Sat.Aug 25, 2018

AR Wine Labels Pay Tribute To Female Pioneers


EmBRAZEN brand wines celebrates women’s history with augmented labels highlighting three incredible female figures. Since its initial launch, Tactic’s Living Wine Labels app has received over 1.2 million downloads, providing augmented wine bottle labels to five high-profile brands.

Hands-on: Cybershoes Aim to Deliver a VR Treadmill Experience at Lower Cost & Space

Road to VR

VR treadmills are usually pretty bulky, expensive, and have a questionable utility outside of the initial wow moment of seeing one in action. Vienna-based Cybershoes however are aiming to get your feet into the game with a pretty simple concept that is less silly than it appears on first blush.

The DeanBeat: Yep, I’m Still Playing Pokémon Go


I’m one of those people who is still playing Pokémon Go , the location-based mobile game that set the world on fire in July 2016. If you ask me why, I’ll have to say that I really don’t know why. It’s not because it has addictive gameplay. Sometimes we play games for a long time, and it isn’t easy to explain why. We’re always a little sheepish when someone asks how many hours we’ve put into it. I don’t know why, but I’ve walked hundreds of kilometers with Pokémon Go over the past two years.