Thu.Oct 22, 2020

Building The Future Of Immersive Theater Technology With The Musical Theatre Factory


New York’s Musical Theatre Factory is teaming up with immersive tech evangelists to offer a year of programming around extended realities for the stage. Change begins at home, especially for such a robust and old industry as the theater business.

Immerse Raises $1.5M to Expand Its VR English Language Classes Worldwide

Road to VR

Immerse , a language learning startup focusing on teaching English in VR, has secured a $1.5

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‘Captain Toonhead’ Promises A Balls To The Wall VR FPS Tower Defense Experience


Save humanity from a vicious dictator after a burrito-related explosion wipes out Earth’s last defenses.

Charting a Path to Viable Consumer AR Glasses, Part I

AR Insider

“Vantage” is AR Insider’s editorial contributor program. It enlists spatial computing executives and innovators for first-hand strategic insights. Find out more or contact us to participate here. Authors’ opinions are their own. .

Commemorating Bullying Prevention Month With Kinful and Pico


October is National Bullying Prevention Month. While XR technology is great for gaming and a boon for enterprise, it also has a huge hand in social issues, including bullying.

Oculus Link Test Update Lets You Boost Bitrate To Fight Compression

Upload VR

The Oculus PC app’s latest test channel update lets you set the bandwidth used by Oculus Link. On an RTX 2070 with a USB 3 connection and Quest 2, the result was essentially indistinguishable from a “real” PC headset, at least over 15 minutes of testing.

Oculus 114

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Intel: DG1 GPU Now Shipping, Xe-HPG DG2 GPU In Labs

Anand Tech

Alongside today’s profitable-but-uneasy earnings report from Intel , the company’s earnings presentation also offered a short update on the status of their discrete GPUs. As of today, Intel’s DG1 GPU is now shipping.

Mario Kart Live Review: A Blazing Trail Of AR Accomplishment

Upload VR

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is an ambitious attempt to bring the fabled racing series into your home, pairing a physical, camera-equipped RC kart with an AR-powered Nintendo Switch game. But does the game get take first place or stall at the starting line?

Huawei Announces Mate 40 Series: Powered by 15.3bn Transistors 5nm Kirin 9000

Anand Tech

Today Huawei took the stage to unveil the new Mate 40 series of devices.

Oculus Quest 2 Hands On – The Best VR Headset For Fitness

VR Fitness

The Oculus Quest 2 is finally here and I’ve been playtesting it for the last week. Smaller, lighter, and immeasurably faster than its Quest 1 predecessor, the all-new Quest 2 is guaranteed to make a big impact on the VR consumer market.

Hitman 3 Pre-Orders List PSVR Support On PS4 But Not PS5

Upload VR

Pre-order listings finally confirm that the upcoming Hitman 3 will support the PSVR headset on PS4, but PS5 support isn’t listed. Two sites have now put up pre-orders for the physical edition of IO Interactive’s latest.

Sony 87

Scientists Found A New Way To Break Down the Most Common Plastic

GizModo VR

The petrochemical industry produces more than 88 million tons of polyethylene, making it the most common plastic in the world. Scientists have found a new way to upcycle it, according to a study published in Science on Thursday. It could help deal with the growing plastic pollution crisis. Read more.

Study 114

Space Pirate Trainer Updated For Quest 2’s Extra Graphics Power

Upload VR

I-Illusions released a big Quest 2 graphics update for its popular VR wave shooter Space Pirate Trainer. The new update brings the game’s visuals closer in line with its PC counterpart.

DHS Forces' Tear Gas May Have Violated Environmental Laws in Addition to Civil Rights

GizModo VR

Five environmental and human rights groups in Oregon are suing the Department of Homeland Security for its use of tear gas at recent anti-police brutality protests in Portland, saying the agency created “potentially grave health and environmental hazards.” Read more.

Oregon 114

Garmin’s Instinct Esports Edition can livestream your pulse

Digital Trends

Garmin's new Instinct Esports Edition uses unique software to make biometric data, including heart rate and stress levels, visible in livestreams. Gaming News e-sports Garmin wearables

Data 104

Google Stadia Exec Has a License to Stupid and He's Not Afraid to Use It

GizModo VR

Here it is, folks, the worst take on video game livestreaming that the internet has to offer. Read more. copyright dmca google stadia twitch takedown notices alex hutchinson

Video 114

Intel Reports Q3 2020 Earnings: Still Very Profitable, But Challenging Times Ahead

Anand Tech

Once again kicking off our earnings season coverage for the tech industry is Intel, who reported their Q3 2020 financial results this afternoon.

Garmin Made an Esports Fitness Smartwatch for Streamers Because We Live in Hell

GizModo VR

No one: Read more. we live in hell garmin esports smartwatches wearables consumer tech gadgets commerce

Population: One Launch Day Livestream! – Oculus Quest 2 Gameplay

Upload VR

For today’s livestream we’re playing Population: One in VR using an Oculus Quest 2 natively! If you’re curious about how we livestream the way we do then look no further than this handy guide for general tips and this guide specific to our Oculus Quest setup.

Tips 66

Inside the Fight to Legalize Psilocybin Therapy in Oregon

GizModo VR

On a sunny September afternoon in Portland, volunteers pour into a Zoom conference room. They’ve come for a weekly update from Oregon’s Yes on Measure 109 campaign—a measure which would create the world’s first market for psilocybin-assisted therapy.

Oregon 107

The best language-learning apps for 2020

Digital Trends

Learning a language can be tough. Fortunately, we've found the best apps to help make learning a foreign tongue fun with lessons, quizzes, and other activities. Android Apple Mobile Apps Best of Duolingo iOS Tier 4

Apple 94

FDA Approves Remdesivir to Treat Hospitalized Covid-19 Patients Despite Mixed Trial Results

GizModo VR

The Food and Drug Administration has approved remdesivir to treat hospitalized covid-19 patients. The antiviral drug, which is manufactured and sold by the pharmaceutical company Gilead under the brand name Veklury, is the first to be approved for treating the virus in the U.S. Read more.


NASA astronaut Kate Rubins just cast her vote — from space

Digital Trends

With no waiting in line, and a voting booth just a short distance away, NASA astronaut Kate Rubins on Thursday cast her presidential election ballot from space. News breaking twitter election election 2020 ISS kate rubins NASA space Space Station


Aliens From These Worlds Could Be Watching Us Right Now

GizModo VR

Since the 1990s, astronomers have catalogued more than 3,000 exoplanets using a fairly basic detection technique known as the transit method. But what if aliens are using the same technique to spy on us? A team of astronomers is now exploring this very exciting—if not totally terrifying—possibility.


EON-XR 8.2 Gets Important Upgrades in October 2020 Update


Since launching EON-XR at the beginning of September, we’ve been hard at work refining and improving some features in the launch version. But in addition to the usual bug fixes and performance tweaks, we’ve also made some significant new additions you won’t want to miss.

Stunning Images Show NASA’s Attempt at Scooping Samples From an Asteroid

GizModo VR

Images captured by NASA’s OSIRIS-REx show the spacecraft’s sample head touching the surface of asteroid Bennu, which then became enveloped in a cloudy burst of dust and rock.


Apple HomePod Mini vs. Apple HomePod

Digital Trends

The HomePod Mini is here, with a ton of differences from the older HomePod speaker. Here's how Apple's two smart speakers stack up and which we recommend.

Apple 89

Astrobotic Debuts Massive New 'Moon Base' in Pittsburgh

GizModo VR

The space robotics manufacturer Astrobotic Technology unveiled its new 47,000-square-foot headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania this week.

Weather Channel’s mixed-reality forecasts take TV meteorology to a new level

Digital Trends

TV weather forecasts have looked the same for years. Using some impressive mixed-reality technology, The Weather Channel is changing all that. News mixed reality

Universal's Battlestar Galactica Movie Lives Again, With X-Men's Simon Kinberg

GizModo VR

Universal has spent so long trying to get its Battlestar Galactica movie off the ground we’ve literally had an announcement about a new TV show set in its universe that’s had time to get going with its own showrunner.


The latest weapon in the fight against climate change? This heat-bouncing paint

Digital Trends

Forget air conditioning. This white paint can cool buildings -- and most anything else -- below ambient temperature just by being applied to its surface.