Sun.Nov 04, 2018

Master of Shapes Combines VR Racing With Real Go Karts


Virtual environments. Real-world racing. Last month we had the opportunity to check out Master of Shapes’ VR go-kart experience, a bold new location-based venture that blends virtual reality racetracks with real-world racing.

Virtuix And Funovation Launch VR Arena For Virtual Reality Esports


Virtuix tried to get home consumers to use its Omni virtual reality treadmill in years past, without much success. Now the company is targeting its treadmill tech for esports VR contests in VR arcades in a partnership with Funovation. Back in 2014, the company raised millions in funding on Kickstarter and from investors for its $500 treadmill. But the market for consumer VR took off slowly, and Virtuix switched over to location-based entertainment.

Oculus Is Now Shipping An Official Carrying Case for Go


Oculus added an official carrying case to the accessories section of the Oculus Go page on its website. It’s priced at $35 (including shipping) and ships this week. While there are already many 3rd party cases for Go available on sites such as Amazon, this case is created specifically for the Go and has compartments for the controller and USB cable. The official carry case underscores Go’s focus on portability.

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