Mon.Oct 12, 2020

The XR Week Peek (2020.10.12): Quest 2 is launching, dogs use AR, and more!

The Ghost Howls

We are all waiting for the Quest 2 to arrive in our inboxes and we are all pretty excited about it! No big news this week, but expect thousands of boxes and reviews coming out from tomorrow on.

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Become A Champion Of Biodiversity In This Interstellar VR Quest


Battle an interstellar enemy to free galaxies from a geometric prison.

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Oculus Link Will Continue to Work with SteamVR After Native Integration into Quest Interface

Road to VR

In addition to a handful of upcoming performance upgrades, Oculus plans to eventually merge Oculus Link directly into Quest’s interface instead of handing the job off to Oculus Dash (the Oculus PC interface) as it does now.

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Oculus Quest 2 Review: Better, Faster, Stronger Standalone VR


The best VR headset on the market just got even better.

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10 Games Getting Quest 2 Enhancements at Launch

Road to VR

Oculus Quest 2 launches tomorrow, bringing along with it higher resolution, higher refresh rate, and a cutting edge Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 chipset to drive native VR games on the company’s most powerful standalone headset yet.

Will AR Shopping Inflect in a Post-Covid World?

AR Insider

Data Dive is AR Insider’s weekly dive into select spatial computing figures. Running Mondays, it includes data points and strategic takeaways. For an indexed library of data, reports, and multimedia, subscribe to ARtillery Pro. P roof points for AR’s efficacy as a shopping tool continue to roll out.

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Rendever Announces Addition of EnvisionHome Solution to VR Experience Platform


For the last couple of years, Rendever has sought to improve the lives of those in elder-care communities through VR experiences.

Here’s Every Country & Store Where Quest 2 is Officially Being Sold

Road to VR

On the eve of the Oculus Quest 2 launch your favorite retailer might be backordered or out of stock of the headset, but have you looked elsewhere? Here’s a complete list of official Quest 2 retailers and the MSRP price in each country.

Facebook Now Rolling Out Account Requirement For Oculus Headsets

Upload VR

As of this week, the Oculus Facebook account requirement is in effect – all new, first-time sign-ins to Oculus headsets will require a Facebook account.

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The Boys' Karen Fukuhara on Beating the S**t Out of Nazis and Hopes for Season 3

GizModo VR

The Boys’s second season ended with a bang—or should we say a barrage of fists. Now, actor Karen Fukuhara is looking back on her time beating up a fictional Nazi and how giving Kimiko a voice in season two addressed a problem she said she hadn’t noticed before. Read more.

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Affected: The Manor To Get Quest 2 Enhancements, New Content In Darkness Update

Upload VR

More spooky scares await Oculus Quest 2 this week when Affected: The Manor launches its latest update. The VR horror game, which is already available on the original Quest, will get improved visual and audio features on the new headset.

Doom Runs on Anything, Including Rotting Potatoes

GizModo VR

You can get the classic video game Doom to run on a lot of things: pianos, printers, old Nokia phones, and even electronic pregnancy tests. But one YouTuber decided to flip the script on the ole, “Does it run Doom ?”

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Oculus Quest 2 vs Every Oculus Headset Ever

Upload VR

Believe it or not, the Oculus Quest 2 is Facebook’s fifth VR headset in four years (not counting Gear VR and its roughly one million variations). But, while the headset is arguably the company’s best yet , not every aspect is improved over its predecessors, often in some surprising ways.

Coronavirus Has Killed Nearly 10,000 Minks in Utah

GizModo VR

Humans aren’t the only creatures at risk from dying of covid-19, it seems. In recent weeks, the state of Utah has been dealing with mass die-offs at mink farms that health officials believe are linked to the viral pandemic—outbreaks that likely began from contact with infected human handlers.

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38 years ago, CDs rewrote our relationship with music and primed us for 2020

Digital Trends

Approaching 40 years since the CD made its debut, the strange thing about CDs is how they have largely faded from our nostalgic consciousness. Features Apple Music CDs Spotify streaming music

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Microsoft Takes Down Massive Botnet Before 2020 Elections

GizModo VR

Microsoft has obtained a court order to seize servers the company says are part of the Trickbot botnet ahead of the 2020 elections, the Washington Post reported on Monday. Read more.

FitXR Interview – CEO And Co Founder Sam Cole discusses FitXR’s Debut On Quest, Addresses User Feedback And Hints At Future Plans

VR Fitness

FitXR released recently for the Oculus Quest, as a free, (and mandatory) replacement for the popular boxercise workout title BoxVR.

An AI Analysis of 500,000 Studies Shows How We Can End World Hunger

GizModo VR

Ending hunger is one of the top priorities of the United Nations this decade. Yet the world appears to be backsliding , with an uptick of 60 million people experiencing hunger in the last five years to an estimated 690 million worldwide. Read more.

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Vader And Beat Saber Duel For Top Spot In September PSVR Charts

Upload VR

Darth Vader appears to have met an unlikely match – Beat Saber. September’s PlayStation Store charts are in, and the newly-launched Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series was locked in close combat with the Jedi wannabe rhythm game.

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The Atlantic Ocean Hasn't Been This Hot in at Least 2,900 Years

GizModo VR

More than 20 years after intoning, “The water’s getting warm, so you might as well swim,” Smash Mouth’s “All Star” continues to be prophetic. Case in point: A new study finds that the Atlantic Ocean just had its hottest decade in at least 2,900 years.

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ASRock Industrial's NUC 1100 BOX Series Brings Tiger Lake to UCFF Systems

Anand Tech

Intel's introduction of the Tiger Lake U-series processors with support for a range of TDPs up to 28W has resulted in vendors launching a number of interesting systems with a twist to the original NUC's 100mm x 100mm ultra-compact form-factor (UCFF).

What Is UWB and Why Are Apple and Samsung Suddenly So Interested In It?

GizModo VR

Wifi, Bluetooth, and NFC are well-established specs in modern smartphones, and if Samsung has its way, UWB is going to be next. Read more. samsung investing big into uwb tech smartphones uwb ultra wideband digital keys consumer tech standards

Who’s Winning The Esports Game

Charlie Fink

The games, the leagues, the owners, the money. Consumer Tech /consumer-tech Innovation /innovation Consumer Tech /consumer-tech Business /business SportsMoney /sportsmoney technology

A Young Boy Dreams of Fantastical Loves in This Gorgeous Look Inside The Magic Fish

GizModo VR

You might best know Trung Le Nguyen as Trungles , their social media pseudonym for posting gorgeous, magical art —but now the artist is making their graphic novel debut with the likewise spellbinding The Magic Fish —and io9 has a sneak peek inside. Read more.


Xbox One vs. Xbox One S: Is a mid-tier upgrade worth your money?

Digital Trends

To help you decide between the original Xbox One and the Xbox One S, here's a spec comparison that covers everything you should know about the two consoles. Buying Guides Gaming Microsoft spec comparison Tier 4 Xbox One Xbox One S

Can AI-Generated Text Be Funny?

GizModo VR

What’s worse: a future in which the robots turn against us or a future filled with robot stand-up comedians? Regular stand-up comedians are bad enough; I don’t need a robot asking me to go to their standup show all the time.

How to play YouTube in the background on Android and iOS

Digital Trends

Don't let YouTube hold you back from multitasking. Check out our guide to playing YouTube in the background! Android Apple How-To Mobile iOS Tier 4 YouTube

Disney Wants to Be Netflix Now

GizModo VR

We probably could have seen this coming. Read more. disney plus streaming streaming wars netflix


Top 5 Best Beat Saber DLC Music Packs

Upload VR

Looking for the best Beat Saber DLC? We’ve got you covered – several Beat Saber DLC packs have released over the last few years — but with so many available, how do you know which ones to choose? List time!

The Pandemic Was Even Deadlier Than We Thought This Spring and Summer

GizModo VR

A new study estimates that between March and July, there were 225,000 more deaths in the U.S. than expected, based on the previous five years of data. Of those, a little over half were officially attributed to the covid-19 pandemic.

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How to get rid of someone else’s Apple ID on your iPhone

Digital Trends

Having someone else's Apple ID on your iPhone can be a frustrating problem to have. This article explains how to remove it and set your own Apple ID up again. Apple How-To Mobile apple icloud Apple ID Apple ID password Apple iPhone icloud