Sat.Feb 08, 2020

VR Technology Reunites Grieving Mother With Her Deceased Child


South Korean documentary ‘I Met You’ shows how VR technology is bringing the dead back to life. We’ve seen VR technology used in a variety of incredible ways, but nothing quite as extraordinary as bringing the dead back to life.

Apple Seeks Patent For AR/VR Video Recording With Multi-angle Playback


If you’ve watched YouTube streams of conventional 2D videos — such as commentaries on games, TV shows, movies, or trailers — you know that the streams are visually flat: video of the content, sometimes with a person’s face superimposed in the corner for added discussion.

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This Week In XR: Pass Through Lynx AR HMD Announced, Sundance VR Standouts

Charlie Fink

The first product to use the new Qualcomm X2 technology will launch this summer

Canon Reveals MD-20 Enterprise AR headset With High Resolution And FOV


Camera giant Canon isn’t a major player in the augmented reality headset space, but it has been selling an $82,000 enterprise-class AR headset to Japanese customers since 2016.

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State of the XR Industry in 2020


Press release. London, February 8, 2020 — Over the next 10 years, XR’s potential across consumer and commercial to industrial and enterprise is huge.

Crisis VRigade Gets 3 Player Co-Op Support On PC, PSVR Coming Soon


Fans of Crisis VRigade no longer have to take on the game’s super hard levels on their own. Well, as long as they have a PC they don’t. The first-person shooter just got support for co-op online multiplayer for up to three players on Steam, where it remains in Early Access.

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Atari Plans to Make Gaming Hotels?

VR Tech News

Hey there, welcome back to VRTN ! Our first article of 2020 was all about the momentum VR gained in the past year, and how that shift could lead to some interesting things soon. Well, it looks like Atari got the memo.

The Future of Retail is Virtual, with Macy’s Mohamed Rajani

XR for Business Podcast

The news this week that Macy’s would commence closing 125 stores across America might look bad for the long-running retailer, and for the future of in-person shopping in general. But Macy’s resident XR guru Mohamed Rajani came by our podcast a little while back to suggest that the future of retail exists in the virtual world. Alan: Welcome to the XR for Business Podcast with your host, Alan Smithson. Today's guest is Mohamed Rajani, responsible for VR and AR initiatives at Macy's.

Releases Recap: February 3 – 7


This week, we released several titles and updates across the Oculus Platform. Here’s a rundown of the highlights