Samsung Headset Patent Reveals Strange New VR Controller Design

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Almost a year ago to the day now we wrote about a new Samsung VR headset patent with a strange new design. This week, further filings reveal some equally weird controllers for the kit. But it’s the controllers that grabbed our attention most.

Samsung Reveals New Gear VR With Controller


Over 70 new controller titles are in development. Today at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Samsung announced a brand-new Gear VR, powered by Oculus, and revealed the Gear VR Controller that lets you interact with VR games and experiences. The Gear VR Controller lets you interact with the virtual environment in an intuitive way, with the controller’s touchpad allowing you to navigate your favorite videos and perform a number of actions within a game.


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Leaked Concept Videos Show Samsung’s Take On AR Glasses


Project virtual screens, fly drones, and dim the lights with ‘Samsung Glasses Lite.’ Referred to in the videos as ‘Samsung Glasses Lite,’ this proof-of-concept represents what a pair of AR glasses made by the company could look like in the years ahead.

Samsung Announces New Gear VR with Touch Sensing Controller Included

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Today at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Samsung announced the brand-new Gear VR with Controller, with 70 titles coming soon. The controller is said to add a deeper level of immersion, using motion sensors, and an intuitive touch pad and trigger input. Announced today at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and revealed on the Oculus Blog , Samsung’s new Gear VR has received a major new feature in the form of a motion controller.

Samsung Filed A Patent For Magnetic VR Hand Controllers


Today we learned that Samsung, the creators of the Oculus-powered Gear VR headset, filed a patent in late December of last year for magnetic VR hand controllers. Based on the description in the patent and the accompanying concept image (embedded below), the controllers would be used to provide more visceral and accurate hand-tracking for the Gear VR. Concept image from Samsung’s magnetic VR controller patent.

Gear VR Controller Review

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Well over two years since the first Gear VR headset was launched (but just a few months after Google’s Daydream VR headset launched) Samsung is launching a motion controller for Gear VR which adds a new layer of interactivity and brings the headset’s input scheme in line with Daydream. Samsung seemed to agree that this is the way to go when it comes to input for mobile VR headsets, and is launching on April 21st the new Gear VR Controller priced at $39.

Hands-on: Samsung Odyssey Windows VR Headset & Controllers

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Microsoft and Samsung formally announced the Odyssey Windows VR headset today, positioning it as the “premium” option among the Windows VR headsets, with a range of features not found on the other headsets, and the top price point. I got to go hands-on with the Samsung Odyssey headset during an event today at Microsoft’s developer hub in San Francisco. SEE ALSO 5 Windows VR Headsets Now Available for Pre-Order Including Samsung Odyssey. Controllers.

New Samsung VR controllers!

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Samsung Unveils VR Motion Controller And New Gear 360 Camera


One of Samsung’s biggest annual events, Samsung Unpacked , took place earlier today in NYC where live attendees and online spectators saw the debut of Samsung’s latest mobile effort, the Galaxy S8 and S8+. From cameras and controllers, to content and creativity, here are all of the virtual reality announcements from Samsung Unpacked 2017 : Gear VR Motion Controller. Samsung Gear 360 Camera 2.0. News Gear 360 Gear VR Samsung

Samsung: New Gear VR and Controller Launching April 21st for $129

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On stage today at Samsung’s Unpacked Event in New York, the new Gear VR with motion controller finally got a launch date and price. The new 2017 Gear VR and Controller combo, announced alongside the Galaxy S8, will be available starting April 21st for $129. The motion controller, which can be purchased separately for people that already own an older Gear VR headset, will set you back $39.

Samsung Announces Improved HMD Odyssey Plus


The latest edition of Samsung’s Odyssey VR headset promises better visuals and a more comfortable fit. Samsung earlier this morning revealed its HMD Odyssey Plus , an updated version of the companies 2017 Windows Mixed Reality headset, delivering improved visuals, new functionality, and a more comfortable design. For assistance interacting with the real-world while in headset, Samsung has turned the Odyssey Plus controllers into mixed reality flashlights of sorts.

Samsung's New TV Remote Uses Your Router's Radio Waves to Stay Charged

GizModo VR

Thanks, Samsung. Seriously though, Samsung’s new remote is pretty damn neat. I didn’t think one of the coolest things at CES 2022 would be a remote. And yet, here we are. Read more.

Samsung Envisions a Future Where You Control Your Smart Lights With Your Smart Fridge

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If you a lot of Samsung devices in your home, the company announced that your Galaxy smartphone, Samsung TV, and even your Samsung-made fridge can all act as controllers for smart home gadgets that will support the Matter standard.

CES 2020: Samsung Teases Prototype AR Glasses


Samsung is kicked-off the first day of CES 2020 with a bang this morning, offering attendees an in-depth look at a variety of cutting-edge products straight out of a science fiction novel, including a BB8-style robot assistant, as well as new improvements to their proprietary voice assistant, Bixby.

Nreal AR Glasses To Get Controller-Free Hand Tracking Soon


Nreal Light AR glasses will get controller-free hand tracking in a near-future software update, thanks to a partnership with Qualcomm-backed Clay AIR. That should include the Samsung Galaxy S10, Google Pixel 4, OnePlus 7, Galaxy Note 10, and more. Controller-Free Hand Tracking.

The XR Week Peek (2021.02.22): Samsung AR glasses leaked, Kura price revealed, and much more!

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This week in XR hasn’t had any explosive news, but it was interesting nonetheless: in particular we had cool info on AR glasses, with some news from Kura, Lynx, and Samsung. Samsung AR glasses concept has been leaked. augmented reality virtual reality week peek kura lynx samsung

Gear VR Adds Xbox One Controller Support Starting With Minecraft Next Month


controllers hardware gear vr google daydream Minecraft samsung xbox controller xbox one

Samsung Might Release a Brand New Gear VR Controller, But Don’t Count on It


Samsung’s Gear VR has problems on the input front, but it looks like the company is soon to find a solution. Alleged images leaks from a The post Samsung Might Release a Brand New Gear VR Controller, But Don’t Count on It appeared first on UploadVR. controllers hardware gear vr Gear VR controller oculus samsung

Operation Shush: The rise and fall of Samsung’s unloved Bixby assistant

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Once championed as the future of how we would control all kinds of Samsung hardware, the Bixby virtual assistant has steadily been silenced over the past years.

Huawei Motion Controller Patent May Point to Greater VR Ambitions

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Historically, the company has pitched its VR headsets more as smartphone accessories à la Samsung Gear VR. A patent registered with the Chinese intellectual property office (CNIPA) showing a very Oculus Touch-like motion controller may point to the company’s growing VR ambitions however.

Watch: Apelab’s Intriging New ‘Break a Leg’ Running on Gear VR’s Motion Controller

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Here’s the game running with the soon to be released Gear VR motion controller. The latest Gear VR headset will have its own dedicated motion controller, as announced at this year’s MWC and detailed at last week’s Samsung ‘Unpacked’ event. To that end, apelab have just announced a new Gear VR title built for the new motion controller, and the trailer for Break a Leg gives us more footage of the device in action.

Samsung Gear Finally Gets a Controller for Awesomer VR


Designed by Samsung and Oculus, it touches and swipes and clicks and shoots. The post Samsung Gear Finally Gets a Controller for Awesomer VR appeared first on WIRED. Gadget Lab Gear gear vr Samsung virtual reality

Report: Samsung & Microsoft Boost “MR” Partnership, Samsung Builds Wireless AR/VR Headset

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Samsung appears to be making a strategic partnership with Microsoft as it produces what Korean Times reports is a “powerful cordless headset that supports both augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).” “Samsung Electronics is working on developing cordless and high-priced headsets supporting both VR and AR,” an unnamed Samsung official told the Korean Times.

New Gear VR With Controller Hits Shelves Today


More than 20 controller titles launching on day one. Unveiled in February at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Samsung’s mobile Gear VR headset with motion controller is now on sale. Not the first mobile headset to hit the market with a motion controller, the Gear VR is the most widely owned headset outside Google Cardboard. So if you already own a Gear VR, you can pick up the controller for just $39. News Gear VR Gear VR Controller Samsung

New Samsung Odyssey With 4 Cameras Spotted In China Design Patent


A patent awarded by China’s Intellectual Property Office to Samsung reveals what seems to be a new version of the Samsung Odyssey, with four tracking cameras. Odyssey is Samsung’s brand for its PC VR headsets.

China 245

Holiday Deal Brings New Samsung Odyssey+ to Just $300

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Samsung Odyssey+ is the company’s latest VR headset, and while it launched just a few weeks ago for $500, the Korean tech giant is throwing it on sale this Black Friday at a 40% discount. The deal is set to start online at on November 18th, slashing the headset to just $300, controllers included. The post Holiday Deal Brings New Samsung Odyssey+ to Just $300 appeared first on Road to VR.

A Solar-Powered Remote and MicroLED TVs Are Bringing Samsung Into the Future

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Big changes are coming to the Samsung home entertainment product lineup in 2021. samsung microled tvs remote control samsung qled 4k 8k consumer tech ces 2021Read more.

New Samsung Gear VR With Motion Controller Releasing on April 21 at $130


Oculus and Samsung have announced that the latest edition of the Gear VR mobile VR headset will be releasing on April 21. The standard $99 price will be raised to $129 to accommodate the cost of the new motion controller that is being bundled with the headset. The controller by itself will be available for purchase at $40. Earlier this month, Oculus and Samsung revealed a new Gear VR that would include a wireless motion controller similar to the Google Daydream View.

Your Chromebook will soon be able to control and mirror your Android phone

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A code teardown suggests that Google may be replicating Microsoft's Your Phone app and Samsung's DeX for PC for Android phone owners who use Chromebooks. Computing News Chrome OS Chromebook Chromebooks DeX Samsung Samsung DeX Your Phone

Hands-on: VR Motion Controller ‘Atraxa’ Offers Promising 6DOF Without Occlusion Issues

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Northern Digital is a Waterloo, Canada-based manufacturer of 3D measurement devices, and while the company has mainly focused on creating for various industries such as medicine and aeronautics throughout their 35 years of existence, they’ve recently unveiled a reference design for a magnetic tracking system for VR headsets and controllers. In fact, Magic Leap is so far the only major headset on the market that makes use of the technology in their Magic Leap Control.

New Samsung Gear 360 Camera Coming Soon


Is this the new Samsung Gear 360? We are two weeks out from Samsung’s March 29th Unpacked event where the company is expected to launch their new Galaxy S8 mobile device. Popping up on the FCC’s equipment authorization database Wednesday, the published documents include a slew of Samsung reports and tests required by the company when applying for certification of new hardware. Image Credit: VRScout & Samsung. News 360 Video Gear 360 Samsung

Samsung Odyssey Windows VR Headset Now Available – Everything You Need to Know

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The Samsung Odyssey, the company’s first PC VR headset, is available starting today in several countries, sold via Samsung and Microsoft stores. The $500 VR headset and controllers, part of the ‘Windows Mixed Reality’ platform, is described as the “most immersive,” and leads on specs (and top price) compared to the other Windows VR headsets. Samsung Odyssey Specs and Minimum Requirements. Image courtesy Samsung.

Facebook Ends Samsung Gear VR Software Updates, 360 Video Downloads & Films


Facebook is ending software updates for the Samsung Gear VR. The Samsung Gear VR is a smartphone-based VR headset. The first Gear VR was released in late 2014 for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4. Over the years, new versions were released to support the latest Samsung phones.

Samsung Odyssey is the Premium Windows VR Headset with Leading Specs, Integrated Audio

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Last week images of the Samsung Odyssey Windows VR headset leaked online, and although they seemed plenty legit, a new leak from Microsoft’s own website confirms the existence of the device and offers new details of this premium headset. Samsung it seems was willing and ready to go beyond Microsoft’s reference design, and the result is a device which is clearly the premium option among the first wave of Windows VR headsets.

Oculus ‘Handheld Controller’ Passes FCC Testing, Possible Oculus GO 3DoF Controller

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A mysterious handheld device showed up in an FCC test report recently that may just be the 3DoF controller coming alongside Oculus Go, the company’s upcoming $200 standalone VR headset. controller. For reference, Samsung Gear VR’s 3DoF controller’s max power output is 1.0 The company hasn’t publicly released the full spec sheet on Go or its controller yet, so the relationship at this point is solely based on conjecture.

Samsung Odyssey Ark is a curvy monitor gone vertical

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Samsung is about to find out. On Tuesday, the company announced the Samsung Odyssey Ark, a big, curvy monitor that can be pivoted to the side and used in vertical position. Credit: Samsung. SEE ALSO: Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 is a reasonably sized, curvy gaming monitor.

New Samsung Gear 360 Arrives In-Store


You can finally gets your hands on Samsung’s new Gear 360 camera. Cellular, and Samsung. When you pair the Gear 360 with a compatible smartphone, you can share your moments in real-time at 2K resolution to places like Facebook, YouTube and Samsung VR. The best part of this latest model is how Samsung has finally addressed compatibility complaints. From the Gear 360 mobile app, you can control the camera remotely as well as stitch, edit and share content on the go.