Fri.Jul 30, 2021

‘Rock Band’ Meets ‘DOOM’ In VR Drum Game ‘Drums Rock’


Battle demonic creatures by jamming out to a rock n’ roll soundtrack worthy of the gods in this hellish VR rhythm game. What happens when you mix the addictive drumming gameplay of Rock Band with the demon-killing action of DOOM ?

Gaming 358

‘Moss: Book II’ Will Be Bigger Than the Original, Introduce New Progression & Interactions

Road to VR

Moss: Book II , a direct sequel to the lauded original, was finally announced earlier this month. And it hopes to answer what was perhaps the original game’s biggest problem: it was too short!


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The Rise of Virtual Avatars: From Social Media to Business and Entertainment


Two decades ago, the music band Gorillaz was highly controversial for using only cartoons in their videos and stage appearances. Now, they are deemed pioneers in the field of virtual avatars. Source: Gorillaz Facebook page.

Social VR Platform ‘ENGAGE’ Generated Over $1.4M in Revenue in First Half of 2021

Road to VR

VR Education, the virtual reality software firm behind ENGAGE , has reported a significant uptick in revenue generated by the social VR platform so far this year, with revenue from Engage in 2021 nearly doubling over the same period last year.

How Digital Transformation will Bend the Curve of the Linear Economy Toward the Circular

Speaker: Bruce Armstrong Taylor, Co-Founder & Managing Director of SmartNations Foundation, Jimmy Jia, Venture Partner at Pi Labs, Fabienne Durand, Senior Advisor to the SmartNations Foundation, & Roger Strukhoff, Executive Director of the Tau Institute

The Carbon Zero, Circular Economy, is easily the most profoundly important result of digital transformation. Industry 4.0 has a massively cumulative impact on dematerialization (in all forms) and resultant decarbonization (both emissions and embodied) throughout the economy. Join panelists Bruce Armstrong Taylor, Jimmy Jia, Fabienne Durand, and their moderator Roger Strukhoff as they discuss how bending the carbon/GHG heavy linear economy to the circular is one of the hidden benefits of digital disruption.

What’s Behind Facebook’s Metaverse Play?

AR Insider

A s you’ve likely heard, Facebook advanced its already formidable spatial computing ambitions this week by launching a division to bring it closer to the metaverse. Operating under Facebook Reality Labs (FRL), it will federate several products under a common goal.

AR 131

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6 months in, the Galaxy S21 Ultra is on target to be 2021’s best Android phone

Digital Trends

Revisiting the Galaxy S21 Ultra six months into its life reveals Samsung may have already made the best Android phone of the year. Yes, it's still that good. Android Mobile Samsung Samsung Galaxy S21 samsung galaxy s21 ultra

VR Puzzler Arcsmith From Bithell Games Available Now On Oculus Quest

Upload VR

Arcsmith , the new VR puzzler from Thomas Was Alone developer Bithell Games, is now available on Oculus Quest. The game was announced a month ago, and will blend storytelling and puzzles together in a sci-fi setting.

Oculus 101

How to track your sleep with your iPhone

Digital Trends

Your iPhone and its Health app can help you get a good night's rest and establish healthy sleeping patterns. Here's how to track your sleep with your iPhone. Apple How-To Mobile Apple Health Apple Health App Apple iPhone bedtime iPhone sleep sleep tracking

How To 104

Drums Rock Brings Hellish Demon Drumming To Oculus Quest In Late 2021

Upload VR

Drums Rock combines VR drumming, heavy rock music and demon-destroying action on Oculus Quest in late 2021. As anyone with a VR headset will know, there’s no shortage of rhythm games available on the platform.

How to Train Employees 65% Faster With Virtual Reality

With a rapidly changing economy, Avangrid Renewables looked to virtual reality to develop a standardized form of immersive training in order to onboard and upskill technicians faster than ever before.

Why you shouldn’t roll the dice on a secondhand GPU

Digital Trends

Shopping on the secondhand market for a graphics card is dangerous, especially if you want your card to perform as well as it should. Computing News AMD cryptocurrency GPU shortage Nvidia


A Congressman Just Introduced Legislation for a Four-Day Workweek

GizModo VR

It turns out some Members of Congress despise the five-day workweek as much as the rest of us. This week, Rep.

The best QR code scanning apps for Android or iOS

Digital Trends

QR codes are links that can be scanned using various smartphone apps. You'll find the six best apps for scanning QR codes for Android and iOS listed here. Android Apple How-To Mobile iOS qr code QR code app QR codes

How To 100

Australian Court Rules That Yes, AI Can Be an Inventor

GizModo VR

In what can only be considered a triumph for all robot-kind, this week, a federal court has ruled that an artificially intelligent machine can, in fact, be an inventor—a decision that came after a year’s worth of legal battles across the globe. Read more.

AR/VR Simulations for Sustainable, Regenerative, Circular Cities

Speaker: Nik Gowing, Brenda Laurel, Sheridan Tatsuno, Archie Kasnet, and Bruce Armstrong Taylor

Join our amazing panelists, Nik Gowing, Founder at Thinking the Unthinkable and International Broadcaster; Brenda Laurel, PhD, Principal, Neogaian Interactive; Sheridan Tatsuno, Principal, Dreamscape Global; Archie Kasnet, CEO, Regenerative; and Bruce Armstrong Taylor, The Climate 4.0 Project, to discuss how today's AR/VR and related AI-enabled technologies can be effectively applied, using data from such sources as NASA and NOAA, to both improve and accelerate urban sustainability planning and design.

Apple iPad Mini 6: Everything you need to know

Digital Trends

There's a new miniature tablet on the horizon, and it may introduce a new design and an upgraded processor. Apple Mobile Apple iPad Mini 6 iPad

Apple 94

40 Burger King Locations Fined for Denying Workers Sick Leave During Pandemic

GizModo VR

Tri City Foods, the owner of dozens of Burger King restaurants in the Midwest, has been ordered to pay $458,931 in restitution to workers and $100,000 to the city of Chicago after the company denied employees paid sick leave during the covid-19 pandemic, according to a press release from Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot. Read more.

Intel rumored to launch its first discrete gaming GPU at CES 2022

Digital Trends

Intel's first attempt at a mainstream gaming graphics card, the Intel Xe-HPG DG2, is in the works. The GPU is likely to be released in 2022 during CES. Computing News CES 2022 graphics cards Intel intel graphics cards intel xe-hpg dg2

6 Surreal Images Showing Rare Snowfall in Tropical Brazil

GizModo VR

Snow has fallen in Brazil, an extremely rare event for the tropical country. Thanks to an intense cold snap, snow or freezing rain fell in at least 43 Brazilian cities on Wednesday and Thursday, according to weather service Climatempo. Read more.

Brazil 114

Jungle Cruise review: Disney’s river adventure makes it easy to get swept away

Digital Trends

Dwayne Johnson, Emily Blunt, and Jack Whitehall make Disney's theme-park-inspired Jungle Cruise movie feel fresh, fun, and exciting in all the right ways. Movies & TV Jungle Cruise Movie Reviews


The U.S.’s First-Ever Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Ban Is Even More Important Than It Seems

GizModo VR

A refinery community in Washington passed a ban on constructing new fossil fuel infrastructure, becoming the first county in the U.S. to enact such a policy. It’s a policy exactly in line with what science has shown is necessary to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. Read more.

How to watch the 2020 Tokyo Olympics track & field finals

Digital Trends

Can't wait to watch the final races, hurdles, vaults, and shots for the Tokyo Games track and field events? We have all the places to watch and what works best! Home Theater How-To Movies & TV Olympics summer games Tokyo games track and field track and field

Texas Governor Bans Mask Mandates as Republicans Embrace Death and Disease

GizModo VR

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed an executive order Thursday night that bans local mask mandates used to fight the covid-19 pandemic, which has gotten worse in recent days thanks to the highly infectious delta variant of the virus.

Texas 108

Best Buy is practically giving away the Surface Pro 7 today

Digital Trends

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7, a 2-in-1 device that can function either as a tablet or as a laptop with its Type Cover, is available from Best Buy at $230 off. Computing Deals Mobile Best Buy 2021 computing deals Microsoft Surface Pro 7 mobile deals Surface Pro Deals

Underground 'Lakes' on Mars May Just Be Big Globs of Clay

GizModo VR

Recent hubbub about subsurface lakes detected on Mars has a new twist, as new research argues that the underground structures aren’t lakes at all.

Study 107

The Artful Escape is a psychedelic, cosmic rock opera

Digital Trends

We saw a half an hour of The Artful Escape in action, and it's a trippy rock-and-roll adventure. Gaming Annapurna Interactive The Artful Escape

Black Widow Lawsuit Escalates as Scarlett Johansson's Team Fires Back at Disney

GizModo VR

Like a battle in a Marvel movie, Disney and Scarlett Johansson continue to exchange punches. Read more.

This MASSIVE 4K TV just got an insane discount at Walmart

Digital Trends

Upgrade your living room's TV with Walmart's $102 discount for this 70-inch TCL 4K TV with Google Assistant for a massive screen that will only cost you $598. Deals Home Theater 4K TV deals 4K TVs Home Theater Deals TCL 70S430 walmart 2021

Top 5 Places to Try to Escape Societal Collapse

GizModo VR

Everybody needs a plan to survive the zombie apocalypse, climate apocalypse, financial apocalypse, or all of the above.

Don’t skip this Dell XPS deal if you’re looking for a back-to-school laptop

Digital Trends

The Dell XPS 13, a laptop with the 11th-generation Intel Core i5 processor, may be the best option for a back-to-school companion with Dell's $150 discount. Computing Deals computing deals Dell 2021 Dell XPS 13 Dell XPS Deals