Thu.Nov 29, 2018

ModiFace Applies Its Augmented Reality Tech to Nail Polish with Fingertip-Tracking Feature

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French cosmetics giant L'Oréal isn't wasting any time putting its new subsidiary, ModiFace, to work. On Thursday, the company launched a new tool that enables a photo-realistic augmented reality simulation of nail polish shades and textures to be accurately displayed on a user's fingers in real time.

Borderlands 2 VR Could Come To Rift and Vive In 2019


The small text of Sony’s latest trailer for Borderlands 2 VR for PSVR reveals an interesting fact- the game’s exclusivity to the platform is timed, not permanent. Specifically, it is a timed exclusive for 5 months from launch.

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Universal Studios Augmented Reality App Lets You Recreate a Scene from 'Welcome to Marwen' Film

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In a world where augmented reality is becoming the hero of the movie marketing, Universal Studios has decided to use the technology to reinvent the traditional movie trailer, a time-tested tactic of film promotion, in support of the forthcoming Robert Zemeckis film, Welcome to Marwen.

Microsoft Wins $480M Defense Contract to Provide U.S. Army with AR Headsets

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Microsoft has won a $480 million contract with the U.S. Army which is poised to outfit soldiers with 100,000 Microsoft-built AR headsets.

Custom Tattoo Launches Interactive Sonic The Hedgehog AR Experience


A man in Mexico City turns his first tattoo into a trigger for a prototype AR game. .

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The 5 Best Games for PlayStation VR

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So you picked up shiny new PlayStation VR and you’re ready to dive into VR. Here’s our breakdown of the best PSVR games that you should definitely check out. The 5 Best PSVR Games. 5 – SUPERHOT VR.

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‘Borderlands 2 VR’ Could Come to PC Headsets Five Months After PSVR

Road to VR

Borderlands 2 VR is headed to PSVR next month, but PC VR headset owners are undoubtedly curious to know if Gearbox’s massive hit shooter will eventually make it to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive too.

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Shadow Legend Is A Story-Driven VR RPG About The Medieval Crusades


If you’re a fan of swords and sorcery like me then you’re likely quite pleased to see such a diversity of choices when it comes to scratching that good ol’ fantasy RPG itch in the immersive realm of VR.

Dreamscape Immersive Begins Nationwide Expansion With Four New Venues


The premiere location will launch at LA’s Westfield Century City this December.

New VR App Celebrates The Work Of Claude Monet


A brand new VR experience now showing in the Musée de l’Orangerie in Paris celebrates the work of beloved painter Claude Monet.

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Report: Acer Could Sell or Disband StarVR Soon

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StarVR Corporation, an Acer and Starbreeze partnership behind the wide field of view (FOV) VR headset StarVR One , could be on the ropes after its delisting from the Taipei stock exchange earlier this month.

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High-Flying VR Shooter Skyfront Gets Full Release Date


It’s nearly time to swing into action with the full release of Levity Play’s Skyfront. The airborne multiplayer shooter, which releases in Early Access late last year, will be launching its full version on December 20th, the developer confirmed today.

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Retailers Exploring New VR And AR Concepts To Drive Sales In 2019

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With more retailers integrating immersive technologies in both their logistics and customer-facing operations, will consumers finally start buying into VR?

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Occipital’s $399 Structure Core Senses Depth For New Device Categories


A new product from computer vision startup Occipital could be a big help for companies and creators building new kinds of depth-sensing devices, like robots or mixed reality headsets that blur the line between VR and AR.

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Oculus Go, Gear VR Virtual Desktop mirrors your Windows PC in VR


Virtual and augmented reality were hailed to be the next wave of computing, reshaping the way we interact with computers and digital content.

New PSVR ‘Mega Pack’ Europe Bundle Includes Skyrim VR, Doom VFR, Astro Bot, and Wipeout: Omega Collection


Sony is launching a new PSVR bundle in the UK, Germany, Austria and Switzerland next week. The ‘Mega Pack’ includes the headset, camera bar, Skyrim VR , Doom VFR , Astro Bot , and WipEout: Omega Collection. It also includes the PlayStation Worlds VR demo reel which gives you a taste of what’s possible in VR. What the pack doesn’t include is Playstation Move controllers. If you want your hands in VR, you’ll need to buy those separately.

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This Week In XR: Things That Make You Go Wow, Innovators, And The HoloHelmet

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Get ready for next week by catching up on this week's top stories


Beat Saber Custom Songs Livestream – Outkast, Michael Jackson, Avicii, And More!


We’re diving back into Beat Saber for today’s livestream and focusing on our massive catalog of great custom tracks the community has produced. I’ve got 40 different custom tracks installed, plus the game’s original 10, so we should have plenty of content to peruse on today’s stream. Since we’re focusing on custom songs today, that means the stream will be on the PC version of Beat Saber since the new PSVR version cannot play custom tracks.

Will AR Kill VR?

AWE Blog

When it comes to economics in the short run, will AR kill VR? By Paul Rock*. I recently attended the annual conference for the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) in Orlando. Location-based VR had a big footprint with 80 experiences dedicated to Virtual Reality.

Chained: A Victorian Nightmare Is VR’s Take On A Christmas Carol


VR’s about to get festive, but not in the way you might expect. MWM Immersive today announced Chained: A Victorian Nightmare, a new location-based VR experience based on Charles Dickens’ classic Christmas story, A Christmas Carol. The piece is set to run at the GreatCo studio in LA from tomorrow until January 6th. Chained won’t just be a standard VR experience though; it’ll also include elements of live theater.