Microsoft Now Hosts Free HoloLens Demos Across US & Canada

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Microsoft Stores across the US and Canada are now hosting free HoloLens demos, so you can finally see what the hubbub is all about. Appointments, a Microsoft phone operator told Road to VR , aren’t necessarily required in some cases, although this depends on the location, so it’s best to confirm beforehand to double-check that both a demo unit and demo slot is available. Here’s the full list of the participating Microsoft Stores: UNITED STATES. California.

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One of the Designers of Microsoft’s HoloLens Hired By Tesla


Tesla — the battery-powered future-car company led by Silicon Valley superstar, Ellon Musk — has reportedly hired away one of Microsoft’s top designers. Andrew Kim spent three and a half years at Microsoft but will now join the forward-thinking automotive company as a senior designer, according to his LinkedIn account. Kim’s hiring is particularly eyebrow raising due to his heavy involvement on Microsoft’s augmented reality project: HoloLens.


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Microsoft’s Minecraft Earth AR Experience Is Straight-Up Black Magic


Last month, Microsoft celebrated the 10th anniversary of Minecraft with the reveal of Minecraft Earth , an upcoming Pokemon Go-like AR mobile game that brings all the crafting, exploration, and adventure of the original PC game to the real world. Yesterday, during Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference in San Jose, California, we got our first look at actual gameplay from the highly-anticipated experience, and what we’ve seen so far is nothing short of jaw-dropping.

Netflix Just Added Two New Free Games to Play While You're Ignoring Your Relatives

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I'm Packing My Bags to Visit the Real-Life Inspiration for Windows XP's Wallpaper

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windows xp wallpaper sonoma county california stock photography microsoft windows fujitsu bliss charles system software technology special folder in art microsoft computing

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NASA and Caltech Alums Raise $3 Million to Create The Microsoft Excel of VR


Now, VR is conquering one more territory, big data, thanks to a new startup from a group of founders that include alums from NASA and the prestigious California Institute of Technology (Caltech). Programs like Microsoft Excel, while incredibly versatile, are still limited by this legacy. Virtual reality can do a lot of things. It can make gaming incredible, communications immersive and education fun.

Osso VR raises $14 million to bring virtual reality to surgical and medical device training

TechCrunch VR

Staffed by a team that comes from Industrial Light and Magic, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, and Apple, Osso VR makes generic educational content for training purposes and then produces company specific virtual reality educational videos for companies like Johnson and Johnson.

A look inside Microsoft’s HoloLens holographic headsetNick Baker.


A look inside Microsoft’s HoloLens holographic headset Nick Baker doesn’t get out much. The distinguished engineer at Microsoft helped create the hardware and silicon brains behind Web TV, Ultimate TV, the Xbox 360, and the Xbox One. But he got out Monday to describe the inner hardware of Microsoft’s newest toy, the HoloLens holographic computer headset — one of the most sophisticated new tech products.

Facebook steps into cloud gaming — and another feud with Apple

TechCrunch VR

Their approach is different than what Microsoft or Google has built but Facebook highlights a shared central challenge: dealing with Apple. Apple was initially slow to provide a path forward for cloud gaming apps from Google and Microsoft, which had previously been outlawed on the App Store.

How Significant Is HoloLens For Microsoft?

Infinityleap Wearables

HoloLens-an augmented reality headset that was unveiled by technology giant Microsoft last year (in the year-2015) remains one of the most crucial products launched by the company in the recent past. Yes, that is absolutely right, the updated SDK was launched by Microsoft at Build 2016, an event that took place in the month of March at San Francisco, California. Total: 0 Average: 0/5] The post How Significant Is HoloLens For Microsoft?

The Fight to Save the World™

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GLASGOW, SCOTLAND — The moment you walk into the door at the United Nations climate talks in Glasgow, the brands are there to greet you. Read more.

The Knight Foundation launches $750,000 initiative for immersive technology for the arts

TechCrunch VR

Through a partnership with Microsoft the foundation is offering a share of a $750,00 pool of cash and the option of technical support from Microsoft, including mentoring in mixed-reality technologies and access to the company’s suite of mixed reality technologies. “We’ve “We’re incredibly excited to support this open call for ways in which technology can help art institutions engage new audiences,” says Mira Lane, Partner Director Ethics & Society at Microsoft. “We

Creating Immersive Learning Experiences

Tech Trends VR

At its annual I/O Developer Conference in Mountain View, California Google announced the launch of Tour Creator , a new tool that easily allows anyone to create interactive content in Virtual Reality. For as Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella put it in his keynote at Microsoft Build in Seattle this week (quoting the father of ubiquitous computing Mark Weiser) “The most profound technologies are those that disappear.

WebAR Experience Helps Users Select Siduri Wine


However, California-based Pinot Noir specialist, Siduri , is taking a different approach with their educational WebAR experience made with Rock Paper Reality and Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studios technology and hosted by 8th Wall.

This Is What A Mixed Reality Hard Hat Looks Like


A Microsoft-endorsed hard hat solution lets construction workers use holograms on site. Industrial collaboration tools are one of the fastest-developing areas for the Microsoft HoloLens, with many companies such as Object Theory looking for ways to diversify and broaden the market for Mixed Reality. Which is how Microsoft finds itself in the somewhat unlikely position of endorsing a hard hat. News Construction HoloLens Industrial Microsoft Training Trimble

Did NASA Leak the HoloLens 2 in This Video?

Next Reality AR

10 showcasing a collaboration between NASA JPL and Microsoft called OnSight, several scenes include a HoloLens that looks quite different than the current generation model. A federally-funded research facility, the California Institute of. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) may have shown us the first public glimpse of the next-generation HoloLens. In a video published on Oct.

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‘Halo’ VR Multiplayer Shooter Coming to Location-based Halo Event

Road to VR

August 30-September 1 – Anaheim, California. Location Based VR News 343 halo halo outpost discovery halo vr halo vr shooter halo vr training grounds microsoft outpost discovery training groundsHalo: Outpost Discovery is a weekend-long event coming to a few cities across the US this summer; it aims to bring fans closer to the world of Halo, while undoubtedly distancing them from the money in their back pockets.

Lifeliqe Is Bringing HoloLens To The Classroom


Microsoft’s HoloLens and other mixed reality devices have enormous potential to inform and educate, arguably even more so than VR. In fact the company has already run pilot lessons using the headset in classes at Renton Prep in Seattle, Washington, and Castro Valley Unified College in California. VR will be a good stepping stone in the meantime, and Microsoft has that angle covered with its upcoming Windows 10 headsets.

Light Field Lab Unveils Modular Holographic Video Wall


Whether it be a personalized system such as the Looking Glass Portrait or more advanced experiences such as Microsoft’s multi-lingual mixed reality hologram powered by the HoloLens 2, it’s clear we’re entering a new era in immersive technology.

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Hands-on: Acer Windows Mixed Reality Dev Kit & Datascape

Next Reality VR

One thing that I got more and more excited about as we got closer and closer to the Microsoft Build 2017 developers conference was finally learning about the new Acer Windows Mixed Reality head-mounted displays (HMD). Brandon Bray, Principal Group Program Manager at Microsoft, had teased us a few weeks earlier at the Vision Summit event in Los Angeles, California, and said there would be a lot more information at Build.

Personalizing Learning with Data

Tech Trends VR

Microsoft’s latest acquisition shows how combining pedagogy and technology can dramatically improve learning outcomes. They will enter a workforce where job functions, roles and even categories will be significantly altered, and will face social and global challenges beyond what we can imagine today,” says Steve Liffick, General Manager of Education Strategy and Platforms at Microsoft.

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Oculus ‘Rift S’ Will Be Present At GDC 2019


Recently, reports have begun circulating that the availability of Oculus Rift headsets have been on the decline the past few weeks, disappearing entirely from Amazon, Microsoft, and Best Buy. GDC 2019 takes place March 18th to the 22nd at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California. Reports indicate Oculus’ next headset will make its debut later this month.

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EON Reality Launches New Knowledge Metaverse Project to Transform XR Learning


EON Reality knows this is the only way to bring millions — if not billions — of high-quality XR spaces and experiences to the global citizens of the knowledge metaverse, which is why the California-based company has already laid the technological groundwork to make it a possibility.

HTC Vive Goes Retail


Micro Center first had ten available in their California store in Orange County. Microsoft store shows their supply as coming soon. First, Oculus Rift appeared in small numbers at Amazon and Best Buy but was quickly snapped up. Now the HTC Vive appears at retail. As of Sunday, only one remains, and you'll need to stop by in person to pick one up. The Vive at Micro Center is bundled with features such as Google Tilt Brush, Fantastic Contraption, and Job Simulator.

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Facebook Cancels F8 Conference Over Fears Of A Coronavirus Outbreak


Sony, Microsoft, EA, and several other major names are reportedly skipping this year’s conference as well. The company announced that Oculus will be backing out of GDC over similar concerns.

Metastage Is A New Mixed Reality Capture Studio In LA


The next mixed reality studio to partner with Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Capture technology is opening today in Los Angeles, California. Metastage is the first mixed reality studio to partner with Microsoft in the US and the fourth venue of its kind overall. Microsoft has official centers in San Francisco and Redmond, while last year we got a look inside Dimension , the first studio to partner with Microsoft and the only one of its kind in London.

4 ways to make hiring more accessible

Mashable VR

In October, Disability Rights California , a national disability rights nonprofit, partnered with Deque , a digital accessibility consultation group, to create a guide for employers on fostering a more disability-inclusive hiring and recruiting process.

Looking Through the Infinite Retina

Tech Trends VR

While we have early devices that give us a taste, like Microsoft HoloLens, these big and expensive devices haven’t yet made their way onto consumers’ faces. A deep-dive into the world of Spatial Computing. By Irena Cronin and Robert Scoble.

Apple to Acquire NextVR For Approximately $100 Million


As a part of its next promising venture, Apple is in the process of acquiring NextVR; a California based VR company. Apple has always been at the forefront for all kinds of augmented reality innovations and has always had ambitious plans for the future of AR and VR.

Privacy: Building Trust for WebAR


California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 In response to the Cambridge Analytica scandal and GDPR, California lawmakers enacted the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018, which provides consumers greater control over how their personal information is collected, stored, and sold.

Nreal AR Glasses To Get Controller-Free Hand Tracking Soon


Nreal’s controller-free hand tracking is powered by California-based optical hand tracking company Clay AIR, which is backed by Qualcomm. It’s a feature present in both Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 and the Magic Leap One.

A Sneak Peek of Some of the Must-See Sessions at AWE USA 2021


There’s a lot of buzz around this year because, while AWE never took a break, the conference went online last year and this time it’s live and in-person in Santa Clara California. The annual Augmented World Expo (AWE) USA is still over a month away, but the full agenda is live.

NASA’s 360 Livestream Of Final Cassini Orbiter Mission Scores Emmy Nom


The Creative Arts Emmy ceremony, which includes the awards for interactive content, will take place September 15th at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles, California. And the award for most impressive 360-degree live stream of an unmanned interplanetary spacecraft goes to… 20 years ago, The United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory launched the Cassini orbiter into space.

Facebook Open-sources AI Habitat To Help Robots Navigate Realistic Environments


Microsoft introduced a robotics and AI platform in limited preview last month , while Amazon’s AWS RoboMaker , which draws on Amazon’s cloud and AI systems, made its debut in fall 2018. How AI Habitat works was detailed in an arXiv paper written by a team that includes Facebook AI Research, Facebook Reality Labs, Intel AI Labs, Georgia Institute of Technology, Simon Fraser University, and University of California, Berkeley.

Rick And Morty: Virtual Rick-ality Nominated For Primetime Emmy


The Emmy Awards celebrates its historic 70th anniversary September 17th at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles, California. Adult Swim’s outrageous VR adventure goes head-to-head with Mr. Robot, Silicon Valley at this years upcoming Emmy Awards. Originally released April of last year, Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-alit y has pleased fans of both the adult-themed animated show and VR technology with a refreshing combination of comedic storytelling and unique VR gameplay.

“It’s Time to Go Spatial”: Get Hyped for AWE USA 2020


While events take place throughout the year and around the world, the main floor in America is in Santa Clara, California. In terms of events, participants, and opportunities to attend, Augmented World Expo (AWE) is the largest AR, VR and MR trade show out there.

Google’s Gradient Ventures Joins $58 Million Investment In AR Startup Mojo Vision


Founded out of Saratoga, California in 2015, Mojo Vision more or less exited stealth back in November, when it revealed it had raised $50 million in funding since its inception three years before. While the likes of Microsoft’s HoloLens and Magic Leap are developing gnarly AR smarts that rely on chunky headwear, it seems Mojo Vision could be building something that blends into the environment — perhaps contact lenses or a similar form factor.

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