Sun.Jan 10, 2021

Education’s Next Big Leap: Immersive VR Education For Better Learning


Immersive education presents a safer, more effective alternative to conventional learning. Training and education barriers exist at all levels of education—from primary to post-secondary students and on through these student’s careers into Enterprise and business training programs.

Lenovo announces lightweight ThinkReality A3 smart glasses at CES 2021

Hypergrid Business

(Image courtesy Lenovo.). Electronics giant Lenovo introduced a new set of augmented reality glasses this morning at the Consumer Electronics Show , held virtually this year.

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Doom 3 Runs On Oculus Quest And Quest 2 With Doom3Quest

Upload VR

Simon Brown and his enthusiastic partners at Team Beef have done what Facebook, Oculus and Zenimax-owned Id Software could not. Doom 3 now runs on Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2. The landmark shooter made by Id — originally released in 2004 — arrives in standalone VR in 2021.

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Samsung’s Digital Cockpit concept tech can turn smart cars into mobile offices

Digital Trends

Samsung has announced a concept tech that imagines turning cars of the future into mobile offices and entertainment centers. Cars News ces 2021 ces 2021 innovation ces 2021 must see Samsung

Oculus Quest Survival Game Snow Drift Still In Development, Possibly Coming In 2021

Upload VR

Snow Drift, one of Oculus Quest’s most mysterious games may see the light of day this year. We’ve only caught a fleeting glimpse of Snow Drift in the past two years.

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Petpuls A.I.-powered smart collar claims to distinguish your dog’s emotions

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Petpuls is an A.I.-powered powered collar that tells you what your dog's bark means. News Smart Home Wearables ces 2021 ces 2021 product pet tracker smart home

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The Instagram Insurrection

GizModo VR

The first inkling I had that something was very wrong on Wednesday was when my wife said, “Oh s**t, is this real?” as we were en route to Trader Joe’s after spending a few hours on the cold, sun-drenched beaches of Long Island for a winter walk on our last day of a vacation.


Killing Zero Latency VR's zombies is even more fun with family


Read more. More about Virtual Reality , Zero Latency , Entertainment , and Gaming. Virtual Reality Zero Latency Entertainment Gaming

You Can Now Stalk Yourself With Google Maps' 2020 Timeline Update

GizModo VR

It’s no secret that Google , as well as other big tech companies, know a lot about you. Probably a lot more than you think they do. And while in general that’s really creepy, sometimes it can briefly produce cool results, before going back to being creepy.

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Lenovo’s ThinkReality AR glasses can project virtual desktops into your eyes

Digital Trends

Lenovo has announced the ThinkReality A3 smart glasses, which can project up to five virtual screens in your vision for the ultimate multi-monitor setup.

Spain’s Worst Snowstorm in Decades Collapses Parts of the Country

GizModo VR

Snow has the bad habit of completely collapsing regions that aren’t used to experiencing it. In this case, Storm Filomena slammed into Spain and blanketed many of its regions, including its capital, with more snow than they had seen in decades. Read more. extreme weather madrid spain snow filomena

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Super magnetic neutron star spins faster than any discovered before

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To date, only 30 magnetars have been discovered, but recently a 31st was identified -- and it turns out to be even more unusual than its brethren. News breaking twitter chandra magnetar space


Watch the Stars of Batwoman Season 2 Describe the New Season in One Word

GizModo VR

The second season of Batwoman will represent a soft reboot for the series, a beginning of a rebuilding effort after the first star, Ruby Rose, left the show. With Javicia Leslie as the new Batwoman , the show is geared up to begin anew. But what’s it going to be like? Read more.

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CES 2021: HP Elite Dragonfly Lightweight Laptops

Anand Tech

Today at CES, HP is announcing some updates to their Elite Dragonfly series, which are targeted at business users who need portability.

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Newborn Megalodons Were Larger Than Adult Humans and Probably Ate Their Siblings

GizModo VR

Picture this: It’s about 20 million years ago, and you’re inside the giant womb of an extremely pregnant Otodus megalodon. Everything’s hunky-dory—some baby sharks have already hatched, and others are on the way.


How to watch the conjunction of Jupiter, Mercury, and Saturn tonight

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Something special is happening in the sky tonight: The planets Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn will all appear near to each other in a rare triple conjunction. News astronomy breaking twitter solar system space

This Video Explains the Story Behind Every Lightsaber Luke Skywalker Ever Wielded

GizModo VR

In the movies, Luke Skywalker has only ever had the two lightsabers. In other canon materials, it’s a bit more complicated. Star Wars Explained can, uh, explain. Read more. star wars luke skywalker lightsabers mark hamill disney lucasfilm

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Will robot vacuums make the leap into disinfecting at CES 2021?

Digital Trends

Robot vacuums will no doubt be seen at CES 2021, but the biggest opportunity for them now is the ability to disinfect surfaces. Will we finally see it? Smart Home ces 2021 ces 2021 pre show Robot mopper robot vacuum robot vacuums


New Report Suggests Hyundai’s Big Mouth Did Not Kill Potential Partnership With Apple—Yet

GizModo VR

Earlier this week, we theorized that Hyundai’s big mouth could get it kicked out of the running of working on a self-driving car with Apple, given that the latter deplores leaks. Days later, though, it appears the Korean automaker has not burned all bridges—yet. Read more.

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CES 2021: HP ENVY 14 Refreshed

Anand Tech

One of the best value laptops in HP’s lineup is their ENVY series. Featuring premium materials, the ENVY lineup brings a lot of the best of HP, without the higher price tag of some of their higher end lineups such as the Spectre series.

How to buy Bitcoin

Digital Trends

In this guide, we teach you how to buy Bitcoin for the first time, from finding the right wallets and exchanges to spending Bitcoin in a smart, efficient way. Computing Emerging Tech How-To Mobile Bitcoin Coinbase Coinbase Pro cryptocurrency Tier 4

Nickelodeon's adorable NFL team-up brings some much-needed delight to Twitter

Mashable VR

Are you ready for some football. fellow kids? First teased weeks ago, the Jan. 10 NFL Wild Card game — which is a showdown between the Chicago Bears and the New Orleans Saints — is getting a special broadcast on Nickelodeon.

Bob Saget talks tech and connectivity at CES 2021

Digital Trends

Legendary comedian Bob Saget joins us to talk about how he’s used his podcast to engage with people over this past year, and how to handle this “new normal.”. News bob saget ces 2021

Confused users in search of Parler push the app 'Parlor' to top of app store charts

Mashable VR

Online spaces in which one can freely talk of overthrowing the government in the name of Q and white supremacy are getting harder to come by. One older, random app is now reaping the benefits.

NASA wants to use small satellites to unlock the secrets of the universe

Digital Trends

NASA could soon be launching four new small-scale projects which aim to unpick the mysteries of the cosmos on a relatively tiny budget. News breaking twitter NASA small sats space


What is Signal? The basics of the most secure messaging app.

Mashable VR

Existing Signal users might be getting more notifications than usual. “Jack is on Signal,” “Cathy is on Signal,” “Miriam is on Signal,” all pings showing phone contacts who are joining the secure messaging app.

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Tesla sudden accelerations caused by driver error, NHTSA concludes

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Tesla vehicles do not have a design flaw that can cause sudden unintended acceleration, according to the results of a yearlong investigation by the NHTSA. Cars News electric cars Evs road safety Tesla


This dog's cherished apple is the chill moment you need to cap off a rough week

Mashable VR

We may be only 10 days into 2021, but it's been an exhausting week-plus. So please, let Sam the dog bring you a bit of cheer on this quiet Sunday in January. Sam is a 5-year-old golden retriever who really likes apples. Or maybe just this one apple. Whichever it is, he is not letting go.

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The HP Envy 14 Sports a Taller Display and Webcam Shutter to Better Balance Work and Play

GizModo VR

As the line between home and work continues to blur, HP has revamped its mainstream Envy 14 laptop with a fresh new design, which includes a taller display, a physical webcam shutter, and faster components to better balance play and productivity. Read more.


A guide to the best menstrual underwear

Mashable VR

In 2015, the feminine hygiene company Thinx first brought period underwear to the collective consciousness with a viral subway ad campaign that was very nearly rejected for using the word “period” along with images of grapefruit and raw eggs.


HP’s the Elite Wireless Earbuds are made for remote work collaboration

Digital Trends

At CES 2021, HP has announced its first attempt at wireless earbuds, the Elite Wireless Earbuds. These are designed specifically for remote work collaboration. Computing News ces 2021 ces 2021 audience choice ces 2021 product HP wireless earbuds