Wed.Sep 26, 2018

Oculus announces Oculus Quest: 6 DOF, Snapdragon 835 VR, disruptive $399 price

The Ghost Howls

In the end, the time has come: Oculus has officially revealed the name and the price of the Santa Cruz headset. Its name will be Oculus Quest and will cost $399. I followed today’s OC5 conference via Facebook streaming only for this moment and Oculus has not disappointed my expectations.

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OC5: Oculus Renames Santa Cruz To Oculus Quest Coming Spring 2019 For $399


Oculus now has a final name for its standalone inside-out tracked VR headset, originally codenamed Santa Cruz. Meet Oculus Quest. The company announced the new name at its Oculus Connect 5 developer conference in San Jose today, also confirming that the kit would launch in spring 2019 for $399.

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Google Puts Faces of Historic Women on US Currency via Augmented Reality

Next Reality AR

Well-regarded men from the history of the United States tend to grace the country's currency, but what if equally deserving women were honored in the same fashion? That's the question that Google's Notable Women project endeavors to explore with augmented reality.

OC5: Star Wars: Vader Immortal VR Series Revealed For Oculus Quest


As yesterday’s teases suggested, ILMxLAB has just revealed new information about its anticipated Star Wars VR experience starring Darth Vader. Star Wars: Vader Immortal was just revealed for Oculus Quest as a premier partner for what’s described as a three-part series.

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Oculus Unveils ‘Oculus Quest’ Standalone Headset At OC5


Standalone 6DoF VR arrives on the Oculus platform Spring 2019 for $399. Oculus Connect 5 is officially underway in San Jose, California, and the company wasted not time this year as Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg took to the stage to unveil the next generation of Oculus VR technology, the Oculus Quest.

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Microsoft Fuels Efficiency at Chevron with Remote Assist App for HoloLens

Next Reality AR

Four months after unveiling the latest productivity apps for the HoloLens, Microsoft now has a series of compelling real-world use case videos showing how the augmented reality device and its apps are helping oil giant Chevron.

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Vox Machinae Hands-On: VR’s Most Immersive Mech Cockpit


I’ve played a lot of Archangel: Hellfire , Rigs was one of my favorite PSVR launch titles, and I still fantasize about a real Gundam VR game. But to date, Vox Machinae may have my favorite VR mech cockpit.

Oculus Announces Quest, The High-end Standalone Headset Starting at $400

Road to VR

Oculus today introduced Quest, the consumer version of the ‘Project Santa Cruz’ headset that the company first revealed way back in 2016.

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Defector Hands-On: Becoming Jason Bourne In VR Is A Blast


When I was younger, I wanted to be a secret spy. I’d imagine a lot of former young people would say the same thing. The escapades of James Bond, Jason Bourne, and Mission Impossible’s Ethan Hunt just seemed like such amazing and heroic jobs to have.

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‘Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series’ Launches On Oculus Quest 2019


Episode one of the three-part interactive series lands on the upcoming standalone headset sometime next year. It’s only day one of Oculus Connect 5 and already we’ve seen new hardware, new content, and bold new ideas for the future of VR.

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Oculus Quest Supports “Arena-scale” Tracking and Multi-room Guardian

Road to VR

Oculus today offered up some details on the ‘Insight’ tracking system of their new Quest headset. The inside-out tracking goes “beyond roomscale,” according to Oculus, enabling large-scale experiences that let players physically move around large spaces.

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Check Out The First Gameplay Of PSVR’s Deracine And Everybody’s Golf VR


Two big PlayStation VR (PSVR) games were featured at Tokyo Games Show in Japan this year, and we just got our best looks yet at both of them. The first game is Deracine a new title from Dark Souls developer From Software.

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Magic Leap Teams with Sennheiser to Deliver High-End Spatial Audio for Augmented Reality

Next Reality AR

One of the best aspects of the Magic Leap One is the spatial audio, a feature that enhances the overall sense of immersion when interacting with virtual objects and content through the device.

OC5: Oculus Quest Will Launch With Over 50 Titles In 2019


Today at Oculus Connect 5 Facebook announced that the Santa Cruz prototype is now officially known as Oculus Quest and that it will be launching in Spring 2019 with over 50 different titles for $399. While the full list of releases won’t be confirmed until next year, we already have a bit of insight into what to expect.

Oculus Announces ‘Lone Echo 2’ At Oculus Connect 5


A sequel to one of 2018’s most polished VR titles heads to the Oculus Rift 2019. This past July, Lone Echo introduced us to Jack and Liv, an unlikely pair of friends who find themselves thrust into an extraordinary situation after their space vessel is destroyed by an unknown force.

OC5: Oculus Go ‘Beating Expectations’, Rift ‘Performing Well’


Oculus yet again declined to share sales figures for its Oculus Rift and Go headsets this month. Speaking to UploadVR ahead of today’s Oculus Connect 5 developer conference, the company’s Nate Mitchell avoided providing specific numbers for both devices, instead insisting that both were “performing really well.” ” “Go is beating our expectations on I think every front,” Mitchell said. “It’s great.

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Up Close With Oculus Quest

Road to VR

Oculus Quest (formerly Santa Cruz) has been officially revealed, launching Spring 2019 for $400. We’ve got our first up close look at the newly refined headset. Update (3:00 PM PT) : In a previous version of this article, it was stated that Oculus Quest and Oculus Go shared the same resolution.

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OC5: Oculus Partners With VRHealth To Bring Rift And Go To Hospitals


Oculus Go headsets will soon be joining Rifts in rolling out to hospitals and homes in an effort to use VR to manage patient pain and anxieties. VR wellness company VRHealth today announced a partnership with Oculus that will see the latter’s hardware roll out to sites across the US running the former’s software. At the Oculus Connect 5 developer conference in San Jose, VRHealth will launch three pre-orders as part of the partnership.

‘Robo Recall’, ‘The Climb’, ‘Moss’, and More Coming to Oculus Quest

Road to VR

Oculus today announced ‘Quest’, their new high-end standalone VR headset. The company is promising that some of the top Rift titles will be ported to the headset, including Robo Recall , Moss , The Climb , and Dead and Buried.

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OC5: Oculus Go Is Finally Getting Casting, YouTube VR


Facebook’s Oculus Go standalone headset is finally getting casting options. Oculus made the announcement at its Connect 5 developer conference today. Casting allows a VR user to project what they’re seeing in the virtual world onto another device over Wifi so others can see it. It’s coming to mobile first and then launching on TVs later down the line.

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‘Superhot VR’ is Coming to Oculus Quest

Road to VR

Superhot VR (2016), the ultra-successful slow-mo VR shooter, is coming to the newly announced Oculus Quest.

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OC5: Titanfall Dev’s Rift Exclusive A No-Show But Working ‘Full Steam Ahead’


Last year’s Oculus Connect keynote speech closed out with the surprising revelation that Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment was working on an Oculus Rift exclusive for launch in 2019. Sadly, the mysterious project is a no-show at this year’s Connect.

New VR ‘Star Wars’ Series Slated to Launch on Oculus Quest Next Year, Trailer Here

Road to VR

ILMxLAB, the immersive media wing of Industrial Light and Magic (ILM), today revealed at Oculus Connect 5 that they’re producing a series of Star Wars VR experiences for Oculus Quest , the company’s upcoming high-end standalone VR headset.

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OC5: 4K Oculus Half Dome Prototype Would Be ‘Straightforward’


According to Oculus’ Michael Abrash, fitting the company’s new Half Dome prototype with 4K displays would be “straightforward” Abrash said as much during his keynote speech at Oculus Connect 5 today. He explained that the current Half Dome prototype, which made its debut at F8 earlier this year, has a resolution “roughly” the same as the Rift.

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New Video Reveals More Giant Bosses of ‘Astro Bot Rescue Mission‘

Road to VR

Astro Bot Rescue Mission is nearing release on PSVR next month, and to help charge up the Astro Bot hypetrain, Sony Japan Studio released a new video detailing some of the absolutely huge bosses that you and little Astro will take on.

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Oculus’ Nate Mitchell: ‘2019 Represents Our Biggest Investment To Date’


Over half a billion dollars: that’s how much money Facebook claims to have invested in VR content since before the Rift launched in early 2016. Now with 2018 nearing an end and the next year of consumer VR on the horizon, they want to keep pumping that number up even higher.

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‘Vox Machinae’ Early Access Review: VR’s Latest & Greatest Mech Sim

Road to VR

Having grown up with FromSoftware’s mech arcade series Armored Core and the more simulator-style multiplayer Chromehounds , I have a special place in my heart for the lurching mech goliaths.

Firewall Patch 1.03 Incoming, Improves Matchmaking


Waiting to get into a match of Firewall Zero Hour should soon be a bit shorter. First Contact Entertainment today confirmed that Patch 1.03 for the PSVR exclusive shooter is in the “final stages of testing” and should be with us soon. The studio clarified that this update will improve squad matchmaking and “should result in lower wait times overall.”

‘Lone Echo 2’ Announced, Immersive Trailer Available on Rift, Go, & Gear VR

Road to VR

Oculus today announced Lone Echo 2 , a sequel to the highly praised Lone Echo which was developed by Ready at Dawn and published by Oculus Studios in 2017.

OC5: Echo Combat Release Date Finally Announced


The long wait for the full launch of Ready at Dawn’s Echo Combat is nearly at an end. During its Connect developer conference, Oculus today announced that the highly-anticipated expansion to Echo VR would be arriving on November 15th following multiple beta testing periods that began this summer. Echo Combat, which complements the existing Echo Arena, was first announced at Oculus Connect 4 last year.

Mech Simulator ‘Vox Machinae’ Available Now After Surprise Launch at Oculus Connect

Road to VR

Vox Machinae , a long running indie VR project, is available right now on the Oculus Rift, SteamVR, and PC. The game received a surprise launch into Early Access today at Oculus Connect 5, bringing a new beginning to a title that’s been in the works for nearly four years.