Mon.Jan 18, 2021

Atari Bets On Blockchain & NFT Gaming With ZED RUN’s AR Horses


Atari lends its IP to ZED RUN’s digital horses, the up-and-coming Tamagothchi of AR. What if you could combine virtual worlds, blockchain, and digital ownership to create a Tamagotchi 10.0?

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The XR Week Peek (2021.01.18): CES brings XR news, Boz says we have to trust Facebook, and more!

The Ghost Howls

It’s that time of the week when you can read the best news about AR and VR! So let’s dig immediately into them…. Top news of the week. Image by Pollen Robotics). CES 2021 brought some interesting AR/VR news.

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The Future is Now: Live Breakdance Battles in VR Are Connecting People Across the Globe

Road to VR

If you aren’t paying close attention to VR, you’d have no idea that some insanely futuristic stuff is already happening today. Case in point: VRChat is host to a growing community of people strapping on motion-trackers to have live dance battles in virtual reality.

Data Dive: How is AR Boosting eCommerce?

AR Insider

O ne of AR’s bright spots is its ability to boost sales by demonstrating products with greater dimension. Product attributes can be exposed more effectively through 3D and AR interfaces than traditional 2D images in e-commerce. That engenders a more informed buyer.

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Ubisoft Job Posting Suggests ‘Splinter Cell VR’ Will Have a Multiplayer Mode

Road to VR

Ubisoft announced late last year that acclaimed stealth shooter franchise Splinter Cell is getting a made-for-VR game. Now, an Ubisoft job posting strongly suggests the studio is creating a multiplayer component for the game.

What’s Next After Zoom?

Charlie Fink

Remote Collaboration Grows As Pandemic Persists. Consumer Tech /consumer-tech Innovation /innovation Consumer Tech /consumer-tech Business /business technology

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Wave Shuts Down Live VR Music App: ‘Artists Need Audiences To Thrive’

Upload VR

Early live VR music app Wave is shutting down its VR-only software on Steam and Oculus.

L.A. Suspends Air Quality Rules to Cremate Backlog of Covid-19 Victims

GizModo VR

Los Angeles County has temporarily suspended air quality rules in order to allow covid-19 victims to be cremated, according to an executive order passed by the South Coast Air Quality Management District over the weekend.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Horde Mode ‘The Trial’ Delayed For Quest

Upload VR

Today Skydance Interactive announced in their community Discord server that the highly anticipated, free, horde-style wave-based mode, The Trial, is delayed for the Quest version of The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners.

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Virgin’s LauncherOne Rocket Reaches Orbit for the First Time and Drops Off NASA Satellites

GizModo VR

The commercial race to space just got a little more crowded. Richard Branson’s Virgin Orbit, Virgin Galactic’s sister company, has successfully launched a rocket into orbit for the first time.

Wallace & Gromit AR Story Now Available On Android & iPhone

Upload VR

An original Wallace & Gromit story built for augmented reality is now available on Android and iPhone. You can pick up Wallace & Gromit: The Big Fix Up on Google Play or the Apple App Store.

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Intel Unveils Panther Canyon NUC11 Family: Tiger Lake Comes to NUCs

Anand Tech

As part of its CES 2021 announcements, Intel officially unveiled a number of NUCs based on their Tiger Lake SoCs. Intel's initial NUCs were all based on 100mm x 100mm (4in x 4in) boards, kickstarting the UCFF craze that contributed to revitalizing the PC market.

Oculus Quest 2 vs PSVR: What’s The Difference, Which One To Buy

Upload VR

For newcomers to VR, there are two headsets that you’re most likely to have heard about — Oculus Quest 2 and PSVR. There’s no doubt that Quest 2 and PSVR are the most mainstream and recognizable headsets for those with just a passing interest or limited knowledge of VR.

How Does It Feel to Get Ketamine Therapy?

GizModo VR

Among the recreational drugs currently entering the psychiatric mainstream (MDMA, LSD, etc.), ketamine is something of an outlier. Most people have a rough idea of what “acid” or “molly” are supposed to do, even if they’ve never tried them.


Community Download: Which Non-VR Games Would You Most Like To Play In VR?

Upload VR

Community Download is a weekly discussion-focused articles series published (usually) every Monday in which we pose a single, core question to you all, our readers, in the spirit of fostering discussion and debate.

Johnny Mnemonic's Cyber-Dolphin Is Still the Apex of Cyberpunk

GizModo VR

It’s hard to make the cyberpunk genre feel fresh nowadays. Its tried-and-true tenets of a dystopian future overrun by corporations and technology have, after all, been true for a while.

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VR Download: Panasonic’s Slim VR Glasses, HTC’s ‘All-In-Two’ Comment, And New VR-Ready Laptops

Upload VR

We’re discussing live with our audience on YouTube at 1 pm Pacific today diving into the latest VR-related hardware news.

How to Choose the Best Fitness App Subscription

GizModo VR

If you want to get fit at home, there are multiple fitness streaming services to choose from, and you don’t even have to splurge on pricey connected gym equipment.

Hitman 3 Launch Trailer Promises A Thrilling Adventure For PSVR This Week

Upload VR

The Hitman 3 launch trailer is here two days ahead of release and it’s full of tense moments, pulse-pounding music, and plenty of assassinating and killing to really get you in the mood ahead of its January 20th launch on PS4 with full PSVR support.

The New Batwoman Punches a Man's Face Off in Her Debut and It's Incredible

GizModo VR

After months of covid-19 related delays, a new season of the CW’s Batwoman is here with a brand new vigilante at the helm. I’m happy to confirm that Javicia Leslie is absolutely fantastic as Ryan Wilder, the new Batwoman.


On Martin Luther King Day, we should honor Coretta Scott King too

Mashable VR

There wouldn't be a Martin Luther King Day without Coretta Scott King.


Biden May Yank Keystone XL Pipeline Permit as Soon as His First Day in Office

GizModo VR

One of President-elect Joe Biden’s first acts in office will be to axe the cross-border permit for the multi-billion-dollar Keystone XL pipeline project. That’s according to sources familiar with the matter who told Politico and Reuters that he could do it as soon as his first day. Read more.

How to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. Day from home

Mashable VR

The third Monday in January has returned to remind us of the legacy of one of our nation's greatest civil rights leaders at a time when we need it most. Martin Luther King Jr.

A Prime Suspect for Dark Matter Might Be Escaping From Neutron Stars

GizModo VR

After axions were first theorized by physicists in the suburbs of Chicago 45 years ago, they quickly became a robust candidate for explaining dark matter. All this time, though, the ultra-small particles have remained hypothetical.

Watch an ultrasonic obliterator vaporising water droplets in hypnotic slow motion

Mashable VR

As the description for The Slow Mo Guys ' latest video makes clear, this one is essentially Gav "filming a vibrating stick" in slow motion. But it's not just any stick.

Vizio's OLED Is the Perfect TV if You Want Quality on a Budget

GizModo VR

If you’ve been hoping to upgrade your old TV for an OLED model but don’t want to spend a fortune for a decently sized display, Vizio’s OLED is the TV for you. Read more. oled vizio tvs


WhatsApp delays controversial update after user backlash

Mashable VR

WhatsApp has caused quite a bit of commotion with a planned update to its privacy policy , which spooked users as it added more detail on how Facebook and third party businesses can use and interact with user data on the platform.

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This Is Still One of the Best Gaming Monitors You Can Buy

GizModo VR

A gaming rig is only as powerful as its weakest component.

The best online tools to trace your genealogy from home

Mashable VR

When we spend so much of our time online, we’re bound to learn something while clicking and scrolling. Discover something new with Mashable’s series I Learned It On The Internet.

10 Marvel Duos We'd Love to See Get the WandaVision Treatment

GizModo VR

Anything is possible in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That statement is still true even if the “cinematic” universe isn’t just “cinematic” anymore. With this week’s release of WandaVision , the MCU is now streaming too. And streaming Marvel, so far, is way weirder than movie Marvel.


Where to find photography classes online

Mashable VR

When we spend so much of our time online, we’re bound to learn something while clicking and scrolling. Discover something new with Mashable’s series I learned it on the internet.

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