Thu.Jul 11, 2019

Bigscreen TV Launches With 50+ Channels Of Video Content


Cable just got a modern makeover. First introduced to American homes during the 1940s, television has since become a staple of American life.

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Bigscreen TV Adds Over 50 Free Live Channels To Social VR Platform


Social VR platform Bigscreen is first and foremost a destination where users can share their desktop screens with friends. Bigscreen TV, however, takes the service in a new direction. Released today, Bigscreen TV allows up to eight VR users to watch over 50 live channels together.

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Dan Carlin’s War Remains VR Experience Puts You In The Trenches Of WWI


Podcast legend Dan Carlin immerses you in one of the most brutal battlefields in history.

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Defector Review: An Exciting VR Spy Thriller Built Around Replayability


Defector, the VR spy thriller from Twisted Pixel and Oculus Studios is finally here, but does it deliver on the promise of being like Mission Impossible in VR? Find out in our Defector review. The best way I could describe Defector would be to call it like an exercise in bare bones wish fulfillment.

Google Teams with New York Times to Deliver 'Stranger Things' Augmented Reality Easter Egg in Newspapers

Next Reality AR

The promotions around last week's release of Stranger Things 3 have been numerous, with Netflix at one point even taking over an entire baseball field via augmented reality.

Sword-Swinging VR Adventure Until You Fall Gets Early Access Release Date


Schell Games’ sword-swinging VR adventure, Until You Fall , arrives in Early Access very soon. The latest game from the makers of I Expect You To Die hits Steam Early Access on August 27. We still only have the briefest of teasers for the game, which you can see below.

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Microsoft Is Shutting Down Its 3D Asset Platform, Remix 3D


Microsoft is getting rid of its answer to Sketchfab and Google Poly early next year. Remix 3D , the company’s online hub for storing 3D assets, will be ‘retiring’ on January 10, 2020. A message at the top of the site’s page confirms as much.

‘Defector’ Review – Action Movie Thrills Wrapped in a Standard Arcade Shooter

Road to VR

When I heard about Defector at OC5, I was excited to see what essentially amounted to Mission Impossible coming to VR—the laughably improbable, overblown action movie that makes you feel like a true badass.

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Gun Club VR Is Coming To Oculus Quest ‘Soon’


Trigger-happy VR fans rejoice; Gun Club VR is coming to Oculus Quest soon. The news was confirmed by developer The Binary Mill on Twitter this week. The studio shared the below artwork, adding that launch details would be coming later this week. It’s already Thursday, so expect that news very soon indeed. Given how closely Quest games are announced next to their launch dates, we wouldn’t expect to be waiting too long. SOON … Launch details later this week!

Feed Gorillas with Krikey AR App and Donate to a Good Cause


Krikey is an iOS and Android AR app with a number of fun mobile games on it. One of the games, Gorillas! has users scan the world around them to make a baby gorilla appear.

Defector Launch Livestream: Mission Impossible VR Style Action


Curious about how we livestream the way we do? Then look no further than this handy guide for general tips and this guide specific to our Oculus Quest setup. We’re back again with another livestream planned for 7/11/19 @9:00AM PT on the UploadVR Twitch.

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Access 50+ Channels of Content With Bigscreen TV

Peter Graham

Bigscreen Beta has been adding a bunch of updates over the last few months, expanding the app from its original PC screen mirroring solution to a one-stop-shop for social virtual reality (VR) interaction and content consumption.

AR storytelling - John Morrison & The Verbatim Formula


AR is being leveraged to highlight hidden voices and create a new frontier in interactive storytelling. Using ZapWorks Studio - our complete AR creative toolkit - creators are merging audio testimony and 3D models to create immersive experiences that inspire learning and new digital spaces for dialogue and understanding

Review: Defector

Peter Graham

There’s a reason spy films like the James Bond and Bourne franchises do so well, mixing ridiculous plotlines with amazing effects which provide a thrill ride for the audience.

#BuildYourNorthStar Workshop Brings AR to Life in 48 Hours


Building the world’s most advanced augmented reality headset isn’t exactly for beginners. But at the world’s first #BuildYourNorthStar workshop, over 20 participants built their own open-source Project North Star headsets in just 48 hours – using components now available to everyone.

Touring Karts – VR Edition Races Towards Q4 2019 Launch

Peter Graham

Ivanovich Games, the studio behind virtual reality (VR) title like Operation Warcade and Final Soccer VR (formerly Final Goalie: Football Simulator ) has announced its latest project.

Push the Limits of Reality and Reason in Action-Adventure Spy Thriller ‘Defector,’ Available Now on the Rift Platform


From its announcement just over a year ago to some tantalizing teases on the official Discord channel, over-the-top spy thriller Defector has been turning heads—even


Schell Games’ Until You Fall Hitting Steam Early Access in August

Peter Graham

Ever since Schell Games first announced its next project , the magic-infused sword-fighting title Until You Fall, the studio has been careful to not release too much information. That’s starting to change and in just over a month’s time, you’ll know a lot more as Until You Die as it’ll be arriving on Steam Early Access.

Some of Valve’s Experiments are Going Public via Steam Labs

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For the most part, Valve tends to be very, very secretive when it comes to developing projects. The company does seem to be warming to the idea of being a little more open about what it is working on, such a the development of the Knuckles (now called Valve Index ) controllers. Today, that trend continues with the launch of Steam Labs , a place where Steam users can see and test experimental features.