California Set to Launch Apple and Google-Powered Contact Tracing App

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California Governor Gavin Newsom announced on Monday that the Golden State would become the 18th to launch an official Covid-19 contact tracing app powered by technology pioneered by Apple and Google. gavin newsom app california contact tracing app google apple

California launches COVID contact tracing app for iPhone and Android

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California Governor Gavin Newsom announced Monday that California's COVID contact-tracing and notification app, CA Notify, would be available and begin functioning on Dec. More about California , Coronavirus , Contact Tracing Apps , Tech , and Health.


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Oculus Is Bringing Free-To-Use VR To 90 California State Libraries


Now the Facebook subsidiary is focusing on making virtual reality more accessible than ever by bringing their Oculus Rift headsets to public libraries across California all for the low cost of $0.00. As part of a pilot program between Oculus , Cali Group, VRLibraries and the California State library system, 100 Oculus Rift headsets and VR-ready PC’s will be donated to 90 different California libraries spread across half of the state’s 184 library jurisdictions.

Google I/O 2020 Has Been Cancelled Due To Coronavirus


Fears over a potential outbreak of COVID-19 has forced Google to postpone its annual I/O developer conference, normally held in May at the Shoreline Amphitheater just across the street from Googleplex headquarters in Mountain View, California. Feature Image Credit: Google.

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Google shows off its amazing new Quantum A.I. Campus

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At Google I/O, the company announced its new Quantum A.I. Campus, a Santa Barbara, California, facility which will advance Google’s considerable quantum ambitions. News Google Google I/O 2021 Quantum Computing

Google Rolls Out New AR Features For Its Lens App


While VR technology may have been absent at this year’s I/O Developer Conference in Mountain View, California, Google did reveal several AR and machine learning-based updates coming soon to Google Lens. For example, by activating Google Lens and aiming the camera at a written foreign language (Lens can detect 100 different dialects), the app will instantly detect the language presented and layer a translation directly on top of the original. Image Credit: Google.

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7-Eleven to make deliveries with self-driving cars in Google's hometown

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7-Eleven just got more convenient for some California snackers. Residents of Mountain View, California (where Google is based) can order 7-Eleven goodies that will arrive in autonomous vehicles from robotics company Nuro.

Design Your Own VR Tour With Google’s ‘Tour Creator’


Google harnesses the power of photos and street view to deliver simplified, web-based VR development to students and teachers. It’s officially day two of Google’s annual I/O Developer Conference here in beautiful Mountain View, California and Google AR & VR has once again started off the day with some big news. You can then search across Google Street View for your desired locations, or upload your own 360-degree photos for a one-of-a-kind tour.

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Google Is Phasing Out the Android Auto App, but the Alternative Is Pretty Good

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I live in the California suburbs, known for their relative un-walkability, exacerbated by the presence of rolling hills and sweltering hot days. I rely on my car to get me and my family places, and I want the least distraction possible when I’m behind the wheel. Read more.

Google Brings AR Into The Classroom With ‘Expeditions AR’ Program


Google Expeditions expands services to include educational AR for students. Joining the list of announcements made during the first day of the 2017 Google I/O conference are plans to further expand the company’s Google Expeditions , helping to bring augmented reality experiences into classrooms across the U.S. The Pioneer Program uses Google Tango technology to effectively scan and map the physical room and accurately project 3D models throughout.

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California App Maker Turns Overseas Gig Workers Into Intelligence-Gathering Military Assets

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gig gig worker wall street journal premise data corp maury blackman economy politics technology internet employment technology companies google war conflict central intelligence agencyA San Francisco tech company paid millions by the U.S.

Google Reportedly Now Facing Antitrust Probes in Every State but One

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Amid ongoing investigations by the federal government and almost every other state, California has reportedly launched its own antitrust probe into the world’s biggest advertising agency, Google, as it continues to face scrutiny by U.S. antitrust google california

Oculus Brings Rift to 90 Libraries in California for Public Access VR

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Oculus has announced a pilot program to place 100 Rifts and Oculus Ready PCs in 90 libraries throughout the state of California, from the Oregon border down to Mexico. Detailed on the Oculus Blog , the new partnership with the California State Library hopes to highlight the educational potential of VR, as well as provide easy access to VR hardware within the heart of local communities. SEE ALSO Google Expects "Tens of Millions" of Daydream-Ready Devices on the Market By Year's End.

Oculus Is Putting Rift In 90 California Libraries So VR Is Free To Use


100 Oculus Rifts will be deployed at 90 California libraries over the next three months as part of a pilot program offering VR to anyone with a library card. VR applications for people to explore include Google Earth, Apollo 11, Titans of Space 2.0, “Next steps would include the California State Library expanding the program by allocating or raising additional funding to scale the presence of VR.”

Google Reveals Experimental 6DOF Controllers For Daydream, Dev Kits Incoming


Google revealed an experimental accessory for the Lenovo Mirage Solo which adds a pair of six degrees of freedom controllers to the standalone Daydream headset. A Google blog post describes the way the faceplate communicates with the controllers as a “unique optical tracking system” which “uses machine learning and off-the-shelf parts to accurately estimate the 3D position and orientation of the controllers.” AR Google VR Industry News Lenovo Mirage Solo

Google Can Be Sued for Tracking Users in Private Browsing Mode, Judge Says

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district judge in California has stated that Google can be sued for collecting data on users even when they use “private browsing mode” on their selected browsers. A U.S.

Google Play Awards Add VR And AR Categories


Taking place at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California, Google I/O is an outdoor developer festival that lasts for three days. On May 17th – 19th, there will be hands-on learning, tech keynotes, and insight on Google’s latest developer products in the 2nd annual event. The festival will also be home to the Google Play Awards and it has undergone a bit of change. Tagged with: Google I/O , google play Facebook Twitter Reddit More.

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New Google Maps layer shows every wildfire burning

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Searching for the latest details about wildfires just got easier on Google Maps — and not just the ones nearby. So you can see all the fires in the Pacific Northwest down to the California/Mexico border on one screen.

Google Maps now shows a lot more information about wildfires

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Raging blazes in both California and Colorado make Google's new wildfire warning features all the more relevant. The company's crisis response team released an updated alert system for wildfires in Google Search and on Google Maps on Thursday.

Sasquatch Director Joshua Rofé on Chasing After Murder Mysteries and Monsters

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Filmmaker Joshua Rofé’s previous project, Lorena , offered an in-depth look at a true-crime story that grabbed headlines worldwide.

Netflix Now Lets You Play Video Games for Some Reason

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netflix software google play los gatos california e commerce computing technology internet xbox 360 software stranger things mobile game greg peters night school studio

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One of Waymo's Autonomous Taxis Got Stumped by Traffic Cones and Fled Its Fleshy Overlords

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waymo california uber robotaxi joel johnson google self driving cars alphabet x development alphabet inc technology robotics automation san francisco bay areaThe taxi hurt itself in confusion! Read more.

Reality Bytes: Google, Alexa & Escape Rooms

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We continue the narrative this week with Maher’s look at Google’s augmented hearing, Alexa’s new Xbox home and a new twist on escape rooms. Google is building an Augmented Reality-enabled product that will give you superhuman hearing, We dive into the tech.

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Google I/O 2018 Dated, Watch For Daydream, ARCore Updates


Google’s biggest event of the year is nearing yet again, and it could be an important one for VR and AR. Google I/O, the company’s annual developer conference, will run from May 8th to May 10th at its regular spot at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California. Tradition dictates that Google will kick off I/O with a massive keynote talk in which the company touches upon almost every area of its business.

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Google’s VR Painting App ‘Tilt Brush’ is Coming to Quest, Cross-Buy with Rift

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Already own a copy of Google’s VR creation tool Tilt Brush (2016) from the Oculus Store? Luckily, some decisions we made early on set us up for early performance wins,” Google product manager Elisabeth Morant says. Google also removed a few features that were unique to the PC VR version, one of which is Audio Reactive mode, something that uses a PC’s system audio to make some stroke types undulate to a user’s own music.

Netflix’s Attempt at Gaming Is Awkward As Hell

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netflix app store software tiktok apple disney stranger things rpg computing operating systems technology internet google play store iphone los gatos california xbox 360 software jim hopper

New Google site helps narrow searches for food support

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Google has built a dedicated website to help people search for food pantries, kitchens, and lunch programs. It includes a Google Maps locator with more than 90,000 places that offer free food support throughout 50 states. Google said more locations will be added over time.

Apple's ARKit 2.0 Intends to Match & Surpass Google's ARCore with Multiplayer & Persistent Content, Says Report

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On the one year anniversary of the introduction of ARKit, Apple is planning to reveal major updates its augmented reality toolkit for mobile apps at its Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, California next week. If true, this announcement would not only corroborate reports from earlier this year but also match capabilities that Google launched at its IO developer conference last month with its Cloud Anchors platform.

YouTube TV and NBCUniversal Have Agreed to Make Nice—for Now

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youtube tv nbcuniversal youtube entertainment culture google peacock nbcuniversal television and streaming technology internet companies universal city california bravo mass media e television carriage dispute

Oculus partners with the California State Library to continue their goal of making VR accessible

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Through a new partnership with the California State Library, Oculus is giving access to VR to people that may never have the chance. Next steps would include the California State Library expanding the program by allocating or raising additional funding to scale the presence of VR.” The applications available for discover and explore include Google Earth, Apollo 11, Titans of Space 2.0, “Without libraries what have we? We have no past and no future.” —Ray

The 2017 Lumiere Awards: Google and Dear Angelica Win Big


Tonight in Hollywood, California the Lumiere Awards were held at Warner Brothers Studios. Google Earth VR. presented Google Earth VR with the Century Award for VR in service of environmental enrichment. Google Earth VR turns much of the world into a digital playground that you can fly or teleport around in immersive 3D space. The two-time Academy-award winning director Robert Stromberg presented the award for Best VR Experience to Google’s Tilt Brush.

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Intel Names New Brand of GPUs That Will Hit Shelves Next Year

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intel california fabless semiconductor companies semiconductor device fabrication arc nvidia intel arc advanced micro devices companies roger chandler google technology internet ati technologies

How to use Waze and Google Maps to find cheaper gas

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You can set your destination to cheaper gas with the help of Waze and Google Maps. national average for a gallon of gas is $3.40 — and in places like Hawaii, California, and Pennsylvania the average is over $3.50, according to AAA. Credit: SCREENSHOT / GOOGLE MAPS.

Why Google Maps might lose EV owners to Apple Maps (seriously)

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After WWDC , electric car owners might want to consider Apple Maps over Google Maps. A drive up, say, California's iconic Highway 1 in an electric vehicle can be stressful. More about Google Maps , Electric Vehicles , Apple Maps , Tech , and Big Tech Companies.

Google to pay $3.8 million to underpaid female engineers and overlooked job candidates

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Google will be forced to cough up roughly $3.8 The Department of Labor's Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) uncovered what it termed "systemic" problems over the course of a "a routine compliance evaluation" focused on Google's Mountain View, California; Seattle, Washington; and Kirkland, Washington offices in between 2014 and 2017. More about Google , Tech , and Big Tech Companies. Google Tech Big Tech CompaniesPay discrimination?

Google Working on VR Short Film With ‘Book of Life’ Director Jorge Gutierrez


The new animated VR film will be part of Google Spotlight Stories. The VR short is being developed with Google Spotlight Stories and revolves around Mexican wrestling and “the tradition and the responsibility of carrying on the legacy of your culture.” Google Spotlight Stories has brought us some beautifully crafted VR shorts in the past with shorts like Special Delivery , On Ice , and the tearjerker, Pearl. Image Credit: Google Spotlight Stories.

Google made payoffs to preserve Play store's dominance, court records show

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When it comes to revelations about how Big Tech really conducts business, Epic Games' lawsuits against Google and Apple are the gifts that keep on giving. The unredacted lawsuits show the lengths Google went to make its Play store the sole marketplace for apps.