Wed.Feb 06, 2019

US Navy Taps Microsoft's HoloLens for Augmented Reality War Games System

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Simulated training can help soldiers and sailors learn how to use their weapons safely, but simulations can sometimes lack the stressful environment of a real firefight. That's why the US Navy has developed a more realistic augmented reality simulator that runs on the Microsoft HoloLens.

XTAL hands on: an interesting glimpse to Virtual Reality 2.0

The Ghost Howls

Two weeks ago, I have traveled a bit around Europe and I have visited some beautiful cities. One of this incredible places has been Prague , that in my opinion is a marvelous city that everyone should visit.

VR Opens Up New Possibilities For Disabled Musicians


Infinite Instrument’s customizable interface is proving to be an effective tool for physically disabled musicians.

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Exclusive: HP’s Next-gen VR Headset Aims to Raise the Bar on Clarity & Comfort

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Having launched its first VR headset in late 2017, alongside a handful of similar headsets as part of Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality platform, HP is preparing to take its next step with the launch of a new headset that diverges from the pack.

The Next VLC Media Player Update Will Include VR Support


The internet’s most reliable media player is getting its fourth major update. In terms of quality, there are few consumer media players more flexible than VLC.

Hang Out in Seinfeld's Apartment via an Augmented Reality Replica on Your iPhone or iPad

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If you've ever wanted to barge into Jerry Seinfeld's apartment like Cosmo Kramer, you can now do so without having to book a ride on the Peterman Reality Tour. Built with input by Tho. Azzari, the sitcom's original production designer, the Seinfeld Set Replica is a non-AR, very real miniature version of the TV set (minus the ever-present statue of Superman).

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Esports Pushing VR Adoption

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Can professional gaming help to propel the consumer adoption of virtual reality? Professional gaming has always been a serious pursuit that attracted dedicated players and a large audience, and with immersive technologies becoming more pervasive, the esports crowd is increasingly embracing VR.

Hands-on: Vive Focus 6DOF Controllers ‘Chirp’ & ‘FinchShift’ Tested Back-to-Back

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Vive Wave is HTC’s open platform that offers interoperability between several classes of mobile VR headsets and accessories, something the company hopes will help unite a fragmented market.

Oculus Audio SDK Update Adds Geometry-Based Sound Propagation


The latest update to the Oculus Audio SDK adds the long awaited dynamic audio propagation feature. The Audio SDK spatializes audio sources in real time using head-related transfer functions (HRTF). It also allows for volumetric and ambisonic sounds.

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‘Beat Saber’ Expert+ Difficulty Levels Come to PSVR, “a lot, lot of music coming”

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Prepare to sweat (and probably curse) because Beat Games, the studio behind block-slashing rhythm game Beat Saber (2018), today released a new Expert+ mode to its suite of existing songs on PSVR.

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Respawn Reaffirms Its New Game Is Not Titanfall VR


Respawn Entertainment is a very, very busy developer. Earlier this week the company launched its new free-to-play battle royale game, Apex Legends. Later this year it’s also set to release Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

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MMORPG ‘OrbusVR’ Expansion ‘Reborn’ to Launch in April

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Orbus Online, the studio behind OrbusVR , says the game’s long-awaited ‘Reborn’ expansion is now set to launch sometime in April. OrbusVR is a made-for-VR MMORPG that launched into Early Access on Steam (Vive, Rift) and the Oculus Store (Rift) in December 2017.

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Dick Wilde 2 May Finally Signal The End Of VR’s Wave Shooter Era


I’ll tell you a guilty secret; I kept playing Dick Wilde for quite a while after I gave it 6/10. Not because I thought I’d maybe misjudged it as a merely decent wave shooter, but because it was actually a pretty good workout.

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HP VR headset Copper aims for highest display excess


The HP Copper (code-name) VR headset was revealed in part this week as a topmost best-in-class device.

WebXR Device API Working Draft Published


Standards group W3C moved VR and AR on the Web forward this week with the publication of a draft specification. The WebXR Device API “describes support for accessing virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) devices, including sensors and head-mounted displays, on the Web.” ” When paired with 3D content made in WebGL, the API can turn a standard URL or web address into a portal to another world.

How to Maximize Use of Navigation Links in Virtual Reality


Navigation is one of the features used in all apps created through InstaVR. That encompasses everything from a one scene app looped to a multi-branching “Choose Your Own Adventure” style app. But we don’t talk about Navigation much. To some, it’s a fairly basic feature.

Livestream Schedule For Week Of Feb. 4th: The Mage’s Tale On PSVR


Did you know we stream games over on Twitch ? We’ve moved all of our VR game streams to Twitch and want you to help us build a community.

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Xing: The Land Beyond Hits PSVR Next Week With Exclusive Level


The long-awaited PSVR port of Xing: The Land Beyond is nearly here. Developer White Lotus Interactive announced today that the game will launch on Sony’s headset on February 12th. Xing is a first-person adventure game in which you explore a peaceful, idyllic island. The world around you is filled with puzzles to complete and story to unearth, though it’s also just a nice game to exist inside of. The game arrives on PS4 with optional PSVR support.

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PSVR’s Blood And Truth Rating Suggests Launch Is Nearing


It’s been months since we’ve seen anything new from PSVR-exclusive shooter, Blood And Truth. But a new listing for the game suggests launch may finally be within reach. The Australian Classification board yesterday awarded the game a MA 15+ rating. The listing says the game has strong violence and language as well as mild sexual references. This doesn’t necessarily mean that launch is imminent, but it’s a good sign that developer Sony London is entering the home stretch.

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