First Al Jazeera VR movie Debuts: “I Am Rohingya”


“I Am Rohingya” follows the story of a young woman, Jamalida, as she tells the persecution she faced in Myanmar and shows us her daily life now in a refugee camp in Bangladesh.

Al Jazeera Debuts First VR Documentary ‘I Am Rohingya’


Thousands of refugees call the crowded slums of the Kutupalong refugee camp—located in Cox Bazaaar, Bangladesh—home. Many of the refugees are Rohingya Muslims, a minority group that some consider to be “the most unwanted group in the world.”

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VR Documentary Exposes Damage of Global Oil Trade in Nigeria


You may remember Contrast VR as the studio behind I Am Rohingya , another full-fledged Al Jazeera VR doc that highlighted the struggles of a woman living within a Bangladesh refugee camp. ‘Oil In Our Creeks’ blends 180° art and landscapes for a 360° experience unlike anything else.

London VR Dev Meetup Returns April 3rd with Holographic Streaming, New 3D Sound System, and VR Review Club

Road to VR

Simon Davis from Unfold Stories will host two Google Expeditions classes, giving groups of 15 a chance to see firsthand how Sierra Leone beat the Ebola crisis or visit Dhaka to learn about Bangladesh’s burgeoning economy.

Social VR Platform AltspaceVR Is Back


Some even risked their freedom to be a part of the group experience; there were users from five different countries in which being gay is still considered a crime. Kelly bonded with Canadian aid worker Chris Duigud—known in Altspace as Mef— over shared experiences in Bangladesh.

Ouverture des inscriptions à EON Entrepreneur School

EON Reality

EON ENTREPRENEUR SCHOOL s’inscrit dans un réseau de campus internationaux, créé par le Groupe EON Reality, leader mondial en Réalité Virtuelle et Augmentée pour le transfert de compétences et entreprise de la French Tech.