Mon.Apr 05, 2021

‘VRChat’ World Brings ‘Jet Set Radio Future’ To VR


Grind, wall-run, and double-jump your way through a meticulously crafted VR recreation of Sega’s over-the-top 2002 action game. Those who owned an Xbox during the early 2000s are most likely familiar with Jet Set Radio Future.

The XR Week Peek (2021.04.05): Rumors on a Apple headset intensify, Quest 2 sales grow fast, and more!

The Ghost Howls

I hope yesterday you had a Happy Easter or a peaceful ???.

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‘Gorilla Tag’ Adds New Canyon Map In Latest Update


Chase your friends through a winding canyon environment in this latest update to the popular VR parkour game. Gorilla Tag this week introduced a brand new map that takes players out of the jungle and into a harsh canyon where only the most skilled wall-runners can hope to succeed.

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Valheim VR Mod Is Now In Beta

Upload VR

Steam survival sensation Valheim is the early breakout hit of 2021, and now it’s got its inevitable native VR mod. Modder Brandon Mousseau has released a beta build of Valheim VR, which lets you access the entire survival game inside a PC VR headset.

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Spatial Beats: Niantic, Verizon & U.S. Army

AR Insider

W elcome back to Spatial Beats. This week, we look at Niantic’s latest AR moves, Verizon’s 5G play and the U.S. Army’s mega-contract with Microsoft for combat-ready Hololenses. Let’s dive in… US Army Ordered 120,000 AR HMDs based on the HoloLens.

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Oculus Rift S Stock Empties, ‘Won’t Be Replenished’

Upload VR

Facebook confirmed to UploadVR that “generally speaking” stock of the PC-only Oculus Rift S VR headset won’t be replenished going forward.

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Incredible Jet Set Radio VRChat World Lets You Grind And Wall-Run

Upload VR

An incredible new VRChat world pays tribute to classic Sega title, Jet Set Radio, in VR. Jet Set Radio Festival is an in-development environment for the social VR platform, developed by Lakuza, Waai! and Darkjayson.

LG Calls it Quits, To Close Mobile Phone Business

Anand Tech

This morning, LG issued a press release that announced the board of directors had decided to close down the conglomerate’s mobile phone business.

Here’s 2 Minutes Of Zero Caliber Oculus Quest Gameplay

Upload VR

Here’s another fresh look at the upcoming Oculus Quest version of VR first-person shooter (FPS), Zero Caliber. On Saturday, developer XREAL posted over two minutes of footage from the title on Twitter.

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This spherical, BB-8 style robot is built to explore lava caves on the moon

Digital Trends

Scientists want to explore a cave on the moon to determine if we could build a habitat inside it. With a Star Wars-style robot, of course! Features Robots science space the moon

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RUNNER Is An Anime-Inspired Motorcycle Action VR Game Coming To Quest, PC VR, And PSVR 2

Upload VR

RUNNER is a newly announced 80s anime-inspired motorcycle action game with first-person VR driving gameplay from Truant Pixel, the developers behind 2MD VR Football, it’s slated to release on PSVR 2 for PS5, PC VR, and Quest. RUNNER VR.

How to Check if Your Phone Number Is in the Huge Facebook Data Leak

GizModo VR

Hacked data on over 553 million Facebook users was leaked online over the weekend, including names, birthdates, a Facebook user’s relationship status, the city where they live, their workplace, and sometimes even email addresses.

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Gorilla Tag’s New Canyon Map Is Now Available In Beta

Upload VR

Haven’t broken your VR controllers yet? Priceless nearby heirlooms still in one piece? Then good news; Gorilla Tag ‘s new canyon map is now available in beta.

Best iPhone X screen protectors

Digital Trends

The iPhone X remains an iconic and powerful smartphone. Here's our pick of the best iPhone X screen protectors to keep its shiny 5.8-inch display in one piece. Apple Buying Guides Mobile Accessory of the Week Best of iPhone iPhone X screen protectors Tier 4

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Oculus Rift S discontinuation marks the end of an era


Consumer virtual reality systems started out in two kinds. One was completely powered by a smartphone, with the headset acting as a simple holder for the phone and lens. The other was a heavier headset that, despite the heft, still needed to offload its work to a powerful PC.

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SpaceX boss Elon Musk reveals cause of latest Starship failure

Digital Trends

SpaceX is still working hard to land one of its Starship prototypes without having to endure the spectacle of it going up in a ball of flames.


Apple's New iMac Might Finally Go Big

GizModo VR

A new iMac is coming, and this time around, rumors suggest that Apple is finally ready to supersize the display—or at least release a bigger version than the 27-inch display that we’re all used to. Read more.

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Smash Drums Demo Adding More Songs Soon

Upload VR

Rocking rhythm game Smash Drums will add two more songs to its demo on Oculus Quest soon. You can grab the demo for the drumming game on App Lab with the developer planning to add two new songs to the demo soon.

Amazon Can’t Just Change Its Rules to Squash Activism, NLRB Finding Suggests

GizModo VR

The laundry list of fired organizers at Amazon has grown suspiciously lengthy, and the National Labor Relations Board has noticed. Read more.

Goodbye, LG Mobile. We’re going to miss you

Digital Trends

LG has announced it will close its mobile division, marking the end of a wildly creative -- and often crazy -- era of smartphone design. Android Mobile LG LG Mobile obituary


Dremel's New Cordless Glue Pen Heats Up in Just 15 Seconds for Crafting Emergencies

GizModo VR

Crafters know that if you need to attach two delicate things together quickly, a glue gun is your secret weapon.

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How to figure out what size TV you should buy

Digital Trends

What size TV do you need? Here are a few tips for picking the right size TV for any room, including ideal viewing distance, and picture quality versus size. Home Theater How-To HDTV Tier 4 TV size viewing distance wall mount

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This Soap Bottle Is Made of Soap and Also Dispenses Soap

GizModo VR

I’m always trying to reduce the amount of plastic I throw away, and this new Kickstarter project’s clever solution, which uses soap to create a multi-purpose, zero-waste container, has me intrigued. Read more.

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GMC's electric Hummer SUV looks like an off-roading beast

Mashable VR

Read more. More about Electric Vehicles , Suv , Hummer , Tech , and Transportation. Electric Vehicles Suv Hummer Tech Transportation


Who Was the Most Evil Scientist in History?

GizModo VR

The majority of scientists are, I’d wager, not particularly evil. Most just want to understand plants, or the Moon, or kidneys, or whatever. Conduct little experiments, marginally expand the stockpile of verifiable human truths, that kind of thing.

Lava photos from the newest Iceland eruption show a wild, oozing flow

Mashable VR

The lava is flowin'. Molten rock likely from miles underground is flowing out of a newly opened fissure in the ground on Iceland's Reykjanes Peninsula.

Google Is Cracking Down on Apps That Can See Every Other App You Have Installed

GizModo VR

As Google continues to upgrade its privacy and security policies, it’s now making an important change in Android that will significantly limit the ability of Android apps to see all the other apps you have installed on your device. Read more.

Disney+ 'Loki' trailer sets up a reality-twisting adventure that ties back to 'Avengers'

Mashable VR

Loki looks like it'll be a treat for Marvel fans. This expansive new trailer for the upcoming Disney+ series lays out some of what to expect from Tom Hiddleston's first, big solo venture as the MCU's most mischievous Asgardian.

A Dangerous Toxin From Pond Scum Can Go Airborne, Study Finds

GizModo VR

A potent toxin released by algae blooms has the potential to become airborne, recent research suggests. In what’s said to be a first, the study found traces of the toxin in the air near pond water in Massachusetts.

15 Netflix movies and TV shows we can't wait to stream this spring

Mashable VR

Read more. More about Netflix , Entertainment , Movies Tv Shows , and Streaming Services. Netflix Entertainment Movies Tv Shows Streaming Services

8BitDo's Pro 2 Is Closer Than Ever to Being the Perfect Nintendo Switch Controller

GizModo VR

There’s still not a perfect controller for the Switch (even Nintendo’s own Pro controller has its flaws) but 8BitDo’s new Pro 2 , an upgrade to its SN30 Pro+ , comes about as close as you’re going to get.