Fri.Nov 23, 2018

This New Device Could Solve VR Motion Sickness


OtoTech combats motion-induced nausea without the side effects of drugs. According to research published by ScienceNews , roughly 25% to 45% of users report some form of motion sickness while engaged in a virtual reality experience.

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HTC & McLaren Unveil Limited Edition Vive Pro With McLaren VR Experiences


HTC and McLaren today announced a special edition of the Vive Pro with McLaren styling which includes two McLaren themed VR games along with 6 months subscription to Viveport. The bundle is priced at $1,549, $150 more than the regular Vive Pro kit.

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$1,550 Vive Pro McLaren Edition Further Confuses Headset’s Positioning

Road to VR

HTC today launched the Vive Pro McLaren Edition, which includes a limited edition Vive Pro with 2.0 peripherals and colored accents, a themed box, a copy of racing sim rFactor 2 McLaren Edition , and the McLaren Garage VR Experience.

Editorial: Xbox Is Well-Poised To Dominate VR Next Generation


For years now, we’ve been waiting with bated breath to see if Xbox will throw its hat in the VR ring. Microsoft itself entered the market last year with a line of PC-based headsets developed with partners, but the Xbox One works with no VR headsets while Sony’s PlayStation 4 pairs with the PlayStation VR headset.

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The Best HTC Vive Deal for Black Friday 2018

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Holiday shopping season is here and we’re keeping an eye on the best HTC Vive Black Friday 2018 deals. HTC Vive Deal Baseline. It’s important to keep in mind the base price of the headset so you can make an informed decision when purchasing.

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The Best Oculus Go Deal for Black Friday 2018

Road to VR

Holiday shopping season is here and we’re tracking the best Oculus Go Black Friday 2018 deals. Oculus Go Deal Baseline. It’s important to understand the nominal price point for the Oculus Go so that you know what kind of deal you’re getting when you see a sale.

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Limina VR Weekender Comes To London Next Month


There’s an intriguing new VR festival in town for London VR enthusiasts (or anyone else) next week. The Limina VR Weekender is set to run on Decembers 1st and 2nd (a Saturday and Sunday) at the Picturehouse Central near Piccadilly Circus. This isn’t your usual assortment of Superhot VR and Arizona Sunshine demos; it’s a VR arts festival that will shine an entirely different light on what the tech is capable of.

#717: VR Privacy Summit Organizer Highlights & Next Steps

Voices of VR

The VR Privacy Summit happened on November 8th, and brought together representatives from the top XR companies, start-up companies, VR experts, medical academics, and legal. Podcast Archive


Oculus Rift Black Friday Pack: Lone Echo, Onward, Superhot, The Climb, Arizona Sunshine, GORN, and Eleven For $99.99 – Saving 50%


Facebook’s Oculus is offering a Black Friday game bundle on the Rift’s VR app store. The pack contains 7 major games for $99.99 – Lone Echo , Onward , Superhot VR , The Climb , Arizona Sunshine , GORN , and Eleven: Table Tennis VR. At their regular prices the games would total to $209.93, thus this pack saves $109.94 (%52). The deal is one day only, ending at midnight tonight Pacific Standard Time.