Mon.Feb 18, 2019

Report: Nintendo To Launch Switch VR Headset This Year


Poor Nintendo will probably never be free of Switch VR speculation until it announces its own headset. The latest rumors suggest that could be this year.

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‘Neos VR’ Update Brings “massive improvements” to User Friendliness, Social Features & More

Road to VR

Neos VR , the social VR platform, is celebrating a milestone with the release of its 0.8 build, which brings what the creators call “massive improvements” to usability and social features, and integration with its own cryptocurrency.

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Samsung Odyssey+ Is Just $299 This Week – 40% Off Sale


Samsung is offering an incredible deal this week — its Odyssey+ PC VR headset is just $299. This saves $200 (40%) from the regular $499 price. Odyssey+ is the refreshed version of the original Odyssey, which was Samsung’s first PC VR headset released in 2017.

Oculus Founder is Giving Away Free Audio Repair Kits for Out-of-warranty Rifts

Road to VR

Last week we learned Oculus founder and former executive Palmer Luckey was getting ready to release a repair kit for out-of-warranty Rifts that suffer from a manufacturing flaw that results in malfunctioning audio in one (or both) of the headset’s integrated headphones.

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Join An Apocalyptic Street Race In REWIND’s ‘Curfew’ VR Experience


‘Curfew: Join The Race’ is an immersive, interactive VR experience for Oculus Rift inspired by the exhilarating new drama.

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Magic Leap & Three UK Power 5G Augmented Reality Fashion Show at London Fashion Week

Next Reality AR

While AT&T is gradually showing off the powers of its 5G technology in the US via the Magic Leap One, another major wireless company is doing the same in the UK using the world of fashion.

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Lego Partner Kabooki Builds Virtual Pop-Up Shop with Snapchat's Shoppable AR

Next Reality AR

Now that Lego Movie 2, a film about an imaginary world made of plastic bricks existing parallel to the real world, is in theaters, it's the perfect time to shop for Lego apparel at a store modeled after that world.

Palmer Luckey Will Fix Your Oculus Rift’s Audio Cutout Issue For Free


Palmer Luckey is launching a repair kit for an Oculus Rift audio cutout issue. Luckey founded Oculus back in early 2012, but was fired by Facebook in 2017. Image from Palmer Luckey. Luckey claims the issue is caused by “eventual failure of the complex electromechanical assembly” He describes this as a design flaw, rather than an intentional tradeoff. He is not the first to notice the flaw. Many Oculus forums users have documented the issue for years now.

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Personalizing Learning with Data

Tech Trends VR

Microsoft’s latest acquisition shows how combining pedagogy and technology can dramatically improve learning outcomes. Today’s students will graduate into a world that will be dramatically different – and changing faster than ever.

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Magic Leap Receives 6,500 Applications For Grant Program, But Not Everyone’s Happy


AR headset-maker Magic Leap saw 6,500 developers apply to its recent Independent Creator Program. It’s a figure that “exceeded” the company’s expectations. But, a few days on from the application cutoff point, not everyone’s satisfied. Announced late last year , the Independent Creator Program promised funding and resources for smaller developers building Magic Leap apps. Studios with less than 20 members could apply for grants between $20,000 – $500,000.

Should You Build Your Own VR or Outsource to an Agency?


With interest in VR on the rise, many new to the technology start off with a simple question: should I build it myself or outsource to an agency? At InstaVR, we have a mix of direct clients and agency clients. Our platform is simple, powerful, and flexible enough for all to use.

10 Amazing ‘Power Trip’ VR Games That Make You Feel Like A Badass


Life is hard. Sometimes things are completely out of your control and you just need a release. For these times it’s important to find a game that puts you in control, one that turns you into a superhero, or an action movie star.

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Palmer Luckey offers free Oculus Rift repair kit for audio problems


His last months in the now Facebook-owned company may have been filled with controversy but Palmer Luckey will forever be honored in history as having co-founded Oculus and pushing the virtual reality towards its renaissance.

Glitch And Mozilla Launch WebVR Starter Kit For Building VR Websites


Virtual reality experiences have historically been islands — unconnected apps and videos, sometimes platform-specific — but the past year has seen efforts to tie them together using device-agnostic tools and portals. Mozilla’s vision has been to leverage the web and browsers for VR , and now it’s launching a free WebVR “starter kit” developed with web and app development community Glitch.

Secret Location’s The Great C Is Coming To Airports Around The World


Last year Transpose developer Secret Location dabbled with the VR movie genre. The result was The Great C , an excellent virtual take on a short story by Philip K. From this week, you’ll be able to watch it before jetting off around the world. Secret Location this week announced partnerships with Inflight VR and Skylights. Both agreements will see The Great C brought to both company’s pre-flight VR offerings.

Community Download: Which Games Should Oculus Quest Bundle?


Community Download is a weekly discussion-focused articles series published every Monday in which we pose a single, core question to you all, our readers, in the spirit of fostering discussion and debate. With GDC fast-approaching next month we are expecting to learn a lot more about the Oculus Quest standalone VR headset.

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