Wed.Aug 12, 2020

Virtual Pokémon Theme Park Open To The Public For A Limited Time


Pikachu dance shows, live battles, and Pokémon-themed carnival games galore. Today marks the start of the Pokémon Virtual Fest , an online-only Pokémon-themed event composed of multiple games, rides, and performances centered around the iconic Japanese franchise. The app is in Japanese, which can make it difficult to navigate at times, but not impossible. Besides, what lies beyond the gates of this digital amusement park is definitely worth some minor frustration.

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Varjo Raises $54M Financing to Support Its Retina-Quality VR/AR Headsets for Enterprise

Road to VR

Varjo, the Helsinki, Finland-based creators of high pixel density VR/AR headsets for enterprise, today announced it’s closed a $54 million Series C funding round. The company says it will use the funds to accelerate the global expansion and development of its XR hardware and software products. Investors include Tesi, NordicNinja, Swisscanto Invest by Zürcher Kantonalbank, Lifeline Ventures, Atomico, EQT Ventures and Volvo Cars Tech Fund.

Nreal Light AR Smart Glasses Will Be Bundled With Latest Samsung And LG Smartphones


Nreal’s smartphone-powered consumer AR headset finally arrive this month in Korea. Available now for pre-order, the Nreal Light AR smart glasses connect with compatible Android smartphones to bring your favorite apps, such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Google Chrome, to life in augmented reality.

Nreal AR Glasses to Begin Shipping Next Week to Consumers in Korea

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Nreal is getting ready to ship its Nreal Light AR headset to consumers in South Korea. The sunglasses-style AR headset is optionally being bundled with the recently announced Samsung Galaxy Note 20 in that country. As reported by The Verge , Nreal is now taking pre-orders from Korea-based consumers, available through Korean telecom LG Uplus. Light AR will be available in stores there starting August 21st.

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Is AR Navigation Coming Next from Apple?

AR Insider

“Trendline” is AR Insider’s series that examines trends and events in spatial computing, and their strategic implications. For an indexed library of spatial computing insights, data, reports and multimedia, subscribe to ARtillery PRO. O ne subsector of AR we continue to bet on is 3D navigation.

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Digitizing Burning Man

TechCrunch VR

For decades, Burning Man has represented an escape from the current reality. An event for free-er spirits to rethink new age ideals inside a stateless entity where art, music and partying reign supreme on the desert plains.

Mozilla is Shuttering its XR Team Amidst Major Layoff, But ‘Hubs’ Will Continue

Road to VR

Mozilla, the company behind Firefox, today announced that it’s laying off 250 employees, apparently shuttering the team responsible for most of its web-focused XR development. Hubs, the company’s web-based social VR app, will continue forward. Mozilla has been a leading proponent for bringing XR experiences to the web. Five years ago the company published a guest article on Road to VR laying down their plans to make VR a “first class citizen on the web.”

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Pokemon Just Launched An Official VR Theme Park (In Japanese)

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Well this is an odd one – an official, limited-time Pokemon virtual theme park just launched, and you can visit it in VR. Meet Pokemon Virtual Fest. Pokemon Virtual Fest is open from today through to August 31st and can be played in browser, on smartphones or with a PC VR headset via SteamVR. After downloading Cluster, a Japan-made virtual events service, you can launch into the park to try out rides and minigames. The app is online, too, so you can explore with friends.

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Short film festival held in VR on Friday

Hypergrid Business’s virtual cinema. Image courtesy will be holding its short film festival in virtual reality this Friday on the VRChat virtual reality meeting platform. The event will start at 8 p.m. British time — or noon Pacific, following by a second screening at 1 a.m. British time, or 5 p.m. Pacific.

Top 5 Best Oculus Quest Horror Games For VR

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The Oculus Quest is a smashing success in the VR space for lots of reasons, but one of the main contributors is the stellar library of content. And as it turns out, some of the very best VR games out on Quest are also some of the very best VR horror games available. What are the best Oculus Quest horror games? Read on to find out! Playing VR horror games is a totally different prospect than playing one outside of VR on a normal, flat monitor screen.

Microsoft Opens Pre-Orders for Surface Duo - US Only

Anand Tech

Late last year in October, Microsoft had announced the Surface Duo, the company’s first ever Android device and first-party smartphone (if you can call it that) release in years. What makes the Surface Duo special is its symmetric dual-screen nature and 360° hinge mechanism that allows the device to fold itself shut like a book – to fully opening itself up with two opposing displays.

Varjo’s XR-1 Headset Surpasses Expectations As Company Raises $54 Million

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Professional-grade VR headset maker Varjo has raised a further $54 million in funding, and it attributes a good amount of its success to its new XR-1 headset. Announced today, Varjo’s Series C round of funding was supported by the likes of Tesi, NordicNinja, and Swisscanto Invest. Plus, the company has a new CEO – former COO Timo Toikkanen is taking over from Niko Eiden, who will continue on as CXO and a board member.

Best CPUs for Workstations: August 2020

Anand Tech

Sometimes choosing a CPU is hard. So we've got you covered. In our CPU Guides, we give you our pick of some of the best processors available, supplying data from our reviews. Our Best CPUs for Workstations guide mostly covers workstation processors available to consumers, although some server products cover both segments.

ChillDex Review: Cool Your Index Down On Those Hot Summer Days

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ChillDex aims to finally fill that hole in the front of your Valve Index while also solving a problem. ChillDex is an accessory for the Valve Index HMD sold by Toronto-based engineer Kyle Fredericks for CA$50. We ordered ours when the Kickstarter launched back in January , and it arrived a few weeks ago. In that time, I’ve been letting the heat from the outside in (and leaving my room’s fan off) when in VR. All current VR headsets get warm, of course.

One of the Most Timely Novels of the Year Is About Black Women in the 1880s Hunting Zombies

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The world can be utterly bleak nowadays. A government that seems to actively hate health and science, an economy ruled by a handful of lying billionaires, and continued state-sanctioned violence against Black people have ushered in a modern dystopia. But as I finished Deathless Divide , Justina Ireland’s stellar follow… Read more. zombies justina ireland deathless divide dystopia dread nation dread nation series books harpercollins

A.I. can tell if you’re a good surgeon just by scanning your brain

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It accurately predicts a surgeon’s certification scores. News ai Deep Learning


Avatar: The Last Airbender’s Creators Just Left the Live-Action Netflix Adaptation

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Leaves from the vine. Avatar: The Last Airbender co-creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko have announced they will no longer be involved in the live-action adaptation due to a lack of support from Netflix. The series could still happen, but both creators said it would not represent the show they wanted… Read more. avatar the last airbender netflix the legend of korra michael dante dimartino bryan konietzko streaming


Varjo Expands Roadmap With Funding Announcement


This morning, Finnish XR headset manufacturer Varjo announced that they have cleared US$54 million in Series C funding. They also announced that former COO, Timo Toikkanen, is now serving as the company’s CEO. The news here is not the CEO change,” Toikkanen said in a video interview. “ We’ve always thought about running Varjo as a team.”. Timo Toikkanen.

Famed SETI Observatory Wrecked After Cable Breaks

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The Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico is currently out of commission after a thick support cable fell onto the dish, creating a large gash. It’s yet another setback for the beloved science facility, which hasn’t fully recovered from the devastation of Hurricane Maria. Read more. arecibo observatory arecibo astronomy science seti puerto rico

Echo Combat Flamingo League Announces Partnership with VAL and VRFI

VR Fitness

The Echo Combat Flamingo League announced today a partnership with the Virtual Athletics League (VAL) and VR Fitness Insider that will include participation in the upcoming VR Fitness Summit as well as sponsorship for Echo Combat Flamingo League Season 2 that will include a cash prize pool. Continue reading on VR Fitness Insider. Events Featured News VR Esports Echo Combat Echo Combat Flamingo League Ready At Dawn Virtual Athletics League Virtual Reality vr competition VR esports VR Fitness

Sweet-Smelling Locust Pheromone Could Be Key to Stopping Their Swarms

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Scientists have identified the pheromone responsible for turning individual locusts into the swarming variety. They also found a way to “turn off” locusts’ ability to respond to this pheromone, in a breakthrough that could lead to new control strategies for preventing the spread of these voracious and extremely… Read more. locusts locust swarms biology genetics pheromones genetic engineering science

Ready Player Golf Is A VR Golf Tournament In Pro Putt On Quest

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Top Golf, a popular franchise of golfing facilities and entertainment venues, is hosting a virtual golf charity tournament inside the Oculus Quest VR golf game it published, Pro Putt. The tournament, named Ready Player Golf , costs a minimum of $100 to enter with all proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders. Pro Putt is a VR golf game for Oculus Quest that strikes an intriguing balance between the authenticity of Tiger Woods PGA Tour line of games and Nintendo’s arcade-style Mario Golf.

Florida Sheriff Bans Masks As State's Covid-19 Death Toll Breaks New Daily Record

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Billy Woods, the sheriff of central Florida’s Marion County, banned masks for all deputies and visitors to the sheriff’s office starting Tuesday, according to a new report from the Ocala Star Banner —a strange decision to make in the middle of a pandemic that’s still wildly out of control. Read more. coronavirus covid 19 florida ocala masks anti mask activism billy woods kent guinn

Microsoft’s Surface Duo goes on sale today for $1,400. Was it worth the wait?

Digital Trends

The Surface Duo is Microsoft's first Android-powered device -- and a barbaric yawp for the power of innovation. Computing Mobile News Foldables Microsoft microsoft surface duo surface

See Blade Runner 2049 Bridge the Gap to Its Iconic Predessor in This Stunning Concept Art

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Blade Runner ’s jaw-dropping aesthetic runs deep in the modernized world of Denis Villeneuve’s follow-up, Blade Runner 2049 , making for one of the most gorgeous sci-fi movies in recent memory. Now, a new book wants to dive into the art that helped envision that world, and its parallels to the original film. Read more. exclusive titan books blade runner blade runner 2049 denis villeneuve concept art tanya lapointe gallery blade runner 2049 interlinked the art

VR Game Release Highlights August 2020

VR Game Critic

The heat is nothing unusual for August, but the worldwide pandemic has brought some changes to the gaming world. Big events are getting cancelled or moving into the digital space, and many releases are being delayed… On the positive side, gaming can still provide entertainment and social interactions we might not be able to have in real life these days.

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Avatar: The Last Airbender creators cut ties with Netflix adaptation

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The live-action remake will not reflect their vision, the showrunners said. Movies & TV News avatar the last airbender Michael Dante DiMartino Netflix Nickelodeon


This Case Gives Your Phone Robotic Legs So It Can Crawl to a Wireless Charging Pad

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By now our brains are all wired with smartphone battery anxiety, and panic starts to set in when power drops below 50%. In one of the more bizarre ways to keep those stresses at bay, a team of researchers have developed a new smartphone case with a set of tiny robotic legs that allow a phone to crawl to a wireless… Read more. robots research casecrawler cases smartphones gadgets seoul national university


Rhyme Storm app is like Guitar Hero, but for freestyle rap

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Want to learn how to think on your feet? This rapping game will help. Features Gaming ai

This Site Shows You Where Big Brands Source Their Products

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David Applegate runs a site called WrestlingMart. It’s an ecommerce store dedicated to, well, wrestling. In his five years in business, he always wanted to know where his suppliers were getting the gear he sold, including singlets, shoes, and mat tape. Read more. sourcing ecommerce