Wed.Aug 29, 2018

Why we should care about ergonomics in virtual reality

The Ghost Howls

I always say that most of my readers know VR far better than me.

This Children's Hospital Uses HoloLens & Augmented Reality to Calm Young Patients During Medical Procedures

Next Reality AR

While numerous examples exist of hospitals deploying the HoloLens to assist doctors, surgeons, medical professionals, and students while treating patients, California's Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford is actually using the augmented reality headset to improve the patient's experience.

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Titan Arena Is A Massive VR Boss Battler From Ex-God of War Devs


Ever thought that Shadow of the Colossus would be really cool in VR? We certainly have , and it looks like two ex-God of War devs have too.

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VR Motion Simulator ‘Feel Three’ Hits Kickstarter, Fully Funded in Under 24 Hours

Road to VR

Feel Three, a 3DOF motion simulator for VR, went live on Kickstarter yesterday. And owing to its vision in providing a relatively cost-effective solution among a sea of expensive motion platforms, the company blasted past their £50,000 funding goal within only a day’s time.

Firewall Zero Hour Review: The Tactical VR Shooter We’ve Been Waiting For


I knew Firewall Zero Hour would be something special the very first time I got my hands on it almost a full year ago back at PSX 2017.

Official Beat Saber Arcade Machine Heading To Korea & China


VR’s most popular rhythm game is heading to VR arcades across Asia in the form of a next-gen arcade machine cabinet. It’s been one hell of a year for block-slashing VR rhythm game, Beat Saber.

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13 Big VR Games To Look Out For This Fall


Can you believe it’s nearly September already? It seems like it was only yesterday that we were looking ahead to 2018 and imagining all the great VR gaming we were going to be doing. Now most of it’s behind us. Fortunately, though, 2018 has saved the best for last.

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Even Magic Leap One's Sample Apps Deliver Augmented Reality Fun — Meet Abductor

Next Reality AR

Now that we've had a few days to recover from the VR geek versus augmented reality nerd battle between Oculus founder Palmer Luckey and Magic Leap founder Rony Abovitz, we can get back to taking a closer look at the Magic Leap One. This time, we take a very brief dip into the Abductor app.

Former ‘God of War’ Devs Launch Kickstarter for Colossal VR Shooter ‘Titan Arena’

Road to VR

Lightbound Studios, a company founded by two former God of War series developers, are aiming to bring something truly colossal to VR with their upcoming first-person shooter Titan Arena.

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Oculus & CHLA Bring VR Medical Training To Eleven New Facilities


The advanced VR simulation expands to new medical institutions as Oculus & CHLA continue their push towards experiential education.

Avegant Raises $12M Financing to Further Develop AR Display Tech

Road to VR

Fan-Made Wolfenstein 3D VR Version Is Out Now For Free


16 years ago now John Carmack and the team at id Software brought us a step further to achieving virtual reality with Wolfenstein 3D. From today, though, you can actually play the game inside VR itself. Earlier this month we reported that a Reddit user by the name of Brandalf-the-Green was working on bringing id’s beloved first-person shooter (FPS) even closer to a reality, complementing existing ports of Doom and Heretic in VR.

Acer Unveils New Business-friendly Windows VR Headset with Detachable Display

Road to VR

Acer today announced a new Windows “Mixed Reality” VR headset. Dubbed the Acer OJO 500 (pronounced ‘O-ho’), the new headset is packing a few features that seem to be making overtures to the enterprise sector.

VR Training Program Now Required At Children’s Hospital Los Angeles


Oculus is giving standalone VR headsets to 11 medical institutions as part of an expanding program investigating best practices for training medical professionals in virtual reality. A “pilot study” was launched last year at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles with training software made in Unity focused on “resuscitation procedures for childhood seizure and shock.” ” Built by Oculus blog post.

Firewall Zero Hour Review: Tactical Multiplayer Action Comes to PSVR

Road to VR

Firewall Zero Hour has landed on PSVR, and with it comes the platform’s first tactical multiplayer FPS. While the slow one-life-only pace might not suit everyone’s taste, it makes for undeniably tense and strategic gameplay that’s enhanced by the immersion of VR.

Firewall Zero Hour Giveaway Livestream: Playing Multiplayer With First Contact Devs!


For today’s livestream we’ve got something special. Not only are we giving away FOUR copies of Firewall Zero Hour for PSVR live on the stream, but we’re also playing Contracts PvP multiplayer live with the developers of the game at First Contact Entertainment. That’s right — we’re gonna try to beat the developers at their own game, literally.

Acer OJO 500 Windows Mixed Reality Headset coddles your face


Acer has a new Windows Mixed Reality Headset, the Acer OJO 500, for IFA 2018, and since AR and VR are more fun in a group, it’s focused on simpler sharing.

#690: Survey of Harassment in VR: Cultural Dynamics vs Tech Solutions

Voices of VR

On April 4th, Jessica Outlaw released a survey of 600 regular virtual reality users about harassment experiences in VR, which was funded by Pluto VR. Podcast Archive

QooCam 360 And 3D Camera Review


The invention of the panoramic camera has subverted the concept of the conventional camera with more immersive experience. Not only the electronic giants, such as Kodak and Ricoh, but also some newcomers, like insta360 and Xiaoyi, have stepped into this field and launched panoramic cameras. with 16K ultra HD, intelligent tracking, bullet timing, and global […]. Reviews