Tue.Apr 06, 2021

Apple CEO Tim Cook: AR Is “Critically Important” For The Company’s Future


Augmented reality will forever change the way we communicate says the Apple CEO. According to a recent report by Apple research expert Ming-Chi Kuo , Apple will be launching a mixed reality headset later this year, followed by a dedicated AR headset in 2025 and AR contact lenses in 2030.

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New Apple Patents Cover “Micro-gesture” XR Input, Head-worn Haptics to Guide User Attention

Road to VR

A newly published patent application from Apple highlights the company’s internal exploration of “micro-gestures” for AR input, which involves using the thumb against the index finger as a sort of virtual joystick or selector.

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VR Dungeon Crawler ‘Demeo’ Arrives Next Month On Major Headsets


Team up with friends to explore haunted catacombs in Resolution Games’ upcoming turn-based fantasy roguelike. Developer Resolution Games ( Blaston, Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale, Angry Birds VR ) today announced the official release date for its upcoming VR fantasy roguelike game Demeo.

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‘The Unity Cube’ is the Worst Quest Game on Oculus App Lab—on Purpose

Road to VR

The Unity Cube is an experiment from developer Tony “SkarredGhost” Vitillo to test the limits of what Oculus will allow into the App Lab program. Vitillo submitted a fully functional application which simply presents the user with a cube in a blank environment—and Oculus accepted it.

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You Can See to the Other Side of the World with Google's Latest Web-Based AR Experiment

Next Reality AR

Have you ever wondered where you'd come out if you drilled to the other side of the world? Now, if you have an Android device and Chrome web browser, you can find out.

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This ‘Valheim’ Mod Lets You Play in VR, Motion Controller Support in the Works

Road to VR

Valheim , the Viking-themed survival game in early access on PC, doesn’t feature official support for VR headsets. Shortly after its release in early February though, modders got started on letting VR users take their first steps into the game’s impressively large fantasy world.

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Cas & Chary Present – Hands-on with the SenseGlove Nova Force-feedback VR Gloves

Road to VR

SenseGlove, a Dutch-based producer of VR haptic gloves, has revealed an early prototype of their second glove, the SenseGlove Nova. We recently visited the company to see how it works and feels. Cas & Chary Present.

Augmented Reality in Social Media: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly


Augmented reality has been thriving on social media in the past few years. From Snapchat and Instagram to Facebook, social media platforms have been using it to create all kinds of filters and experiences for their users. However, AR is no longer just for fun and games.

‘RUNNER’ Brings Breakneck Speeds & ’80s-style Arcade Shooting Action, Trailer Here

Road to VR

RUNNER is an upcoming arcade-style racing game that tasks you with running and gunning in a high-speed, ’80s nostalgia-soaked adventure.

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Facebook Canceled Oculus Rift 2 Just Before Production – Palmer Luckey

Upload VR

An official Oculus Rift 2 headset was cancelled shortly before it went into production, says Oculus founder and Rift inventor, Palmer Luckey. Luckey claimed as much in a tweet yesterday , responding to UploadVR’s report that Facebook would not be replenishing stock for the Oculus Rift S.

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Intel 3rd Gen Xeon Scalable (Ice Lake SP) Review: Generationally Big, Competitively Small

Anand Tech

The launch of Intel’s Ice Lake Xeon Scalable processors has been in the wings for a number of years.

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Tabletop VR RPG Demeo Hits Quest, PC VR In May

Upload VR

Resolution Games’ tabletop VR role-playing game, Demeo, is coming to headsets in the very near future. The game hits Oculus Quest and PC VR headsets on May 6th for $29.99. A Coming Soon listing on the Oculus Store just went live, too.

Hands On With FitXR Official Accessories, plus Exclusive Wrist Weights Discount Offer

VR Fitness

Last month FitXR announced the launch of their first official branded merchandise and accessories, designed to complement and enhance your FitXR boxercise and dance workouts.

Population: One Is Opening The Tower This Week

Upload VR

What lies at the heart of the monolithic tower in the center of Population: One ‘s map? We’ll find out later this week. An upcoming in-game event for BigBox’s popular battle royale shooter will see ‘The Tower’ open and reveal its secrets.

A New Phishing Campaign Sends Malware-Laced Job Offers Through LinkedIn

GizModo VR

With unemployment at formidable levels and the economy doing weird, covid-related reversals, I think we can all agree that the job hunt is a pretty hard slog right now. Amidst all that, you know what workers really don’t need? A LinkedIn inbox full of malware. Yeah, they don’t need that at all.


Huge Humble VR Sale Sees Batman, Gorn, Blaston Go For Dirt Cheap

Upload VR

Tons of great PC VR content is going for cheap in the latest Humble VR sale. Highlights from the selection — which is featured for the rest of this week — include an incredible $4.99 for Batman: Arkham VR.

Hundreds of Glacial Rivers Are Pouring Into the Belly of Greenland’s Ice

GizModo VR

We use the cliched term “glacial pace” to describe something that moves really slowly. But new research shows that Greenland’s glaciers may actually be moving more rapidly than we thought thanks to rushing rivers on their surface. Read more.


How Metroid, Mimes & Memories Influenced Maskmaker

Upload VR

For a game with such philosophical aspirations, Maskmaker’s inspirations are surprisingly literal. For starters, one can feel the steady guiding hand of the Metroidvania genre in the game’s branching paths and come-back-later road bumps.

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Report: Clearview AI's Facial Recognition Has Been Used by Over 1,800 Public Agencies

GizModo VR

A new series of reports from BuzzFeed News shows the wide net cast by shadowy surveillance firm Clearview AI.

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GIGABYTE Server: Three New E-ATX Motherboards For Intel Ice Lake-SP Xeons

Anand Tech

Hot on the heels of Intel's latest Ice Lake-SP 3rd Generation Xeon Scalable processor launch, GIGABYTE Server has listed three new motherboards designed for server use.

Will.i.am Is Back With a Stupid Face Mask

GizModo VR

Overpriced connected face masks are a thing now —a side effect of the pandemic. The latest person to hop on the smart mask train is Will.i.am, the Black Eyed Peas rapper with a penchant for developing tech that falls flat on its face. Read more.

10 things you didn’t know your iPad could do

Digital Trends

The iPad is getting more productive, meaning that there are dozens of tricks that you could learn. Here are 10 things you didn't know your iPad could do. Apple Mobile iPad iPad Pro

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Signal Is Adding a New Privacy-Focused Payments Feature

GizModo VR

Most of us might be familiar with Signal as the privacy-preserving messaging app of choice, but the company is expanding into a new frontier: payments. Read more.

Power plants on other planets: How we’ll generate electricity on Mars

Digital Trends

The first Mars explorers will need electricity to survive -- but how do you generate power on a dusty planet where solar energy is in short supply? Features life on mars life on mars series Mars


Japan's Central Bank Launches One-Year Test of Digital Currency

GizModo VR

Japan’s central bank has started trials of a new digital currency in an effort to experiment with how it might be used, the Bank of Japan announced on Monday. The announcement comes after the Chinese government revealed it was doing something very similar with a digital yuan in early March.

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Privacy Harms: A Taxonomy to Understand Privacy Violations

The Extended Mind

Written by Sara Lucille Carbonneau Content Warning: This article discusses the potential harms of data privacy violations, including physical harms that could come to users such as assault or murder.

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A Proposed Plastics Plant Will Test Joe Biden’s Commitment to Environmental Justice

GizModo VR

Myrtle Felton has lived in St. James Parish her whole life, but it looks nothing like it did when she was young. Read more.

How to check if hackers are sharing your Facebook data

Mashable VR

At this point, there's a good chance your Facebook data has been hacked , sold , leaked , or generally misused by third parties. Now, at least in the case of the latest troubling Facebook-related incident which made the news over the weekend, there's a way to know for sure.

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Clubhouse Reportedly Thinks It's Worth $4 Billion Now

GizModo VR

Clubhouse, which led a round of investment in January at a reported valuation of around $1 billion , now believes it is worth four times that, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday. Read more.

'Jeopardy!' guest host Aaron Rodgers gets trolled brilliantly by contestant

Mashable VR

Welcome to the big time, Aaron Rodgers. Sure, the Green Bay Packers quarterback has won a Super Bowl, but hosting Jeopardy! — that's a whole different ballgame. Case in point: Rodgers was brilliantly trolled by a contestant during the QB's debut show, which aired on Monday night.

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Godzilla vs. Kong's Humans Ranked (By Usefulness)

GizModo VR

A movie like Godzilla vs. Kong isn’t about humans, it’s about giant monsters fighting each other—and yet, Godzilla vs. Kong is jam-packed with non-kaiju characters.