Stereopsia report / 1: hands-on with Presenz, Antilatency, full-body on Quest and more!

The Ghost Howls

One month ago, I’ve participated in the Stereopsia event in Bruxelles (Belgium) to perform a talk about how to organize an event in virtual reality.

FOVE Launches Pre-Orders For Eye-Tracking VR Headset FOVE 0, Starting at $549

Road to VR

The company has already released their SDK which allows developers to integrate FOVE support for projects built-in Unity, Unreal Engine, and CryEngine.

Fove 188

100 Voices of AR and VR in Education


Carl Boel Researcher VR in education - Ghent University + Odisee University College, Belgium @boel_carl I will never forget the raucous laughter of three girls as they met for the first time in the enormous eyeball they had built in virtual reality during science lessons in our VR School Study.