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KLM Airlines App Uses AR To Determine If Your Luggage Is Carry-On


Royal Dutch Airlines turns to AR to take the second guessing out of carry-on luggage.

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I Expect You To Die Clears $3 Million Revenue Milestone


I Expect You To Die from Schell Games surpassed a revenue milestone of $3 million. The spy-themed escape room VR game released in late 2016 and since shipped on every hand-controlled consumer VR platform alongside major updates that kept the game fresh over the last two years.

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The VOID Adds Five Marvel & Disney Location-Based Experiences


The hyper-reality provider partners with ILMxLAB to develop a new series of interactive experiences, starting with Disney’s upcoming animated film, Ralph Breaks the Internet.

Evasion Hands-On: A VR Shooter That’s All About Staying Mobile


There are a fair number of VR games, both available now and coming up, that feel a lot like the next evolutionary step of the arcade-style light gun shooter, like Time Crisis or House of the Dead.

Facebook Artist Makes a Case for VR Manga in Homage to Iconic ‘Dragon Ball’ Scene

Road to VR

As a current artist-in-residence on the Facebook Social VR team, Goro Fujita has been making some pretty impressive “quillistrations” as a part of his daily creative regime using Quill, Oculus’ first-party VR paint and drawing tool that he helped develop.

Hands-on: Arca’s Path Is The VR Equivalent Of A Christmas Stocking Stuffer


Dream Reality Interactive might be onto something here. Its answer to making sure everyone from your grandparents to your nephew is trying VR this Christmas? Replace real presents with virtual ones. In this case, it’s the marble maze, a rare symbol of present-ized unification under the tree.

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PSVR Shooter Honor and Duty: D-Day Gets Open Beta Next Week


It might be time to put Firewall on pause for a bit; another PlayStation VR (PSVR) multiplayer shooter is getting an open beta next week. Strange Games’ Honor and Duty: D-Day, a World War II-era shooter, will have a free testing session in both the US and EU starting September 18th.

SEGA’ s “Space Channel 5” makes its return as a PlayStation® VR game.

Cats and VR

SEGA’ s “Space Channel 5” makes its return as a PlayStation® VR game.

Fly Like Thor With This Hilariously Dangerous VR Movement Experiment


What could be safer than putting on a VR headset, grabbing a motion controller by the wrist strap and then twirling it above your head to take flight? WyVRn developer Hamster Ball recently showcased this frankly terrifying new form of VR locomotion, which allows you to whirl a hammer and lift off just like everyone’s favorite Norse Avenger, Thor. You know, Thor? The guy that can fly by having his hammer pull him off (Ragnarok pun intended)?

Battle X: Birth of the Alliance, the VR- enabled first-person shooter is out tomorrow and features the voice talent of Casper Van Dien

Cats and VR

Battle X: Birth of the Alliance, the VR- enabled first-person shooter from the military simulation software veterans at Naviworks, releases Friday September 14th on Oculus VR, HTC Vive, and Steam, with a PSVR version following in early 2019.

Tactical Shooter Zero Caliber Gets Early Access Launch Date, PSVR Support Confirmed


More tactical VR shooting is heading your way very soon. A-Tech Cybernetic developer XREAL Games today confirmed to UploadVR that its anticipated modern shooter, Zero Caliber , will launch via Steam Early Access on November 9th for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. On October 25th, however, the studio will launch a free demo that’s available up until the Early Access release.

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Breaking the Mold – How VR Can Help Teachers


In India, the fifth of September is celebrated as Teacher’s Day, commemorating the birth of Dr. S Radhakrishnan , the first Vice President and second President of India. Dr. Radhakrishnan was also an exemplary educator, who believed that ‘true teachers are those who help us think for ourselves.’ Teachers, therefore, are not only instrumental in building knowledge networks and nurturing the growth of young learners, but more importantly, they have the power to decide the future of education.

Firewall Devs ‘Working Hard’ To Fix Squad Issues, Hosting


It sounds like you can expect Firewall Zero Hour ‘s matchmaking problems to be fixed in the near future. In a post on the PlayStation Blog developer, First Contact Entertainment reassured fans that they were “working hard” to bring improvements to the PlayStation VR (PSVR) exclusive shooter, which launched late last month.

Will XR make us more or less lonely?

AWE Blog

Social XR. By Emily Friedman. A major criticism of smartphones is that they decrease our situational awareness and prevent us from being truly present. Raise your hand if you’ve ever been on a date with someone who used his/her phone the whole time?)

VR Intelligence Hosting Enterprise VR Webinar With Johnson & Johnson, DHL


As enterprise businesses start to see the benefits of immersive tech, VR Intelligence brings together immersive leads from Johnson & Johnson and DHL, along with HTC Vive, for a webinar to discuss where and how companies can get a real return on their investment in XR. Last month, an XR industry survey by VR Intelligence revealed some interesting feedback on the uses of VR and AR in enterprise.

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AR, MR, XR or VR?


To understand what AR - Augmented Reality, MR - Mixed Reality , XR - Cross reality and VR - virtual reality actually are and the differences between them, its best to understand what each one does and where it came from, so, going furthest back, we begin with the advent of the first virtual reality systems.

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