Dick Wilde Is A VR Shooter In Which You Clear Out Mississippi’s Swamps


Cast as the titular character, you’re tasked with heading out into the swamps of Mississippi to take on dangerous hordes of animals threatening the local residents. In other words, it’s a wave shooter in which you’ll use position-tracked controls to kill approaching enemies. Kittypocaylpse might be one of VR’s most guilt-ridden games, getting you to blow up scores of aliens disguised as adorable kittens.

Dick Wilde from the makers of Kittypocalypse will be a launch title for the PSVR Aim Controller in May 2017, it is available now for Vive and Oculus Touch.

Cats and VR

Take to the swamps of Mississippi as Dick Wilde, the ultimate outdoorsman and “Exterminator Extraordinaire”, armed to the teeth with an arsenal of saw-blade rifles, nail guns and an electrified bow and arrow. Your job is to exterminate the infestation of ‘gators, crocs, piranhas and out-of-control birds before they exterminate you. Dick Wilde is available to purchase today on Steam and the Oculus Store for $19.99/£17.99


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Interestingly named VR swamp shooter Dick Wilde launches on PSVR with Aim Support

Cats and VR

“Exterminator Extraordinaire” Dick Wilde blasts onto PSVR today after his initial launch on Oculus and Vive last month. The madcap shooter will be compatible with both the PlayStation Aim and Move controllers. New London-based publisher, PlayStack, is pleased to announce the PSVR launch of their first VR game, Dick Wilde, after it’s launch on Oculus and vive on April 30th.

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