Wed.Oct 14, 2020

iPhone 12 Pro LiDAR Scanner Allows For More Powerful Snapchat Lenses


A14 Bionic and ARKit combine to offer more realistic AR experiences. Yesterday, Apple revealed four new iPhone 12 models as part of its remote “Hi, Speed” live event.

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Facebook Disguised Quest 2 Dev Kits as Clothing Irons to Avoid Prying Eyes

Road to VR

Even though Quest 2 was leaked well before it was officially announced, Facebook still did their level best to hide the box from prying eyes while en route to developers, camouflaging it as an ordinary household clothing iron.

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‘Rec Room’ Battle Royale And Isle of Lost Skulls Heading To Quest 2


Rec Room’s biggest game mode arrives soon on Quest 2 headsets.

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Facebook’s Expanded VR Policies Disallow “invading personal space” and “sexual gestures”

Road to VR

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Apple Steps Further Into AR’s Future

AR Insider

“Trendline” is AR Insider’s series that examines trends and events in spatial computing, and their strategic implications. For an indexed library of spatial computing insights, data, reports and multimedia, subscribe to ARtillery PRO. A pple is clearly intent on AR.

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Seven Tips & Tricks for New Quest 2 Owners

Road to VR

Oculus Quest 2 is here and that means heaps of new users jumping into VR for the first time. Here’s seven tips worth knowing right out of the gate. Enable 90Hz Refresh Rate. Although Quest 2’s display is capable of 90Hz, it runs at the same 72Hz as its predecessor out of the box.

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Watching nature on TV offers mental health benefits, but VR is better


It’s no secret that exposure to nature, such as a walk at an orchard or a hike at the nearest park, offers mental health benefits, as well as some other potential benefits, including reduced cortisol hormone levels and decreased blood pressure.

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Virtual Desktop Streaming Update ‘Reduces Micro-Stutters Considerably’

Upload VR

The latest Virtual Desktop streaming update further improves performance when wirelessly playing PC VR games on Oculus Quest 1 and 2. The update, which launched alongside Quest 2 itself yesterday, should reduce micro-stutters “considerably” It also works for the original Quest.

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Innovative Headset Manufacturer IMMY Enters Article 9 Foreclosure, Auctions Assets


In June, ARPost introduced readers to IMMY , a revolutionary company under revolutionary founder Doug Magyari. Unfortunately, we recently received news that IMMY has entered Article 9 Foreclosure and is auctioning off assets including patents and equipment. The IMMY Vision.

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Cook Brains And Serve Fried Fingers In VR Cooking Sim Horror Bar

Upload VR

We’ve flipped countless burgers and diced hundreds of onions in VR already, but Horror Bar’s menu is a little different. Set to release this Halloween in Early Access, Horror Bar is mechanically similar to Cook-Out or pretty much any other Overcooked-inspired VR game.

The Cast of Critical Role on Why They Love Roleplaying Games

GizModo VR

Hand in hand with the meteoric resurgence of tabletop gaming in the past few years is the rise of the Actual Play show , as hundreds of thousands of fans watch or listen along to teams of hosts doing the actual gaming and storytelling for them.

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Vote For London Film Festival’s Best VR Experiences Right Now

Upload VR

Last week we wrote about the launch of London Film Festival’s new VR strand , with free experiences to check out from now until October 18th. Like what you see? Then be sure to vote for your favorites in this year’s awards.

Comics, Contracts, and Covid: Inside the Scandal at Terrific Production

GizModo VR

The novel coronavirus pandemic has devastated the comic book industry. So it seemed too good to be true that one publisher was not only hiring en masse, it was recruiting new talent.

Facebook Sent Quest 2 Dev Kits In Hilarious Mock Box To Avoid Leaks

Upload VR

Some people had Oculus Quest 2 months ahead of yesterday’s consumer launch. To try and prevent leaks, the company sent the headset out in a hilarious mock box. Oculus Iron, anyone?

Newly Discovered Glowing Tardigrade Is Weirdly Resistant to Lethal Doses of UV Radiation

GizModo VR

A newly discovered species of tardigrade that glows blue when exposed to ultraviolet light uses the powers of fluorescence as a protective shield, according to new research. Read more. glowing wee beasties tardigrades microbiology extremophiles science


LIVESTREAM: Oculus Quest 2 PC VR Gameplay With Virtual Desktop At 90 Hz

Upload VR

For today’s livestream we’re playing a bunch of PC VR games on the Oculus Quest 2, showing off what’s possible with Virtual Desktop and SideQuest!

Spider-Cat is the best reason yet to get hyped for Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Digital Trends

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is getting a huge new feature: an orange bodega cat who can attack enemies in battle. Gaming Sony Spider-Man: Miles Morales

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Samsung PRO Plus and EVO Plus SDXC UHS-I 128GB Memory Cards Capsule Review

Anand Tech

Samsung had last revamped their SDXC cards lineup back in 2014 to delineate them into the standard, PRO, and EVO categories. Since then, the company slowly phased out the full-sized cards from their lineup, and started to focus on microSDXC cards.

Do Not Buy an iPhone 12 Just for 5G

GizModo VR

Apple CEO Tim Cook spent a good chunk of the company’s iPhone event on Tuesday hyping the capabilities of 5G connectivity, even going so far as to invite Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg on stage to extoll the benefits of the carrier’s next-gen network. Fast speeds! Low latency! Gaming! Movies!

VR Superhero Game PowersVR Is Finally Out Of Early Access On PC

Upload VR

An old ally from VR’s past returns… PowersVR is finally out of Early Access. We first wrote about this sandbox superhero sim from Pseudocode Games all the way back in 2017.

Climate Change Is the Internet's Worst Enemy

GizModo VR

The internet is causing its own demise. Every line of code requires electricity to run, and much of that electricity comes from dirty fossil fuels. And every belch of carbon dioxide from fossil fuel power plants brings the internet one step closer to ruin. Read more.


Arizona Sunshine Quest 2 Vs Quest Graphic Comparison

Upload VR

One of VR’s original zombie shooters now features full support for Quest 2. How does it compare to Quest 1? Find out in our Arizona Sunshine Quest 2 vs Quest graphics comparison!

Apple Finally Played Nice

GizModo VR

With a cornucopia of services offering competitive pricing and ever more high-caliber originals, accessibility is key. Without support that meets viewers where they’re watching content, wherever or however that may be, a service may as well not exist.

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Arena Charity Cup To Take Place This Weekend

VR Fitness

Imagine you’re confined to the same room for an extended period of time. Worse yet, your friends and loved ones aren’t allowed to visit or, if they are, it’s for limited time periods and they have to wear a mask.

Your Preferred Music App Finally Has an iOS 14 Widget

GizModo VR

I’ve tried—I have tried —to make Apple Music my default streaming app, but I always end up deferring to my trusty algorithm-generated Discover playlists on Spotify. When home screen widgets rolled out with iOS 14, Spotify was front of my mind as a great application for this iPhone feature. Read more.

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Pixar's new 'Soul' trailer looks at the bright side of life in death

Mashable VR

A new trailer for Disney and Pixar film Soul has arrived, giving us another look at Joe Gardner's (Jamie Foxx) music-filled life and his journey to get back to it. Soul follows Joe, a jazz musician whose fantastic day is rudely interrupted when an unfortunate accident sends him to the Great Beyond.

YouTube Now Says It Will Remove Videos Lying About Coronavirus Vaccines

GizModo VR

YouTube announced on Wednesday that it will now be extending current rules about lies, propaganda, and conspiracy theories about the coronavirus pandemic to include misinformation about coronavirus vaccines. Read more.

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YouTube will take down misinformation about COVID-19 vaccinations

Mashable VR

The social media crackdown on COVID-19 misinformation continues. Next up to the plate: YouTube and its new policies on coronavirus vaccine content.


Audi's Video Projector Headlights Are Finally Available on 2021 Models

GizModo VR

As electric cars become more common and less of a novelty, car makers are on the hunt for the next innovative feature to woo consumers. For Audi, that’s the company’s Digital Matrix LED headlights, which double as video projectors to intelligently illuminate the road ahead. Read more.

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Netflix's Blackpink documentary shows K-pop superstars' wild rise to fame

Mashable VR

The K-pop industry is much different from the American music industry.

Zoom Is Adding End-To-End Encryption to Your Endless Meetings

GizModo VR

Zoom is adding end-to-end encryption (E2EE) to its popular videoconferencing platform, according to a post on the company’s website. The rollout will begin during the week of Oct. 19 and will add features created by a company it acquired in May, Keybase. Read more. zoom meetings calls