Video game publishers and developers are cutting off Russia, too

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The move corresponds with similar actions taken by Intel and AMD ; the two chip-makers have both suspended sales of their products to Russia and its ally in the invasion, Belarus. A number of key players on the software side have also made moves.

The best VPNs for staying anonymous and secure on the web

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We recommend picking up some separate antivirus software for that kind of protection, even if you're on a Mac.) A VPN gets extra points in our book if it comes with any of the following security features and tools: AES 256-bit encryption.

How Gamification in Retail Can Enhance the Shopping Experience


z International did to achieve greater sales numbers of their popular chocolate biscuits, Barni , in six countries: Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Moldova, Belarus, and Azerbaijan. Well, gamification is a great motivation tool since you are offering your employees continuous challenges.