Wed.Dec 02, 2020

Google Poly Is Shutting Down


Google has instructed users to download their personal libraries before June 30, 2021. VR content creators woke up today with a shocking email from Google stating that the company would be shutting down their 3D model sharing platform Google Poly.

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New ‘Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond’ Trailer Shows a Full Slate of Multiplayer Game Modes

Road to VR

We’ve known Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond would include a multiplayer component, but with just a little over a week left before its December 11th launch, it wasn’t clear if developer Respawn Entertainment would offer much detail ahead of time.

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Looking Glass Portrait Is Your Own Personal Holographic Display


An affordable tabletop 3D display designed for people and characters. Holographic light field display experts Looking Glass Factory today unveiled the Looking Glass Portrait, the companies first “portrait-orientated” 3D display designed specifically for people and characters.

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Facebook to Shutter ‘MARVEL Powers United VR’ & Other First-party Titles, Refunds Now Available

Road to VR

MARVEL Powers United VR (2018) and other Oculus Rift exclusives developed by Sanzaru Games are officially going offline next March.

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How Will Spatial Computing Fare in a Post-Covid World?

AR Insider

S patial computing is like any other area of the economy that’s been disrupted in the Covid age. Everything from consumer demand to investor theses has shifted. The impact has been positive and negative, depending on sector alignment with Covid-era demand signals.

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NVIDIA Launches GeForce RTX 3060 Ti for $400, Claims to Outpace RTX 2080 Super

Road to VR

Following up on the release of the RTX 3070, 3080, and 3090 earlier this year , NVIDIA today launched the RTX 3060 Ti. Priced at $400, the company claims the card is more powerful than last generation’s RTX 2080 Super which was priced at $700. Image courtesy NVIDIA.

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‘Solaris Offworld Combat’ Squad Update Coming Soon, Includes New Map & Gameplay Balancing

Road to VR

Solaris Offworld Combat (2020) , the team-based VR arena shooter for Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest, is getting an update this week that’s set to bring a number of highly requested features to the game, including the long-awaited ability to squad up with friends.

Farpoint Developer Working On ‘Something Special’ After Two-Year Silence

Upload VR

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from Farpoint developer, Impulse Gear, but the studio hasn’t gone anywhere.

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Qualcomm Details The Snapdragon 888: 3rd Gen 5G & Cortex-X1 on 5nm

Anand Tech

This year although we’re not reporting from Hawaii, Qualcomm’s Tech Summit is still happening in digital form, representing the company’s most important launch event of the year as it showcases the new flagship products that will power next year’s smartphones.

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Qualcomm Says Its New GPU Is 35% Faster Than Oculus Quest 2’s

Upload VR

Qualcomm announced its 2021 flagship chipset this week, Snapdragon 888. It claims the new GPU is 35% more powerful than the one in Oculus Quest 2. Standalone VR headsets like Quest use the same mobile chips as high end smartphones.

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Qwake Technologies Funded To Fight Fires With AR Tech

Charlie Fink

The Department of Homeland Security awarded Qwake Technologies a $1.4 million contract to accelerate the commercialization of the C-THRU Visual Communication platform.

Quest 2 Launch Surges Facebook’s SteamVR Usage Share Beyond 50%

Upload VR

Following Quest 2’s launch, more SteamVR gamers now use Oculus Quest headsets than Valve’s own Index, according to its monthly Hardware Survey data. The total percentage of Steam users with a VR headset has increased to 1.91% , up from 1.76%.

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Google shutting down Poly 3D content platform

TechCrunch VR

Google is almost running out of AR/VR projects to kill off. The company announced today in an email to Poly users that they will be shutting 3D-object creation and library platform “forever” next year.

Google Shutting Down Poly Puts Spotlight On Sketchfab

Upload VR

Google notified users of the Poly 3D object sharing service that the website is shutting down on June 20th, 2021. Here’s the message: Dear Poly users, We’re sending this note to let you know that, on 30 June 2021, the Poly website will be shutting down.

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Varjo launches human-eye resolution XR and VR headsets

Hypergrid Business

Varjo XR-3 and VR-3 (Image courtesy Varjo.). Helsinki based Varjo has launched its next generation XR and VR headsets with human-eye resolution for use in industries where high visual accuracy is important, including training and simulation, engineering, research, medical and design.

NVIDIA’s $399 RTX 3060 Ti Claims 2080 Super Performance

Upload VR

NVIDIA just launched RTX 3060 Ti, its most affordable ‘Ampere’ architecture graphics card yet. It’s a new product using its GA104 GPU, first used in the RTX 3070. There’s 20% fewer cores and 5% lower clock speeds but it’s $100 cheaper.

Qualcomm Tech Summit 2020: Interview with Alex Katouzian

Anand Tech

Within today’s Qualcomm Tech Summit 2020, we’ve seen the announcement of the new Snapdragon 888 which we’ve detailed extensively in our dedicated coverage article.

Best Oculus Quest 2 Fitness, Exercise And Workout Games [Updated Winter 2020]

Upload VR

The cord-free, standalone Oculus Quest system is one of the best options for VR fitness, exercise and workout routines. Here are our picks the best Oculus Quest and Quest 2 fitness and exercise apps to get your blood pumping. This article was originally published in March 2020.

A Daring Giraffe Rescue Is Underway in Kenya

GizModo VR

Conservationists, government officials, and local community members are banding together to pull off a rescue of eight giraffes stranded on a shrinking island in Kenya. In order to save these animals, they created a giraffe-safe barge to get them across to safe land.

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Watch: Medal Of Honor Multiplayer Trailer Includes Bomb-Hiding Mode And More

Upload VR

Respawn has finally revealed Medal of Honor: Above And Beyond’s multiplayer modes and, as promised, there are some interesting ideas here. Facebook’s Oculus today tweeted a new trailer for the game, seen below.

RIP Hugh Keays-Byrne, Star of Mad Max and Mad Max: Fury Road

GizModo VR

May he ride eternal, shiny and chrome. Actor Hugh Keays-Byrne, best known for his villainous roles in the Mad Max series , has passed away at the age of 73. The news was first reported by his friend and frequent collaborator, filmmaker Brian Trenchard-Smith. Read more.


Population: One Winter Event, 12 Days Of Chaos, Begins December 3

Upload VR

A new Winter event to celebrate the holiday season is coming to Population: One, starting on December 3. The event is called 12 Days of Chaos and will add new bonuses in-game and change the map to a Winter-themed setting.

Doctors Release Their ‘Most Worrying Outlook’ on How Climate Change Is Ruining Our Health

GizModo VR

The doctors are here to give the Earth its annual checkup, and they say it’s running a fever which is making people sick. They issued their findings showing all the ways climate change is affecting our health in the annual Lancet Countdown , published on Wednesday. Read more.


Best PC Power Supplies: Holiday 2020

Anand Tech

Now that you've picked out your CPU , it's time to start picking out the rest of your system components. And perhaps the most humble but overlooked of these components is the power supply unit (PSU).


Looking Glass Portrait is the world’s first personal holographic display

Digital Trends

Want a holographic display on your desk? Of course, you do. That's exactly what the makers of Looking Glass Portrait are promising. News holographic display kickstarter

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UN Scientists Draft a ‘Build Back Better’ Climate Plan for the Planet

GizModo VR

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: The world is on track to blow past the climate goals outlined in the Paris Agreement.

Why Instagram’s dreaded Shopping tab is a big win for small businesses

Digital Trends

Instagram's new Shop tab could benefit small online businesses, but it will require looking below the surface of an almost criminally manipulative UI redeisgn. Features Small Business Social Media Ecommerce Instagram small business


Gut-Wrenching Photos Show Damage at Arecibo Observatory Following Collapse

GizModo VR

As feared, the 900-ton instrument platform collapsed yesterday at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, falling onto the gigantic radar dish below.

Exercise Your Mind- The Benefits of VR Fitness on the Brain

VR Fitness

Virtual Reality itself has many benefits for the mind and the body. Now let’s take a peek into how exercise, in general, helps our minds. It is proven that getting up and moving has a profound impact on how we process information.

The EPA Just Joined Parler and It's Going How You'd Expect

GizModo VR

The U.S.


The most common Kindle Fire problems, and how to fix them

Digital Trends

Is your Amazon tablet giving you grief? We explain each issue and glitch and provide clear troubleshooting steps to get your Amazon Fire tablet back on track. Android How-To Mobile Amazon Kindle Fire Kindle Fire HD problems Tier 4