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Spatial Beats: Oculus, Google & Snap

AR Insider

This week, we look at tech stocks, Quest 2’s continued rise, Google’s VR sunsetting, and horsing around with Snapchat See the full roundup below. What is up with Google and XR? The product is a 3D modeling software for PC VR and Oculus Quest headsets. HaptX Ready To Ship Enterprise Data Gloves.

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A Brief History of VR


They created many VR devices including, the Data Glove, the EyePhone, and the Audio Sphere. When they licensed the data glove to Mattel to create the Power Glove, this is one of the first instances of an affordable VR device that was readily available to the general public, costing just $75 USD. .

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China shows its masterplan to lead Virtual Reality in 2025

The Ghost Howls

The document is divided into nine parts: I will report them here, as a small summary of mine, together with the full text translated with Google Translate (so, RIP English), if you want to read it. It can also be an opportunity to get to know what each country should try obtaining in the next years for what concerns virtual reality.