Thu.Sep 24, 2020

BISim tells us how XR is relevant for the Army

The Ghost Howls

Military simulations are one of the fields where virtual reality has always been an important technology , even before that VR had its new renaissance in 2012. In fact, in the XR communities, there are many esteemed members that are army veterans (like John Westra or Tony Rogers).

Oculus Quest 2 VR Cover Now Available For Pre-Order


Keep your new headset looking fresh with an easy-to-clean facial interface. Look under the hood of the new Oculus Quest 2 and you’ll find a new Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 chipset, 6GB of RAM, 2k per eye resolution with adjustable optics, and seven onboard cameras.

Oculus 243

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10 New Games We Can’t Wait to Play on Quest 2

Road to VR

Quest 2 is on the horizon, and with its October 13th release date inching ever closer, you might want to know what new games we’re looking forward to playing on the company’s next standalone headset.

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Oculus VR Founder Palmer Luckey Backs Unofficial Quest App Store ‘SideQuest’


Everyone’s favorite indie store front raises $650K in funding. If you own an Oculus Quest headset than chances are you’ve heard of SideQuest , an immensely popular VR app store that allows independent developers a chance to showcase games and apps that have been rejected for publishing on the Oculus Store due to the company’s notoriously strict application system.

Oculus 227

HP Reverb G2 Will Begin Shipping in November, New Orders in December

Road to VR

HP announced today that its upcoming Reverb G2 headset will begin shipping in “early November” to those who pre-ordered, and new pre-orders starting today will ship in December. Reverb G2 is HP’s highly anticipated upcoming headset which brings a range of improvements and refinements over its predecessor.

8th Wall Launches Tool for WebAR Experiences Using Curved Targets


The earliest AR experiences were based on physical markers like QR codes. As the technology developed, such targets were no longer necessary for many experiences. However, some experiences, particularly WebAR enabled branded packaging, are actually more immersive when based around a physical target.

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ARtillery Briefs, Episode 42: AR Advertising Case Studies

AR Insider

ARtillery Briefs is a video series that offers insights in under 5 minutes. Each episode summarizes strategic takeaways from ARtillery’s original reports and market forecasts. See below narrative takeaways and embedded video. For the full library, subscribe to ARtillery PRO.

PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan: VR Still Unproven But ‘Really Intriguing’

Upload VR

Sony Interactive Entertainment President and CEO Jim Ryan says that VR is still unproven territory, but the company is “really intrigued” as to where it could go.

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EON Reality and the National Union of Romanian Employers Announce XR Classroom Partnership


The new collaboration will bring XR classroom technology and materials to Romanian students.

New PSVR Controllers Show Inside-Out Tracking, Index-Like Design In Fresh Patent

Upload VR

A newly-discovered patent filing gives us what may be our best look yet at new PSVR controllers for the unannounced PSVR 2. The Japanese filing , first spotted by Let’s Go Digital , includes detailed diagrams of the devices from various angles. Though the text is in Japanese and we can’t translate, the designs do seem consistent with a number of other patents and research filings we’ve seen out of Sony in the past few years. New PSVR Controllers Spotted.

This New Quantum Processor Is Made of Light

GizModo VR

Experts are still unclear on what material will make the best quantum computer, but one obscure candidate is gaining traction: infrared light.

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Camp Marshmallow Review: A Dark And Twisted Must-Play For Oculus Quest

Upload VR

Camp Marshmallow on SideQuest is a dark, twisted VR experience about life, death, and s’mores created by solo developer Chris Pavia that’s available for free on Oculus Quest.

How Earth’s spacefaring nations are teaming up to build an asteroid defense system

Digital Trends

If there's one thing that all of the world's governments can agree on, it's that we need a plan to avoid an Armageddon-level asteroid catastrophe. Features ESA NASA

Take Control Of Your Afterlife

Charlie Fink

When people die today, they don’t leave behind shoeboxes of pictures. Consumer Tech /consumer-tech Innovation /innovation Consumer Tech /consumer-tech Business /business Media /media technology

Too Much Licorice Stopped Man’s Heart and Killed Him, Doctors Say

GizModo VR

A Massachusetts man’s fateful switch to licorice candy seems to have sent him to an early grave.

Void Racer: Extreme Review – Tron Meets F-Zero For Oculus Quest

Upload VR

Void Racer: Extreme is a sci-fi racing game that marries the hover bikes and neon lights from Tron with the blazing fast speeds found in F-Zero and WipEout to deliver an exhilarating racing game for Oculus Quest that’s only a little rough around the edges.

In 2020, Not Even Your Seltzer Is Safe

GizModo VR

If you, like me, woke up one day in your 30s and decided that seltzer was suddenly your thing, I have some bad news. It’s time to sit down, friend, and mourn yet another thing that this garbage year 2020 has taken from us.


Amazon hardware launch event kicks off today at 10 a.m. PT

Digital Trends

Amazon is holding a virtual hardware event to take the place of its usual fall product showcase. We're rounding up everything announced right here. Mobile Smart Home Alexa Amazon Amazon Devices Event 2020 Echo Eero Ring

Scientists Have Figured Out How to Capture Energy From a Gentle Breeze

GizModo VR

The crackling sound you hear as you separate two socks fresh out of the dryer are the result of the triboelectric effect generating static electricity.

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HP Reverb G2 Ships In November, New Orders Arrive December

Upload VR

The upcoming HP Reverb G2 PC-powered headset should start arriving to buyers in early November, according to HP. New orders placed September 24 or afterward should start arriving to customers in early December. “Customers who has already pre-ordered the HP Reverb can expect to receive their shipments this fall, starting in early November 2020. Pre-orders are expected to be prioritized for the time/date the order was made to our channel partners,” a blog post from HP explains.

Secret 'Man Cave' Discovered in Room in Beneath Grand Central Station

GizModo VR

Dreams do come true—but sometimes, they also get you in deep s**t. Read more. secret rooms mta grand central station


NUVIA Completes Series B Funding Round: $240M

Anand Tech

One of the more interesting startups of late is NUVIA, with promises of a new Arm-based processor for the datacenter to rival the x86 dominance of AMD and Intel.

Trauma Disrupts Children's Brains—but Researchers Are Finding New Ways to Help Them Heal

GizModo VR

Between 1966, when abortion was outlawed in Romania, and 1989, when the revolution overthrew the communist government, many parents turned over children they couldn’t care for to state-run institutions. Children grew up in neglect , without the security of a dependable, comforting caregiver.

Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3090 has already sold out

Digital Trends

It's another win for Nvidia, and another frustrating day for gamers. Computing Gaming News GeForce Nvidia Raytracing RTX RTX 3090

Covid-19 Data Is Coming to Google Maps

GizModo VR

While contact tracing flails in the U.S. thanks in part to government dysfunction , Google’s deploying a feature to at least help us avoid covid-19 hotspots.

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MacBook Pro vs. iPad Pro

Digital Trends

Both the MacBook Pro and iPad Pro are incredibly powerful devices for working on the go. So, which should you buy? We put them to the test to get the answers. Apple Computing iPad Pro macbook pro Tier 4 versus

Apple 87

‘Extremely Brilliant’ X-Ray Beams Are About to Revolutionize How We See Into Matter

GizModo VR

A new way of producing powerful X-ray beams—the brightest on Earth—is now making it possible to create 3D images of matter at astounding resolutions.

TicWatch 3 Pro is the first Wear OS smartwatch with a Snapdragon Wear 4100 chip

Digital Trends

The TicWatch 3 Pro smartwatch is the first to feature Qualcomm's Snapdragon 4100 processor, which promises to breathe new life into Google's Wear OS software. Android Mobile News Wearables Mobvoi Snapdragon Wear 4100 TicWatch 3 Pro

Xbox Cloud Gaming Is a Wonder—Until I Tried Halo

GizModo VR

Cloud Gaming with Xbox Game Pass, originally called Project xCloud back when the streaming service was in preview, launched last week on Sept. It’s another game streaming service like GeForce Now , Stadia , and Shadow that lets you play videogames over wifi or a mobile connection.

VR Rhythm Game OhShape Available On PSVR From Today

Upload VR

Get ready to contort your body into some strange shapes, because OhShape launches on PSVR today! One of the many VR rhythm games released this year, OhShape launched back in February for PC VR and Oculus Quest. We’ve been waiting on a PSVR port ever since, and it has finally arrived.

Lower Decks Tackles a Fundamental Truth of Star Trek

GizModo VR

It’s a fundamental truth that is deeply human (and Vulcan, and Andorian, and Klingon , and Betazoid, and Trill, and so on): Pobody’s nerfect ? Read more. tv bite star trek star trek lower decks cbs all access cbs streaming animation