Sony Unveils Next-Gen ‘Orb’ VR Controller For PS5


Last month Sony confirmed that it is currently in development of a direct follow-up to its PlayStation VR headset, promising significant improvements to resolution, better tracking and input, and a larger field-of-view. Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Sony Patents Valve Index-Like VR Controller With Finger Tracking


A recently-published patent from Sony Interactive Entertainment suggests that the company is working on a new VR motion controller, similar to those for the Valve Index. Could this be a new PSVR 2 controller? ” New PSVR 2 Controllers?


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Sony Unveils Next-gen VR Motion Controller for PS5

Road to VR

In preparation for the reveal of its next VR headset, Sony today gave a first look at its next-gen VR controller for use with PS5, something that appears very similar to Oculus’ Touch controller. Image courtesy Sony. Image courtesy Sony.

Watch: Sony Reveals Research On Next-Gen Finger-Tracked VR Controllers


Past patents have suggested that Sony is working on finger-tracking for a new VR motion controller, possibly PlayStation Move 2, to be paired with an unannounced PSVR 2 headset. Now a new video from Sony researchers gives us a much more solid look at that work.

Sony Patent Filing Gives New Look At PSVR 2 Controllers

Upload VR

We’ve just had another glimpse at the promising motion controllers for Sony’s upcoming PS5 VR headset, this time from a recently-spotted patent filing.

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Sony Announces “Next Generation” VR Headset For The PlayStation 5


Improved resolution, enhanced tracking, and new VR controllers confirmed. Earlier this morning, Sony dropped a major bombshell on PlayStation fans with the reveal of a new VR system for the PlayStation 5. ” Image Credit: Sony PlayStation.

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Sony Confirms Next-Gen PSVR is Coming, New Controllers to Feature DualSense Tech

Road to VR

Sony has been awfully quiet about the follow-up to its PSVR headset, which was initially released back in October 2016. Hideaki Nishino, Sony’s senior VP of Platform Planning & Management, announced in a blogpost that the next-gen VR headset for PS5 is coming.

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Sony Patent Reveals VR Controller Design Seemingly Inspired by Valve Index

Road to VR

Sony Interactive Entertainment recently published a patent for a VR motion controller that look suspiciously similar to Valve’s Index controllers, aka ‘Knuckles. Image courtesy Sony Interactive Entertainment, WIPO. sony sony interactive entertainment

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PS5 VR Controllers Revealed By Sony – Finger Detection, Analog Sticks, Inside-Out Tracking

Upload VR

Sony has officially revealed new PS5 VR controllers, with plenty of new features. The pair of controllers were just announced over on the PlayStation Blog. They look very different to the PlayStation Move controllers used with the original PSVR.

Sony 102

The XR Week Peek (2021.03.22): Sony reveals PSVR2 controllers, FRL shows the wristband of the future, and more!

The Ghost Howls

Image by Sony Interactive Entertainment). Sony unveils the new controllers of the PSVR2. Finally, the PSVR 2 won’t have anymore the wands (or dildos) of the PSVR 1 but will have controllers that follow the standards of all the other headsets. Happy Spring everyone!

Sony 297

Sony Researchers Unveil Knuckles-style Prototype VR Controller with Full Hand Tracking

Road to VR

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) researchers unveiled a prototype motion controller recently which showcases experimental techniques into full hand tracking using machine learning and capacitive sensors. News Sony sony sony interactive entertainment sony vr sony vr controller

Sony Announces PlayStation VR 2 Specs Including Eye-tracking, HDR, & 110° Field-of-view

Road to VR

Today during Sony’s CES 2022 press conference the company revealed the first details on PlayStation VR 2, including eye-tracking, a “4K” HDR display, and a 110° Field-of-view. Motion controllers (rechargable battery), eye-tracking. Controllers, headset.

PS5’s Haptic Triggers Came From Testing VR Controller Prototypes, Sony Reveals

Upload VR

The haptic triggers seen in the PS5’s DualSense controller originated from testing a motion controller in VR, Sony has revealed. Sony Interactive Entertainment Product Director Toshi Aoki said as much to IGN.

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Don’t Worry, Sony Just Reconfirmed PSVR ‘Is Compatible With PS5’


Sony Interactive Entertainment’s president and CEO Jim Ryan reconfirmed in an interview published today on CNET that the PSVR “is compatible with PS5” thankfully.

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Sony’s PS5 DualSense controller finally gets some new colors

Digital Trends

The PS5's Dualsense controller is finally getting some new, space-themed color variants. Gaming News dualsense PlayStation 5 Sony

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The best PS5 controllers

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Looking for alternative PS5 controller options? While the DualSense is a strong pick, we've found the other top controllers that can work with the PS5 as well. Buying Guides Gaming Controllers PlayStation 5 PlayStation accessories PS5 Sony

Sony Licenses ‘Advanced Haptics Patent Portfolio’ For ‘VR Controllers’


Haptic feedback technology company Immersion Corp signed an agreement with Sony to license their “advanced haptics” patent portfolio. The company stated that Sony can use this to leverage their technology for “gaming controllers and VR controllers.” The current PlayStation VR motion controller, PlayStation Move, uses a simple rumble motor much like standard gamepads. LRAs offer lower latency and finer control over vibration frequency.

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Epic Floated the Idea of Building a Launch Title for Sony’s Next VR Headset

Road to VR

Epic Games, the creators of Unreal Engine, said it would consider building a launch title for Sony’s “next VR platform” during negotiations about Fortnite cross-play on PlayStation in 2018.

Sony 225

Sony unveils new PS5 VR controllers featuring haptic feedback, adaptive triggers

Digital Trends

Sony revealed its new VR controllers, which will launch with the next-generation of PSVR. Gaming PSVR Sony

Sony’s Newest VR Headset Isn’t What You Think It Is

Upload VR

It looks like Sony has a new VR headset on the way but, no, it isn’t PSVR 2. Xperia Blog caught what appears to be leaked images of a new headset from Sony’s mobile division, Xperia. So, no, it’s not exactly the new Sony VR headset we’ve all been asking for.

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Launching Tomorrow, Sony Reveals How Farpoint’s PS VR Aim Controller Came to Life

Road to VR

Farpoint , one of the most anticipated titles for PlayStation VR, hits stores tomorrow along with the new VR device it was designed alongside, the PSVR Aim Controller. Sony has published details of the design decisions that drove development of one of the oddest looking gaming peripherals ever built. And yet, that’s precisely what we have in Farpoint and the new PSVR Aim Controller, both of which launch tomorrow, May 16th. Farpoint, Image Courtesy Sony.

Every Announcement From Sony’s PS VR Showcase


Sony reveals new VR games and exciting updates during its latest PS VR Showcase event. Today marked yet another PS VR Showcase by Sony, during which the company revealed new games for the PlayStation VR as well as exciting updates on several highly-anticipated titles.

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Watch: PS5 DualSense Controller’s Impressive IMU in Action

Road to VR

We talked earlier this week about the impressive haptics and IMU in the PS5 DualSense controller, and now we can show you what it looks like in action. This shows that the controller’s IMU has very little internal drift and noise.

Sony Confirms Next-Generation PS5 VR Headset Coming Post-2021

Upload VR

Sony Interactive Entertainment today officially confirmed it will release a next generation PS5 VR headset in the future. Sony did, however, confirm that the kit will feature a new ‘VR controller’ that implements features first used in the new DualSense PS5 controller.

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Sony's Next-Gen VR Controllers Are Packing Some Major Upgrades

GizModo VR

Even though Sony has already said its upcoming VR headset won’t be available until sometime next year , the company is already showing off teasers of its new controllers. Based on what we’ve seen so far, the next version of Sony’s PS VR tech looks to be packing some serious upgrades.

New PS5 Controller Patent Has Larger Triggers But Is Missing Light Bar


A new patent filed to a Japanese patent office revealed some possible minor details about the next iteration of Sony’s DualShock controller, to be launched alongside the PlayStation 5 in the 2020 holiday season. The new controller, which will be presumably called the DualShock 5, looks quite similar to the DualShock 4, with a few minor differences. However, most importantly, the new DS5 patent is also missing the light bar from the DS4 controller.

Boneworks Dev Says ‘90% Chance’ Team Supports PSVR 2 Controllers

Upload VR

Last week’s reveal of new controllers for Sony’s upcoming PS5 VR headset was met with cautious optimism from fans and developers alike, including one notable studio yet to make a game for PSVR. They address everything that prevented us from supporting Move controllers.

How to sync a PlayStation 4 controller

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Want to enjoy PS4 or PS4 Pro games with Sony's Bluetooth controllers? Gaming How-To Dualshock 4 controller Playstation 4 Sony sync Playstation Tier 4Learn how to fix errors and get playing.

Sony Reveals PS5, Including New HD Camera And Discless Digital Edition


Sony revealed its next generation PlayStation 5 console today, which features a new white design, a white DualSense controller, media remote and a new HD camera. The post Sony Reveals PS5, Including New HD Camera And Discless Digital Edition appeared first on UploadVR.

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Editorial: New PSVR Controllers Should Launch Before PSVR 2

Upload VR

It seems clear at this point that Sony won’t be releasing a second PSVR headset to go alongside the launch of the PS5 later this year. Specifically, we’re growing increasingly interested in the idea that the company could release new VR controllers before a new headset.

Sony Sold 4.2 Million PSVR Headsets


Sony officially cleared a new sales milestone of 4.2 Sony is the only wired VR headset manufacturer to release actual sales figures. We last heard Sony cleared 3 million headsets sold in August 2018. The PlayStation Aim controller (above) was released in 2017 with support in some VR shooters. A Sony livestream today announced a series of new VR games coming to the system in the next few months, including No Man’s Sky and Five Nights At Freddy’s.

Sony 210

Why Sony’s VR Ambitions May Outgrow PlayStation

Upload VR

Everything we’ve heard about Sony’s next generation VR headset for PS5 thus far sounds… really quite good. We now even know what its controllers look like , and they seem to be a significant leap over the 11 year old (!) Move controllers.

Sony 101

Sony Patent Filing Reveals VR Headset With Haptic Feedback Generator

Upload VR

Patent filings continue to reveal yet more of Sony’s R&D work in the VR space. Could Sony have worked on a VR headset that itself offers haptic feedback in reaction to virtual worlds?

Sony 110

Community Download: What Do You Expect From Sony?s PS5 Event?


For today’s Community Download, we want to know what you’re expecting to see and learn about at Sony’s PS5 event? But we’re back this week with a new topic for everyone to weigh in on: Sony’s PlayStation 5 reveal event.

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The XR Week Peek (2021.03.01): Sony confirms PSVR 2, Facebook teases Quest 2 Pro, and more!

The Ghost Howls

Image by Sony). Sony officially states it is going to launch the PSVR 2. PlayStation VR has been the most successful headset until now (if we exclude the crappy mobile viewers), but now it is pretty dated and people were wondering what Sony was going to do. Header image by Sony).

Sony 278

PS VR Aim Controller Could Be Sony’s Secret Weapon


A hands-on demo of the forthcoming first-person shooter The post PS VR Aim Controller Could Be Sony’s Secret Weapon appeared first on UploadVR. aim controllerE3 gaming PSVR Farpoint playstation move ps vr aim.

This Sony proto VR controller gets smarter as you use it


A video shared by Sony Interactive Entertainment shows a prototype controller that tracks the entire human hand. This controller was the subject of research done on overcoming the limits presented by gesture control systems and traditional controllers.