Sat.Apr 20, 2019

Flooding An Office In Mixed Reality Looks Pretty Terrifying


Using the Vive Focus Plus to alter real-world environments. Imagine your standing in your bedroom, office, or any other comfortable interior of your choosing.

Sony Promising PS5 Support For PSVR Gives VR A Clear Future


Contrary to conventional wisdom, the best-selling consumer electronics products aren’t necessarily a company’s latest or highest-end products; mass-market customers often gravitate instead towards affordable models with good enough performance. That’s the reason game console makers keep last-generation models around after launching superior sequels: as long as there’s a promise of at least token continued support, “old” hardware is still viable.

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VR in Today’s Market: What’s A Console Anyway?

VR Tech News

2016 was poised to be the big year for VR. The release of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive was supposed to bring VR to the masses and bring humanity one step closer to living all of out our Ready Player One fantasies. But 2016 came and went and VR was declared dead by many.

Next-Generation Video Compression Enables 360 VR Streams Over 5G Networks


Known worldwide for its contributions to the MPEG format — the compression technology used in MP3 audio files and MP4 videos — Germany’s Fraunhofer has recently turned its attention to the next frontier in media: virtual reality. After unveiling affordable VR headset microdisplay hardware last year, the company is now showing off next-generation video compression software using the new MPEG-OMAF standard, the first VR specification enabling 360-degree videos to stream over 5G networks.

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Google Stadia: The Future of VR Streaming or the End of Owning Anything?

VR Tech News

At the 2019 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, California, Google made an announcement that intrigued some and confused others.

Why I’m Excited for Oculus Quest

VR Tech News

Rumor has it that at this year’s Facebook Developer Conference will see the release of the newest VR headset from Oculus, the Oculus Quest and I could not be more excited.

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