Launching Tomorrow, Sony Reveals How Farpoint’s PS VR Aim Controller Came to Life

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Farpoint , one of the most anticipated titles for PlayStation VR, hits stores tomorrow along with the new VR device it was designed alongside, the PSVR Aim Controller. Farpoint, Image Courtesy Sony. So why does the PS VR Aim Controller look the way it does? Image courtesy Sony.

PS VR Aim Controller Could Be Sony’s Secret Weapon


A hands-on demo of the forthcoming first-person shooter The post PS VR Aim Controller Could Be Sony’s Secret Weapon appeared first on UploadVR. aim controller

Sony patents next-gen VR motion controllers


As reported by VRFocus, Sony has released two new patents that may indicate next-generation motion controllers. The PS Eye camera and PS Move controllers are both re-purposed PlayStation 3 peripherals.

Sony Application Suggests New PlayStation Move Controller On The Way


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Sony Announces 5 Brand New Games Heading to PSVR

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At Sony’s E3 2017 presentation the company announced a slew of brand new titles heading to PSVR. Though Skyrim is coming to PSVR, Sony’s E3 presentation also featured a section dedicated to brand new PSVR games not seen anywhere else yet.

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Sony Cuts Price of PSVR & PS4 Console by $100 for Week-long Black Friday Sale

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image courtesy Sony. The Skyrim bundle includes the updated PSVR headset ( CUH-ZVR2 ), PlayStation Camera, two PlayStation Move controllers, and Skyrim VR with Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn DLC.

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PlayStation 4 Pro Unboxing: New Sony Console and New DualShock 4 Controller


When Sony debuted the console at its PlayStation Meeting two months ago in New York, everyone already knew what to expect and we were left a bit disappointed overall. hardware PSVR Sony console neo playstation pro PS VR ps4 sony

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Sony Slashes PlayStation VR + ‘Gran Turismo Sport’ Bundle to $200

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After announcing the company sold over 2 million PSVR headsets to date , Sony is now lowering the price of one of its latest bundles to just $200, which includes PlayStation VR, PS Camera, and a copy of Gran Turismo Sport (2017). Image courtesy Sony.

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Sony Releases PSVR’s Top 10 Most Downloaded Games of 2017, ‘Job Simulator’ Tops the Chart

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Sony has compiled a list of the top 10 PSVR games downloaded in 2017. If your interested in Sony’s complete offerings, including the top 10 downloaded games on PS Vita, PS4 and PS4 add-ons – check out the official blog post here.

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PlayStation is Developing New First Party PSVR Titles With Support for Aim Controller

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At a PlayStation VR session today at GDC, Sony stated that first-party PSVR titles with support for the new Aim peripheral are in development. SEE ALSO Hands-on: 'PSVR Aim' Controller Debuts with 'Farpoint' FPS.

Sony Patents Reveal Possible Cancelled PSVR Glove Controller


New patents from Sony give us a slightly better look at its work prototyping a glove controller for its PlayStation VR (PSVR) headset. Earlier this year we reported that Sony had looked into a glove controller for PSVR but ultimately decided not to progress with it, at least that the time. However, they were published last year, suggesting these might be the gloves Sony has since abandoned. This could be a means of control for locomotion.

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Sony May Have Just Patented New PSVR Controllers


Sony’s PlayStation VR (PSVR) is a great headset with arguably the strongest library of any VR device out there, but it’s no secret that the PlayStation Move controllers hold it back somewhat. We’ve heard rumors that a new controller may be on the way and now a new patent might give us our first look at it. As interesting as these patents are, there’s no way of telling if Sony will actually ever release these controllers.

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Sony To Close ‘RIGS’ Developer Guerrilla Cambridge


Guerrilla Cambridge, the UK-based developer behind the high-profile multiplayer FPS, is to close, owner Sony has confirmed to UploadVR today. ” RIGS was one of the biggest games of PlayStation VR’s launch line-up, and one of the few to be developed internally at Sony.

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Sony Releasing Updated PlayStation Move Controllers For PSVR


Sony chose not to refresh the design of its PlayStation Move motion controllers for the launch of PlayStation VR (PSVR) last year but, now nearing the headset’s first birthday, it’s decided that might’ve been a good idea after all. Yesterday we reported that Sony was releasing an updated PSVR model with a slightly improved design.

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Sony: “Nearly All PSVR Titles Will Support DualShock 4 Controllers”

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Sony is gearing up for the PlayStation VR’s launch this October , but you shouldn’t be boxing up your DualShock 4 gamepad in favor of the Move motion controller just yet. To clarify, Sony told Eurogamer this: All PlayStation VR titles will support DualShock 4 controllers.

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Sony Japan Studio Announces VR Platformer ‘Astro Bot Rescue Mission’ For PSVR, Teaser Trailer Here

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Sony Japan Studio today announced a new platform action game for PSVR starring the cute little robots made famous in Sony’s The Playroom (2013) and The Playroom VR (2016). Image courtesy Sony Japan Studio.

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Sony Is Selling Standalone PSVR Aim Controllers… In Taiwan


Right now the only way to get hold of Sony’s Aim Controller for PlayStation VR (PSVR) is to buy it as part of a bundle with VR first-person shooter (FPS), Farpoint. We’ve reached out to Sony to ask if this standalone version will be coming to the west anytime soon. Chances are you’re still hunting for a controller.

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Sony’s Richard Marks Expects Natural Voice Input to Play Major Role in VR’s Future

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In a recent interview with Glixel , Dr. Richard Marks, head of Sony’s Magic Lab R&D team, talked about PSVR’s development history, social VR, and a possible holodeck-style future. Project Morpheus prototype | Photo courtesy Sony.

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Sony’s London Studio Doubles Down With VR as Its Top Priority

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Sony’s London Studio is behind PlayStation VR Worlds (2016) , a collection of VR vignettes for PSVR—including the lauded ‘London Heist’—which was included in some of the headset’s launch bundles. Image courtesy Sony London Studio. Image courtesy Sony.

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PS VR is a Great Platform, But The Move Controller Will Hold it Back


Sony’s The post PS VR is a Great Platform, But The Move Controller Will Hold it Back appeared first on UploadVR. gaming PSVR Sony e3 motion controllers playstation ps move PS VR sony

Trouble With PS VR Tracking? Turn Off The Light, Says Sony


PlayStation VR reviews hit last week and, while mostly positive, many flagged issues with tracking either of the headset itself or its controllers. According to Sony, this could be down to issues with light. hardware VR Headsets controls PlayStation VR sony tracking

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Sony Releases ‘Passengers: Awakening’ VR Experience


Developed in collaboration with Sony Pictures VR, MPC , and Q Department , Passengers: Awakening is less of a game and more a movie set exploration experience. With simple puzzles that require a Rift Touch or Vive controller as your virtual tool, you can quickly breeze through the experience.

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Watch Sony’s E3 Livestream Here @6PM PST, ‘Battlefront 2’ for VR, ‘Golem’, and Aim-compatible Games

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E3 2017 is here, and Sony’s conference is kicking off tonight at 6PM PST ( local time here ) where VR announcements are sure to await. At a special pre-GDC 2016 event, Sony announced PSVR’s official launch date and showcased many games at a hands-on sessions after the event.

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Official: Sony Sold Nearly 1 Million PlayStation VR Headsets in 4.5 Months, Despite Limited Stock

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Sony is the first of the big three tethered VR headset makers to drop official PSVR sales figures: 915,000 PlayStation VR headsets sold as of February 19. Speaking with the New York Times recently , Andrew House, President of Sony Computer Entertainment, confirmed the PSVR sales data.

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PSVR Aim Controller Review: Feel The Game Like Never Before


But now that we’re a full year into the life cycle of the consumer VR market peripherals for add-ons (such as the PlayStation VR (PSVR) Aim Controller for the PSVR itself) are now a thing and the amount of space they take up is more than doubled. PSVR Reviews Sony Aim Controller

Sony Expects Early PSVR Sales to Reach “Many Hundreds of Thousands”

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Sony is setting high near term sales figure expectations for PlayStation VR’s rollout. Speaking with CNBC earlier this week , Jim Ryan, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, spoke to the company’s confidence in early traction of the PSVR headset.

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Sony Patents VR Headset That Combats Simulation Sickness With Eye-Tracking And More


A new patent from Sony suggests the company’s next PlayStation VR (PSVR) headset will take the fight to simulation sickness. It’s an interesting approach to solving the simulation sickness issues; many hardware and software developers are trying to reduce sickness through intelligent design but this patent suggests Sony may come up with a system that accepts people get ill in VR and tries to help them when they start feeling nauseous. PSVR VR Industry News sony

Sony Releases List Of Non-Gaming PSVR Launch Titles


Virtual reality isn’t just for gaming, and Sony wants to make that perfectly clear to potential owners of their brand new VR headset. Below is a list of the 10 titles including the official descriptions from Sony. News Playstation VR Sony Vrideo Within

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Sony Is Selling Standalone PSVR Aim Controllers In Taiwan via @UploadVR [link]


Sony Is Selling Standalone PSVR Aim Controllers In Taiwan via @UploadVR [link] [link] — allthingsvr (@allthingsvr) July 31, 2017. virtual reality augmented reality vr ar

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Report: Sony’s PS5 Is Likely Several Years Away


There have been rumors swirling online about the potential for Sony to shock the world this year and do a sudden 2018 release of the PlayStation 5, perhaps even at E3 this summer. According to Jason Schreier’s anonymous sources (which include both first and third party PlayStation developers) the next console from Sony is several years away. At some point, Sony’s probably looked at every possible date. PSVR Sony playstation ps4 PS5 sony

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Community Download: Is Sony Pulling Away From PlayStation VR?


Last year, the Oculus Rift (Facebook), HTC Vive (HTC and Valve) and the PlayStation VR (Sony) all debuted, and Samsung just announced 5 million of its Gear VR headsets have shipped. And yet as 2017 begins, the question must be asked: is Sony already beginning to pull away from PS VR?

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Sony Drops PlayStation VR Price by $100, Bundles Now Starting at $300

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Sony has announced a $100 price drop to their PlayStation VR headset across the board. Bringing prices that haven’t been seen since temporary sales during 2017’s holiday shopping period, Sony is permanently slashing prices on the PlayStation VR, making it more accessible than ever.

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Sony Introduces Official $399 PSVR Camera Bundle


Looks like Sony caught wind of Microsoft’s VR news; the company has just announced a new bundle for its PlayStation VR (PSVR) headset. A pre-existing bundle at included PlayStation VR Worlds and two Move controllers, meanwhile, has had an official price cut to $449. Sony’s main draw, though, is only requiring the affordable PS4 to get you up and running with VR, instead of a more expensive gaming PC, though this comes at some sacrifice to quality.

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Social Dynamics Within Sony’s PlayStation VR Social VR Experiments

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At GDC this year, Sony revealed some of their first experiments into social VR with a four-person demo that was showing at their press event. The post Social Dynamics Within Sony’s PlayStation VR Social VR Experiments appeared first on Road to VR.

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PSVR’s Aim Controller Adds A New Layer To ROM: Extraction


At E3 last week in Los Angeles Sony’s media showcase included a demo of ROM: Extraction paired with the PSVR’s Aim Controller — adding a cool new element to the shooter. “We have a lot of amazingly cool uses for the Aim Controller planned.”

Sony to Offer Big Discounts on PSVR, PS4 & Games in ‘Days of Play’ Sale

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Sony is getting ready to offer big discounts in their 11-day ‘Days of Play’ sale, which will see price reductions on PSVR bundles, controllers, games, and the introduction of a limited edition PS4. Image courtesy Sony.

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Sony to Offer PlayStation VR Bundle Sale From 2/18 to 3/3

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Sony plans to hold a PlayStation VR bundle sale from February 18th (this Sunday) to March 3rd. If you missed out on the 2017 holiday deal season, this is your chance to score a similar discount on Sony’s PlayStation VR headset. Move Controllers.

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CES 2019: 3dRudder Brings Its Foot-Based Motion Controller To PSVR


3dRudder thinks its foot-based motion controller is a perfect fit for PSVR. The company today announced a new version of its device designed specifically for Sony’s headset. Meet the 3dRudder PSVR edition.

Hands-on: ‘PSVR Aim’ Controller Debuts with ‘Farpoint’ FPS

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Sony quietly revealed the PSVR Aim controller during their E3 2016 PlayStation VR event. We went hands-on with both the game and the controller. With the PSVR Aim controller in your hands, the weapons you wield in Farpoint feel much more tangible.

Sony: Future PlayStation Consoles Could Be A ‘Peripheral’ For PSVR


Right now, Sony’s PlayStation VR (PSVR) headset is seen as a peripheral for its PlayStation 4 console. At the very least, it shows just how seriously Sony is taking VR, which some fans have begun to doubt in recent weeks. Tagged with: PlayStation VR , PSVR , sony.

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Sony Experimenting with Advanced Livestreaming Features for PSVR, Mixed Reality Views

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Speaking during a session at GDC 2018 last month, Richard Forester, Senior Team Lead at Sony’s Research & Development West group, chronicled a range of explorations in advanced livestreaming and sharing features for PSVR. Image courtesy Sony. Image courtesy Sony.

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Sony’s PSVR Launch Bundle Returns With Until Dawn Offering


Sony today announced that its VR headset will soon be repackaged with extras including the PlayStation Camera, required to actually use the headset, two PlayStation Move motion controllers, and a copy of London Studios’ minigame compilation, PlayStation VR Worlds [ Review: 5/10 ].

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Sony Santa Monica Studio Prototyped A God of War VR Demo For PSVR


But for Sony, it’s changed with each console generation. “We had the PlayStation Move controllers, and a lot of people were just doing different stuff with them. So it was this grassroots thing at Sony – a lot of engineers liked VR and wanted to do something with VR.

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