Fri.Jan 15, 2021

Facebook Announces Multi-User Support And App Sharing For The Oculus Quest


You and up to three friends can now share a single Quest headset. Oculus Quest and Quest 2 owners are finally getting several features they’ve been asking for since launch: support for multiple accounts and app sharing.

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Analysis: Monthly-connected VR Headsets on Steam Pass 2 Million Milestone

Road to VR

2020 was a big year for VR on Steam with the release of new headsets, Valve’s flagship VR title Half-Life: Alyx , and the Coronavirus pandemic which drove large increases in gaming.

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AR Snapshots: Anime Makeovers, Mandalorian Helmets, Twerking Muppets, & More on Snapchat

Next Reality AR

In the three years since Snapchat launched Lens Studio, developers and artists have created more than 1.5 million AR camera effects with the desktop tool.

Rokid Reveals Vision 2 AR Headset with Waveguide Optics

Road to VR

AR startup Rokid today unveiled a new AR headset called Rokid Vision 2, which incorporates waveguide optics into an impressively slim package. To achieve its glasses-like form factor, Rokid Vision 2 doesn’t include onboard computing or power.

XR Talks: What is Aggregation Theory?

AR Insider

W hat is aggregation theory? And what does it have to do with spatial computing, such as AR and VR? That’s the topic of this week’s XR Talks (video below). Deviating from our common XR-centric talks, this is a concept that applies across business and tech spheres… including XR.

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Wave Deprecates VR App to Focus on Broader Distribution of Its Virtual Performances

Road to VR

Wave, the virtual venue & virtual event production company formerly known as TheWaveVR, has moved away from virtual reality over the last two years in favor of distributing its virtual performances to a broader audience through non-immersive media channels.

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Viveport Sweetens the Pot for Developers This Year with Increased Revenue Split

Road to VR

To thank developers, and further attract more games to its PC VR app store Viveport , HTC is temporarily bumping up its developer revenue share for the full year.

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CES 2021 VR: 5 Cool Announcements You May Have Missed

Upload VR

Where were all the CES 2021 VR announcements? Traditionally the start of the year kicks off in flustered fashion for the tech industry as the world forgets festivities and flocks to Las Vegas for the annual Consumer Electronics Show.

Lenovo and ThinkReality Announce New Products, AR Glasses, at CES


The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has long been an opportunity for the tech world to gather and see the launch of new products.

Population: One Boot Camp Provides Opportunity for Training and Positive Community Interaction

VR Fitness

VR communities have a tradition of welcoming new players and offering training opportunities. Players in Population: One continue this tradition with the first official Population: One Boot Camp and Community Day on Saturday, January 23.

Leaked Parler Data Points to Users at Police Stations, U.S. Military Bases

GizModo VR

Location data gleaned from thousands of videos posted on the social network Parler and extracted in the days before Amazon restricted access to app this week, reveal its users included police officers around the U.S. and service members stationed on bases at home and abroad. Read more.

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This Week’s VR Game Roundup: Brain Beats, Piñata Bowling, and More

VR Fitness

During our second VR Game Roundup of 2021, we saw Holodia’s Holofit come to the Oculus Quest, Battle Arena VR arrive on the Oculus Store, and a game about eating sushi that tests your reflexes. This week is a bit slower than last, but there are still a few interesting titles.

Facebook Bans Creation of New Events Near Federal and State Houses Leading Up to Inauguration

GizModo VR

To head off a potential encore of last week’s violent insurrection, Facebook is blocking users from creating new Facebook events in the vicinity of the White House, the U.S. Capitol building, and any state capitol buildings through President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration on Jan.


Happy Run is a New Running Rhythm Game Available Now on SideQuest

VR Fitness

While most VR games and applications that have come out over the years are self-contained experiences, some are designed to be used in tandem with other workout equipment that one might own.

This Was WhatsApp's Plan All Along

GizModo VR

Even if you aren’t the type of person who peruses WhatsApp on a regular basis, chances are you’ve tried perusing its new privacy policy. Read more. signal protocol whatsapp facebook cross platform software

Best VR Games Of All-Time: 25 Titles To Play Now

Upload VR

Looking for a list of the all-time best VR games? We’ve got you covered with our full list. For the past few years at Upload, we’ve kept separate, regularly updated lists of the best VR games on individual platforms, including Quest, Rift, SteamVR and PSVR.

Iranian Spying Campaign Sent Holiday Greetings Riddled with Malware

GizModo VR

What did you ask for over the holidays? Surely not an infestation of foreign spies in your phone or laptop, but that’s the present you would’ve received had you been foolish enough to click on some very dodgy texts and emails swirling around the internet late last year. Read more


Indie hit Oxenfree’s legacy continues with an upcoming TV series

Digital Trends

The founders of Night School Studios talk about the game on its fifth anniversary, and how plans for a movie have turned into plans for a potential TV series. Features Gaming afterparty indie games night school studios Oxenfree Skybound

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FAA Authorizes First Commercial Smart Drone Flights

GizModo VR

The Federal Aviation Administration greenlit American Robotics this week to become the first company to operate smart drones without needing on-site pilots or spotters, the company announced Friday. Read more


This Week In XR: Virtual CES

Charlie Fink

Virtual CES wasn't anything like the real thing, but there is still plenty to talk about. Consumer Tech /consumer-tech Innovation /innovation Consumer Tech /consumer-tech Enterprise Tech /enterprise-tech technology

Amazon Warehouse Employees in Alabama Will Vote to Unionize

GizModo VR

Amazon workers might make a breakthrough at a company that’s done everything it can to trample organized labor.

Top 10 Best VR Games EVER!

Upload VR

VR Videos

Covid-19 Vaccine Stockpile Already Empty When States Were Promised New Shipments

GizModo VR

A plan meant to speed up the delivery of covid-19 vaccines to the American public is already facing trouble.

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Walkabout Mini Golf VR Multiplayer Livestream: Chilling and Chatting

Upload VR

For today’s livestream we’re playing Walkabout Mini Golf VR on Oculus Quest; I’ll be joined by Ian Hamilton! If you’re curious about how we livestream the way we do then look no further than this handy guide for general tips and this guide specific to our Oculus Quest setup.

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Apple Reportedly Planning to Redesign the iMac at Long Last

GizModo VR

The Apple rumor mill sure is churning fast and furious today. Read more

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5 smart home tech trends we saw at CES 2021

Digital Trends

CES 2021 saw a number of emerging trends in the smart home industry, such as improved security and an increased focus on health-based technology. Features Smart Home ces 2021 smart home

The Best Gadgets of CES 2021, and the Weirdest Ones Too

GizModo VR

The weirdest CES ever staged is now over. But no one will be striking booths in Las Vegas or hustling out of $1,000 a night hotel rooms today with all the cool gadgets they’ve shown off all week. That’s because there wasn’t that much new tech shown off.

The Arctic Cooling Liquid Freezer II 240 & 420 AIO Coolers Review: Big and Effective

Anand Tech

Today we are taking a look at a couple of Arctic Cooling’s Liquid Freezer II all-in-one CPU coolers: the Liquid Freezer II 240, and the Liquid Freezer II 420.

Drowned Out by Noise, These Horny Frogs Wave Their Arms and Legs to Get Noticed

GizModo VR

A species of Ecuadorian glass frog combines high-frequency croaking and a striking visual display to attract mates, in what is a fascinating adaptation to a noisy environment. Read more.


The best cloud storage services for 2021

Digital Trends

Protecting your files with cloud storage is a great way to keep your data safe. Here are the best providers. Computing Mobile Best of carbonite Dropbox Google Drive onedrive Tier 4

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Firefly Is Still Great, But It's Not Quite What I Remembered

GizModo VR

About 15 years had passed since I last spent time aboard the Serenity with Mal, Zoe , Wash, and the gang. But with plenty of free evenings during a global pandemic, I decided it was time to take another journey into the Verse and bring my adoring wife along for the ride.