Wed.Feb 17, 2021

Ultraleap Stereo IR 170 review: use your hands naturally in VR!

The Ghost Howls

I have had the joy of trying the new UltraLeap Stereo IR 170 hands-tracking sensor for VR and evaluate its performances. I have appreciated it a lot, so I thought it could have been a cool idea to make a post for you to describe how it is and compare it with the previous Leap Motion controller.

Manus Pro Tracker Brings Professional Full-Body Tracking To SteamVR


Manus’ plug-and-play solution promises “the most sensors in any SteamVR tracker available.”


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Manus Announces SteamVR Tracker for Professional Creators, Pre-orders Now Open

Road to VR

Manus, the Netherlands-based startup behind a number of VR gloves, today announced pre-order availability for the company’s first professional-level SteamVR tracker.

‘Pick-Up League Hockey’ Now Available Free On Quest Via App Lab


Go for the hat-trick in this 3v3 multiplayer experience. Originally released on the Oculus Go back in 2019, Pick-up League Hockey this week arrived on Oculus’ App Lab , offering Oculus Quest/Quest 2 users a simple yet surprising entertaining VR hockey experience.

How to Record Videos on Quest 2 and Improve Capture Quality

Road to VR

Quest 2 has simple built-in video capture capabilities. In this article you’ll see how to use them and, for advanced users, you’ll learn how to increase the quality of the videos captured on Quest 2 and how to transfer videos to your computer.

Video 160

Dreadhalls Follow-Up Cosmodread Hits Quest & PC Next Month

Upload VR

VR horror game Cosmophobia has a new name and it’s coming very soon. Cosmodread, as it’s now called, will launch on Oculus Quest and PC VR headsets on March 25th.

Oculus 110

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The Climb Teases ‘Exciting News’ For This Week

Upload VR

We may finally be getting some more The Climb 2 news this week – the series’ official Twitter account is teasing more info related to the series soon. The tweet includes an image of from the original game, but adds the message: “Stay tuned for surprises and exciting news this week.”

Oculus 103

Apple’s rumored XR headset needs to overcome bulkiness and fatigue

Hypergrid Business

(Illustration by Maria Korolov based on image via Pixabay.). Apple ’s new rumored mixed reality headset — expected to be released later this year — will reportedly have an 8K display and hand and finger tracking features, an Apple spokesman told Bloomberg recently.

Apple 93

No Man’s Sky Gets Pets In Free Companions Update

Upload VR

The diverse, procedurally-generated wildlife of the No Man’s Sky universe can now be yours to own. That’s right, No Man’s Sky pets are now a thing. Or, rather, Companions are now a thing.

Audi’s 3D virtual office more than helpful during COVID 19 pademic

Hypergrid Business

Employees using their avatars on Audi Spaces, which enables learning, collaboration, and working together. Image courtesy Audis.).

Manus Reveals Professional-Grade SteamVR Tracker

Upload VR

Enterprise-focused VR hardware maker Manus is today announcing a new take on the SteamVR Tracker. The company’s new professional-grade Tracker launches pre-orders today.

Case Study: SAP Integrates AR for ERP

AR Insider

SAP shapes the future of work with Unity. by Nick Davis. W ith 200 million cloud users worldwide, SAP helps companies everywhere become a “best-run business.”

Facebook’s Bosworth Hints At 120Hz Refresh Rate On Quest 2

Upload VR

In his latest Instagram AMA, Andrew ‘Boz’ Bosworth, Facebook’s Vice President of Augmented and Virtual Reality, teased the potential of Oculus Quest 2 running at a higher 120Hz refresh rate in the future.

Blippar AR Experience Builds Brand Awareness for Corona Hard Seltzer


Sometimes, it can be hard to find your beach. Maybe that’s because of distancing restrictions, snow, or traffic. But, it won’t be because of lacking brand awareness.

StrikerVR Raises $4 Million For Haptic Gun Accessory For Consumer VR

Upload VR

StrikerVR says it raised $4 million in a strategic funding round and plans to “bring its soon to be announced consumer product to market with a variety of content later this year.”

The Samsung 870 EVO (1TB & 4TB) Review: Does the World Need Premium SATA SSDs?

Anand Tech

Samsung is one of the few brands still launching new high-end SATA SSDs in the consumer market.

Piece Together 6 Locales In Puzzling Places Beta On App Lab

Upload VR

One of the first apps available as part of Oculus’ new App Lab service is getting an update adding a ton of new content and features to the game.

Renewable Energy Had a Record-Setting Year Despite. All This

GizModo VR

You don’t need me to tell you that 2020 was a terrible year. Covid-19 killed nearly 2 million people, including more than 350,000 Americans, and the pandemic left the global economy in shambles.


NASA confirms Thursday’s touchdown time for Mars rover

Digital Trends

NASA has released precise timings for the crucial final stages of the Perseverance rover's journey to Mars, and you can watch the whole event as it happens. News Mars Mars 2020 NASA Perseverance Rover space


How Much the Oil and Gas Industry Paid Texas Republicans Who Are Lying About Wind Energy

GizModo VR

As the crisis of rolling blackouts in Texas unfolds this week, some of the state’s loudest Republican politicians are falsely dragging “frozen wind turbines” as the cause. But behind every wind energy smear by a Texas politician is a dizzying amount of money contributed by the fossil fuel industry.

Texas 114

WW1 Biplane Shooter Warplane Plans App Lab Release

Upload VR

The Polish studio Home Net Games confirmed that its dog fighting title Warplane: WW1 Fighters has been submitted to App Lab and is pending approval. Warplane is a made-for-VR game that lets you pilot WWI biplanes through a full campaign on Oculus Quest.

Billionaires’ Favorite Climate Solution Is a Dangerous Distraction

GizModo VR

An Elon Musk tweet can do everything from moving the stock market to convincing people to invest in a joke cryptocurrency.

Peco Peco’s Design Lead On Building A Unique VR Puzzle Game

Upload VR

Last week I (virtually) sat down with Julien Dorra , the Creative Tech & Design Lead of indie VR startup Bentham Realities. They’re a small team building a unique VR puzzler called Peco Peco. We talked about spatial puzzles, app lab, designing for VR, indie development, and more.

Million-Year-Old Mammoth Teeth Contain Oldest DNA Ever Found

GizModo VR

An international team of scientists has sequenced DNA from mammoth teeth that is at least a million years old, if not older. This research , published today in Nature, not only provides exciting new insight into mammoth evolutionary history, it reveals an entirely unknown lineage of ancient mammoth.


Everything you need to know about using a microSD card on Android

Digital Trends

MicroSD cards allow you to store more files locally, but they can be complex. Here's how to use a microSD card on your Android device, if you still can. Android How-To Mobile microSD MicroSD Card Other Tier 4

Survivors of Severe Covid-19 Should Get Their Eyes Checked, Study Suggests

GizModo VR

Doctors are warning that covid-19 may be capable of causing lingering eye problems. A new study suggests that some people who survive a severe infection can develop growths in the back of their eyes that could lead to vision loss.

Study 105

How to watch NASA’s Perseverance rover land on Mars Tomorrow

Digital Trends

Engineers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory will attempt a feat that is terrifying and impressive in equal measures: Landing a rover on Mars. News breaking twitter Mars mars landing 2021 NASA Perseverance space

Great: Amazon Will Probably Have Its Own Airline Someday

GizModo VR

E-commerce giant and surveillance technology purveyor Amazon is already in your walls , your doorbell and your secret union drive Facebook group, but the question on everybody’s lips is: When will they be more in the sky? The answer, apparently, is soon. Read more.

Amazon 101

Why the Jezero Crater is the most exciting place on Mars

Digital Trends

Why is NASA landing a multibillion dollar Mars rover in Jezero Crater? What makes this tiny pockmark on the Red Planet so interesting? Features Mars NASA Robots science space


New York Attorney General Sues Amazon Over 'Flagrant Disregard' For Covid Safety

GizModo VR

Early on in the pandemic New York Attorney General Letitia James promised an investigation into Amazon’s safety practices and, by god, she delivered. Read more. amazon attorney general publishing 3d publishing criticism of amazon retailers retailing letitia james

How to add a boarding pass to Apple Wallet

Digital Trends

If you have an iPhone, obtaining and storing your boarding pass via Apple Wallet will be one less item on your to-do list at the airport. Here's how to do it. Apple How-To Mobile Apple Wallet boarding pass iPhone Tier 4