software solution.

Gaming-focused investment firm Bitkraft closes in on at least $140 million for its second fund

TechCrunch VR

Esports, video games and the innovations that enable them now occupy a central space in the cultural and commercial fabric of the tech world.

Experts Weigh in on Enterprise XR in 2020

AR Insider

This article is the latest in AR Insider’s editorial contributor program. It excerpts Unity’s latest report “Top 2020 Trends: Enterprise AR & VR,” with commentary from industry executives, including AR Insider Editor Mike Boland. Authors’ opinions are their own. .